Far-Left Portland, Oregon Swamped by Aggressive Homeless

The far-left West Coast cities of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California and Los Angeles, California are all withering under a full-frontal assault by hordes of increasingly aggressive and belligerent homeless people.

The stories about drug needles, human waste, drug abuse, trash, alcoholism, panhandling, personal filth, mental illness, public camping and other awful behavior among the homeless are common in these cities.

The homeless become more and more arrogant the more that they are coddled. And these cities have been coddling them for decades. They now are paying the price.

These are wealthy cities but you would never know it. Portland has become a home base for the most radical homeless along with militant activists ranting about everything from ‘climate change’ to open borders. This creates a toxic political brew with minority viewpoints strongly represented while the majority is ignored as they tend to their day-to-day business. This is classic socialism.

The current homeless crisis along the West Coast evolved during and since the Obama presidency with its eight years of terrible economic policies. It is going to take many years of Trump economic growth to address it, but that will only be part of the solution. The other part is to get tough on the homeless.

Many of these Portland homeless are young people from all over the Western United States. They are attracted to Portland because they can get plentiful illegal drugs there, and a lenient attitude about being homeless. Yet it is the same lenient attitude that told them to abuse the drugs in the first place, and has done so since the 1960s. Drug abuse is a major cause of homelessness in America.

Portland has generally been overshadowed by the bigger cities of Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But the problems in Portland have been growing and there recently was a story on the Fox News website called Portland police union president says city ‘a cesspool,’ amid ‘failed policies’ on homelessness. Below are excerpts from that article by Travis Fedschun, with a Nikitas3.com comment after each excerpt:

Fedschun writes: The leader of Portland’s police union has slammed the mayor for his response to the homelessness crisis, claiming Oregon’s largest city has “become a cesspool”.

Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association and a police officer for 27 years, posted a lengthy statement on Facebook on Monday, where he listed the various issues the city is facing, ranging from aggressive panhandlers and garbage-filled RV’s to used needles and human feces blocking entrances to businesses.

“Our city has become a cesspool,” he wrote on Facebook. “Livability that once made Portland a unique and vibrant city is now replaced with human feces in businesses doorways, in our parks, and on our streets.

“Aggressive panhandlers block the sidewalks, storefronts, and landmarks like Pioneer Square, discouraging people from enjoying our City. Garbage-filled RVs and vehicles are strewn throughout our neighborhoods. Used needles, drug paraphernalia, and trash are common sights lining the streets and sidewalks of the downtown core area, under our bridges, and freeway overpasses. That’s not what our families, business owners, and tourists deserve.”

Nikitas3.com comment: No surprise there. This comes from accepting and coddling homelessness for decades. After all you get more of what you tolerate and subsidize and these cities along with the states and federal government are encouraging this behavior with endless tolerance, handouts, services, free meals and a refusal to act seriously against the aggressive homeless.

And don’t believe this nonsense that all of these homeless people are down and out and have no options. Many homeless love the life they lead and live it intentionally. They answer to no one and do whatever they want all day long.

There are disturbing videos on YouTube about the homeless in Portland. They are making the city difficult to live in and do business in, as is happening in San Francisco.

Nikitas3.com visited Portland many years ago and it was a nice place. There were poorer areas like Burnside but today even the upscale downtown is afflicted by the homeless including chic Pioneer Square. This comes from increasing radicalization induced by a migration of political extremists out of California over the last 40 years.

Oregon used to be a politically moderate place but no more. There once was a slogan ‘Don’t Californicate Oregon’. Well, it has happened. The militants now control Portland and much of Oregon politics. Republicans have power only in some of the suburbs, rural areas and small towns. In Portland and in the state capital of Salem and the university towns like Eugene, forget it.

Fedschun writes: (Daryl Turner) added that Mayor Ted Wheeler’s had implemented “failed policies” and that he had “thrown Portland Police Officers under the bus”.

Turner’s comments came after Wheeler said in an interview with The Oregonian (newspaper) that he wanted to review arrest data after an analysis by the newspaper found more than half of the arrests that police made in Portland last year were of homeless people.

The review by the paper found that 52 percent of arrests made by Portland Police involved a homeless individual, while homeless people only represent three percent of the city’s total population.

Nikitas3.com comment: It is no surprise that this small group accounts for so many arrests. Many homeless are notorious troublemakers.

These cities really need to think more like law-abiding conservatives and get behind president Trump’s agenda for economic opportunity for all. But they never will. And thus homelessness will continue to flourish.

Fedschun writes: “The real question here is, ‘Is there some sort of profiling or implicit bias?'” Wheeler told the editorial board upon learning of the statistics. “From my perspective, that’s the crux of the situation. The police should be focused on policing criminal activity, and that’s sort of the beginning, the middle and the end of it for me.”

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw later called for the Independent Police Review to launch an investigation to determine whether the homeless are being unfairly targeted.

Nikitas3.com comment: Outlaw is a good name for this female. She is black and formerly was police chief in the very troubled city of Oakland, California. So she brought Oakland’s problems north to Oregon in 2017.

This “profiling” charge is pure political correctness. Everyone in Portland knows that the homeless problem has reached crisis proportions and has been building for years. Except the mayor and the police chief and the activists who get political power and media coverage by advocating for the homeless. They are making political hay while the city sinks and productive people flee.

But it could not happen to a more deserving population. Most of the people in Portland are extremely liberal. They now are getting a taste of their own medicine. Too bad.

Fedschun writes: The homeless population in Portland has become a hot topic in the past year and has motivated some businesses to head out of town.

Last fall, Columbia Sportswear President and CEO Tim Boyle said he was concerned he made a mistake when he opened a headquarters for the company’s Sorel footwear brand downtown after employees reported car break-ins, threats and human waste being dumped by the office’s front door.

Other small business owners in the City of Roses (Portland) said at the time the increasing homeless population already proved to be too much to handle.

Judith Arnell told FOX 12 at the time the decision to close her business, Judith Arnell Jewelers, came from a mix of panhandling and concerns over the safety of her employees and clients.

“It’s very difficult to do business here right now. Our customers are afraid to come in,” she said.

Nikitas3.com comment: This is just like San Francisco and Seattle where the stories about street life are shocking. Legal marijuana is adding significantly to the problem, for instance in Seattle, with the stench of pot driving respectable people away including tourists and conventions.

Still there will continue to be aggressive defenses of the homeless as productive, law-abiding citizens incrementally flee to the more conservative suburbs to save themselves from the savages – as usual. Just like tens of millions of Americans have fled the liberal states for conservative places like Texas, Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee and Utah.

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