Globalism vs. Nationalism/ US is World’s Top Oil Producer

We tend to think of political issues as a conflict between left and right, liberals versus conservatives. But today the world’s major ideological conflict can be defined as globalism versus nationalism, which is a variation on liberalism versus conservatism.

The globalists are big-government, New World Order types who advocate world government, the United Nations, the European Union, open borders, the international court in The Hague, etc. They want global government bureaucrats, often unelected, making the decisions for all of us.

Case in point: There was a period when EU bureaucrats in Brussels, Belgium had imposed guidelines specifically describing the size and shape of fruits and vegetables that could be marketed in EU countries. This led to the large-scale waste of food that did not meet the standards. This is typical of the waste and inefficiency that a bureaucracy produces.

In other words the bureaucrats always expose themselves for the useless busybodies that they are.

Have you noticed that the United Nations is barely even discussed any more? For decades the UN was the single august, distinguished and serious world body. What happened?

Answer: The UN is a classic example of globalist failure. It sunk into irrelevance, silliness, corruption and bias decades ago and will never come back just like the Soviet Union failed and never came back.

Meanwhile president Donald Trump represents nationalism in his ‘America First’ policies. Other nations are joining in as they see Trump’s example. And when we look at the millions of illegal immigrants breaking down the doors to enter the United States we see the polar difference between failed globalism and successful nationalism, i.e., nationalism wins every time.

President Trump has even criticized the EU to the world. He recently said:

“I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now, you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad…”

Nationalism means what it says – that the most important issue is a nation’s own customs, traditions, economy, religion and borders, i.e., that a nation is not an entity that is up for grabs.

Nationalists, like patriotic Americans, are proud of their nations and their cultures. This has been true throughout history.

Globalists on the left oppose nationalism and want to flood the wealthy and proud and nationalistic Western countries with poor people and muslims from Africa and the Middle East, undermine their economies with dependency and crime, and take them over in the resulting chaos. Just look at what has happened to Europe and the US under open borders and you see the truth.

The mass migration in the world today is basically going one way – from poor, black, brown and muslim nations into wealthy nations founded by white Christians who are proud of their cultures. These successful nations then are called ‘nationalist’ or ‘white nationalist’ as if it is a negative term.

Unlimited migration is having a devastating effect. It is flooding the receiving nations with millions of people who do not have the skills or education to maintain the advanced economies that we have today. Even a cashier job in a grocery store today requires some basic computer skills. There is less and less need for unskilled labor in the advanced nations; much of that is done by machines, like agricultural work, or by automation in factories.

This is why we are seeing this nationalist backlash against mass migration; the jobs do not exist like they once did. The globalists fear this backlash since it stymies their plan to take over the world through globalist government and control.

Then if you are white and patriotic in America you are smeared as a “white nationalist” as if this is something bad.

So if “white nationalists” are so bad then why would most people in Africa or Pakistan or Nicaragua or 150 other nations immigrate to the United State if they could?

Answer: Because “white nationalists” in Europe and the US have created the most prosperous and fair societies in history.

Why do we have hordes of illegal immigrants not only desperately wanting to come to the US but then refusing to leave once they are here?

Answer: Because American nationalism and capitalism have produced the best nation in the world in the history of the world.

And if that nationalism and capitalism are diluted and destroyed by globalist policies like open borders and bureaucratic control, then the nationalistic society dies, which is what the globalists desire.

So indeed there is a war going on and we nationalists must win. Interestingly there are many nations that are defying open-borders globalism without any challenge from the globalists. Nations like China, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Russia do not have open borders. But they face little or no criticism for it. Only the US and Western Europe are.

Why? Because the main targets of the globalists are the United States and Europe which account for almost half of the world’s wealth ($40 trillion annually out of $78 trillion total) even though they only have 10% of the world’s population. If the US and Europe are diluted and conquered by the globalists then the globalists can truly take over the world, which is their goal.

US Becomes World’s Leading Oil Producer

Bloomberg News recently reported:

The U.S. government sees oil production further climbing next year even amid transportation logjams in the country’s most prolific shale play.

The Energy Information Administration sees U.S. crude output averaging 11.8 million barrels a day in 2019, up from its 11.76 million barrel a day estimate in the June outlook.

“In 2019, EIA forecasts that the United States will average nearly 12 million barrels of crude oil production per day,” said Linda Capuano, Administrator of the EIA. “If the forecast holds, that would make the U.S. the world’s leading producer of crude.”

Huh??!!? On the first ‘earth day’ in 1970 every one of the “green” fanatics said that America was running out of oil and that all of the oil would be gone by the year 1990 or sooner.

But global oil supplies and reserves are increasing every day and modern oil industry technology is making it easier and easier to find and extract more and more oil. In short, the world oil and natural gas supply is virtually unlimited with most of the planet either unexplored or underexplored.

Consider the Marcellus Shale in the Northeastern United States, a 104,000 square mile natural gas deposit under New York state, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It holds up to 600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It was known about for more than 170 years but only started being seriously tapped around 2008 with new ‘fracking’ technology.

So are we running out of natural gas?

I don’t think so. The environmentalists were wrong again as they are wrong about just about everything.

There are currently estimated to be 1.2 billion vehicles on the world’s roads, almost all of them powered by gasoline or diesel fuel.

Now imagine that the year is 1800 and that these nutty environmentalists existed back then. Imagine telling them that there would be 1.2 billion vehicles on the world’s roads in 2018, all powered by fuels that they had never even heard of.

They would never, ever believe you and would fly into an enraged panic. Because environmentalists are by their very nature ignorant, closed-minded and technologically backward people.

Today the media are making a big story about rising gasoline prices, up to $3 a gallon. But they fail to mention that gasoline was $4 a gallon under Obama’s “green” policies – and that was five years ago – and would be $5 or $6 a gallon today if Obama policies had remained in effect.

Added note: The first ‘earth day’ on April 22, 1970 just happened to have been the 100th anniversary to the day of the birth of the genocidal Soviet communist dictator Vladimir Lenin. This was not a coincidence. Environmentalism is inextricably linked with communism and socialism.

Here are the “environmentalists” further exposed by The Daily Caller:

North Dakota has filed a claim against the federal government for $38 million the state spent dealing with the months-long Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests.

The state claims the often violent protests were the result of negligence by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps failed to enforce the law and keep protesters from setting up illegal campsites on federal land, the state argues.

… Environmentalists and Native American activists flocked to camps set up along the planned DAPL route in 2016, trying to keep the pipeline from being completed.

… The Obama administration rejected the pipeline in late 2016 after initially approving it. Protesters cheered the move, but the decision was soon overturned by the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order approving DAPL and the Keystone XL pipeline. Activists launched a legal battle against the pipeline, but the pipeline started moving oil from the Bakken in 2017.

Protests ended in early 2017 after North Dakota issued an emergency evacuation order for protesters to leave their camps on the flood plain. Government officials came in and removed 4.5 million pounds of garbage and waste left behind by environmental protesters.

Workers hauled away more than 800 dumpsters worth of garbage from the activist camps, costing the Corps about $1.1 million.

800 dumpsters of garbage? 4.5 million pounds of trash?

Friends, remember the Golden Rule: Most environmentalists are left-wing troublemakers who don’t care one whit about the environment. In fact they harm the environment more than anyone.

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