Liberals Finally Admit that Trump is on a Roll

Let’s face it – president Trump is on a roll. He is implementing his agenda at breakneck speed and succeeding beyond all expectations… except those of who knew all along that he would be a strong leader.

Liberals, leftists and Democrats are now experiencing that sinking feeling that Trump is doing a great job and is going to be re-elected in 2020, which already is predicting.

Even the anti-Trump host of NBC’s Meet the Press Chuck Todd said, “The announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy this week helped make one political reality clear: Despite his overall unpopularity, President Trump is winning, and the Democrats right now are reeling.”

Reeling? Gee, I thought it was Republicans and Trump who were supposed to be “reeling”. After all, that is what the Fake News media have been telling us.

Nope, that is just more Fake News and the opposite of the truth, which is the essence of Fake News.

And Todd knows darned well that president Trump is not unpopular. The president has higher approval ratings than Obama did at this point into his presidency, and Obama was re-elected easily. On top of that we know that Trump’s approval numbers are higher than they are polled since the media have made many citizens afraid to say that they support the president, even in private polling.

To illustrate further, look at these two articles from the liberal CNN website, both of which admit that Trump is doing well. First, CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza, who is no fan of Trump, recently wrote an essay called Donald Trump is pretty sure he’s nailing this whole ‘President’ thing. Here are the excerpts, with a comment after each excerpt:

Cillizza writes: Trump looks out at the country and sees events conspiring to make him a deeply consequential President. … “You know, a year and a half ago, they said I was an interloper,” Trump recounted on Wednesday night. “How bad is that? An interloper. And now they say, and you will admit, a thing comes out, a big poll, and a couple of polls. A number of polls that, ‘He’s the most powerful, most popular Republican in the history of the party.’ And a little while ago I was an interloper.” comment: Trump loves to rub it in by telling us how wrong the media were. This drives the liberals up a wall.

Cillizza writes: Remember that his guiding principle is simply to be talked about. Through the light of history, that desire to be relevant translates into a desire to be remembered.

To make the history books. To have an impact that no one can take away from you. The haters and the losers? They’ll always be there. But the winners write the history. And Trump is absolutely convinced that he is a winner. comment: Not just Trump but an increasing number of Americans think this way despite the media’s 24/7 War on Trump. Democrats are in absolute panic and should be. They have no idea what is really happening in America except in New York and San Francisco and other selected enclaves like the universities and Hollywood.

Cillizza writes: You can dispute his own calculation of his own successes. But what is becoming more and more difficult to dispute is his import. Past presidents have openly pined for circumstances that allowed them to sit astride history, emerging as the great men they believe themselves to be.

Trump, whether through luck, his own actions or some of both — now sits at a potential crossroads of history. That’s an idea that cheers Republicans and terrifies liberals. But that moment is upon us. And Trump knows it. comment: Indeed. And Trump was never “lucky”. He fought legitimately and fairly for the White House and won against all odds.

Now here is another article from the same day on the CNN website. This one is called Opinion: Dems Badly Underestimated Trump by Julian Zelizer who is a history and public affairs professor at Princeton University. Each Zelizer excerpt is followed by a comment:

Zelizer writes: With Justice Kennedy’s announcement coming at the same time that the court announced that it was dealing a major blow to public employee unions and upholding the president’s controversial travel ban, the implications of Trump’s sway over the highest court in the land were immediately apparent. comment: This comes just 18 months into a presidency that Democrats thought that they were going to end with impeachment back in Summer 2017. They now know that they are never going to impeach Trump, that the Russia probe is dead and gone and that everything they are doing is backfiring, like people all over the country losing their livelihoods for making false accusations or slurs or threats against the president and other Republican and conservative figures.

Zelizer writes: Whoever is president after 2020 will be dealing with a Supreme Court majority that has much less tolerance for strong intervention by the federal government and will be less supportive of the rights-based policy gains that have vastly strengthened the social standing of African-Americans, gay Americans, women and others who have suffered marginalization for decades.

Policies such as abortion access, family planning, affirmative action and voting rights now hang in the balance. comment: Yes, because Democrats got those policies through the courts, not through legislation or the ballot box. Democrats have gotten much of their agenda via the courts, through the rulings of single judges or small groups of judges. This makes the agenda easy to undo. A new 5-4 Supreme Court decision can overturn gay marriage, Roe v. Wade and the despicable practice of affirmative action which is nothing more than legal discrimination against non-black people.

Zelizer writes: If Democrats were thinking that President Trump’s blistering rhetoric about undocumented immigrants was just talk, they now know just how far the President is willing to go. He is very serious about closing the borders and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold his travel ban will embolden him. comment: Liberals thought that it was just talk because that is what their side does. But it is not just talk. Trump is the real deal. He is not a phony politician who promises this and that just to get elected. Or will never admit who he really is, like Obama would not.

Zelizer writes: His sympathy remains with the hardline anti-immigration elements in the Freedom Caucus who will keep pushing for tighter and more restrictive policies on immigration — both undocumented and legal. comment: Democrats call it “hardline” when you simply enforce existing laws. This shows how extreme Democrats are.

Zelizer writes: Last week’s Gallup polls and the results of Tuesday’s Republican primaries in South Carolina and New York are also strong indications that his political support remains much more substantial than Democrats had expected. comment: It always has been more substantial than Democrats had expected. That is how president Trump won the White House. And in elections in 2018 and in 2020 we are going to find out how much more substantial it really is. Trump’s popularity is growing as voters see real results that they did not think possible when Trump was just a candidate.

Zelizer writes: Despite all of his chaotic and controversial decisions, his national approval ratings in some polls have even crept upward to the range of 45%. With a low rate of unemployment and a booming stock market, there is reason to believe that those numbers might hold fairly steady. comment: The words ‘some polls’ refer to “media polls” by liberal media companies like NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, etc. that are biased against Trump to start with. believes that Trump’s real approval rating is well above and rising, since millions of people still won’t admit, for instance to pollsters, that they support Trump. Even at 45% we know that his approval rating is higher than Ronald Reagan or Obama at the same point in their presidencies, and Obama and Reagan were both re-elected easily.

Zelizer writes: Trump is also demonstrating that the power of the President to tear things down is immense, especially if that President is not particularly interested in putting something different in its place. Interestingly enough, the real estate developer President has not turned out to be much of a builder. He prefers to take things apart and then walk away from the rubble without looking back. comment: No, Mr. Z, he is proposing to build the most important thing of all – the “big beautiful wall” on the Mexican border. And it is going to get built.

Zelizer writes: As the dog days of summer begin, Democrats should be more concerned than ever before about the consequences of a Trump presidency. The possibility for President Trump to seriously transform American policy keeps growing and the potential for a two-term presidency can no longer be dismissed. This unstable, shallow television star is starting to demonstrate that he has some very real political muscle to keep pushing forward. comment: It is delicious to see liberals finally talking about Trump’s re-election so early in his first term. This is virtually unprecedented. This is extremely painful for them.

Zelizer writes: The stakes of the 2018 midterm elections should be clear. If the national (Democrat) party does not figure out how to put forth an effective campaign that generates high turnout and excites the passions of their electorate, and if they don’t engage in the upcoming Supreme Court confirmation fight in a way that slows down the process and uses the President’s pick to awaken voters to the stakes of this struggle, President Trump could be looking at two more years of united government, with a GOP that will see him as an influential kingmaker, and the Congress will be more willing to start handing him legislative victories on the path to 2020. comment: Notice how Zelizer writes like he is a top figure in the Democrat party giving advice to his fellow Democrats. Which he really is. Because the Democrat party and the media are the same thing.

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