US National Debt is $21 Trillion – Europe Owes the US $21 Trillion

Look at this from Reuters about president Trump’s comments in Europe on July 11:

U.S. President Donald Trump told NATO leaders on Wednesday they should increase their defense spending to 4 percent of their country’s economic output, double the group’s current goal of two percent.

NATO allies shrugged off the demand as part and parcel of Trump’s brash push for allies to spend more on their own defense at a summit in Brussels, with a quip from the alliance’s chief that it should aim to meet its goal before reaching further.

“We should first get to 2 pct,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, adding that eight of the 29 allies were meeting that target, while others had a plan to do – turning a leaf on years of defense budget cuts.

Reuters also reported before the president’s trip:

President Donald Trump will tell fellow NATO countries at next week’s summit that the United States cannot be “the world’s piggy bank,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said on Tuesday.

“What the president is going to do is go into these meetings with the mindset to protect the American people, stand with our partners and allies – but as he has said many times before America is thought so often to be the world’s piggy bank. And that’s gotta stop,” Gidley told reporters…

Good for president Trump. It’s about time a US president got a spine. Europe has been short-changing its defenses for decades while depending on the US militarily. At the same time Europe has been spending that money on its lavish welfare states. It is time for all of this to end.

Consider this: The US national debt is currently $21 trillion. Yet the US spent far more than $21 trillion (in today’s dollars) on military spending to keep Europe free by defeating Hilter in World War II and then defending Europe for 46 years afterward from communist aggression until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. This figure also includes keeping US troops and military equipment in Europe under NATO up to the present day.

So why doesn’t Europe pay us back the $21 trillion so that we can eliminate our national debt?

Answer: They should but they won’t since Europe is lazy and cheap and they knew that America won’t demand it. But things are now changing under president Trump.

For far too long, America has been treated as the world’s “piggy bank”. Whenever a poor nation has needed money for aid, military defense, development or simply to buy food or other necessities for their people they automatically turn to the “wealthy” United States.

The United States has given more money for foreign aid and global military defense than any other nation in history. Has anyone thanked us? Or paid us back?

Not really. And now the US is impugned by the same arrogant Europeans over everything we do from seeking to control our southern border to withdrawing from the fake Paris ‘climate accord’.

Most of the world does not realize that it took America hundreds of years – starting from scratch – to get “rich”. And that hundreds of millions of Americans worked really, really hard to make us “rich”.

Yet today illegal immigrants think that they are going to come to America and have everything good. They don’t realize that they are going to end up poor if they don’t work hard. And that even if they do work hard that they still may end up poor because they must have skills and education and be very diligent to even think about becoming wealthy or even middle class.

Thankfully president Trump is “putting America first” and telling the world that the days of taking advantage of “rich” America are over. This is great news. The Europeans are feigning shock over the president’s NATO comments.

The world needs to save itself just as America did starting with independence from Britain starting in 1781.

But the demands just keep coming. The United States today is no longer being asked just to help out billions of poor people abroad. No, we are now being asked to allow them to waltz by the millions into the US over our porous Mexican border.

And according to recent statistics 70% of them will live on welfare or some other government handout program for much or all of their lives. The ‘immigrant success story’ no longer applies like it used to.

So no matter what we say or do America always gets blamed. This is ending under president Trump.

Typically the people who had the least to do with building America – the lazy socialists in the government and in the universities and media – are cheering the loudest for the US to fix every problem in the world with our wealth, including by allowing unlimited immigration.

Meanwhile American technology from computers to modern agriculture to modern medicine to electricity to cell phones to something so common – but truly vital – as refrigeration (invented by a white American man from Massachusetts named Jacob Perkins) has made life massively better for the whole world

Then the world uses our technology for free. Just think what a huge “gift” that has been to the world. That technology is literally priceless.

But we don’t charge for it, and we don’t even get credit for inventing all of this technology and giving it to the world for free. No, we are defamed repeatedly.

So here is a test: All nations should stop using American technology if they don’t like America. And we will see how long they last. (In reality they will never stop using American technology.)

Europe should pay us back the $21 trillion that we spent to defeat Hitler and defend Europe from the Soviet Union. Then we could wipe clear our national debt and save the $500 billion that taxpayers dish out every single year just to pay the interest on the debt, but not to pay any of it off.

In an interview recently a Swedish conservative said that his nation’s socialistic health care system was successful because “we use American medical technology”.

How true. Indeed America is the greatest nation in history. Period. End of sentence.

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