Prediction: GOP Will Make Significant Gains in 2018, 2020

If you read, watch or listen to the mainstream US media (New York Times, NPR, CNN, Huffington Post, NBC, etc.) you might think that Democrats are poised for big election wins in November.

This is false. calculates that Republicans will pick up as many as 10 seats in the US Senate – possibly reaching a ‘super majority’ of 60 seats or more – and will maintain majority control of the US House.

The reason is simple: Democrats, Hollywood, activists and angry letter-writers and tweeters across America are relentlessly slandering president Trump and Republicans every day but offering no positive solutions to the nation’s problems. And you don’t win elections on negativity alone. Hillary tried that.

Here is the sad score for Democrats: Republicans now majority-control 67 out of 98 state legislative bodies, 33 governorships (even Vermont has a Republican governor), the White House, the US House by 46 votes, the US Senate, along with federal judicial appointments including the Supreme Court. Democrats are at a 100-year low in their political influence.

Democrats have lost power as they moved further to the left under Obama. Since Obama was elected in 2008 Republicans have taken more than 1,200 seats nationwide from Democrats, from city council up to mayors, county commissioners, state reps and senators, governors, US House, US Senate and finally the White House.

The daily hysteria over president Trump’s every word will not win for Democrats. The accurate Rasmussen poll has put president Trump’s approval rating up to 50% recently, and higher than Obama at this point in his presidency. And Obama was re-elected easily.

There has never been so much vitriol aimed at one political party and one president than we see today, including more than 200 known physical attacks and three murders (in Mississippi, Atlanta and Pennsylvania) of Trump supporters. Yet when ‘we the people’ decide peacefully through the ballot box, then Republicans win.

Meanwhile elected Democrat officials like Maxine Waters urge their unhinged flag-burning followers to harass Republican officeholders wherever they see them.

Radicals like Waters make a lot of noise and get a lot of press coverage but their aggressive activities are being quietly noted by tens of millions of Silent Majority voters who will pull the lever on election day for conservatives and Republicans.

Look at the past for proof. After extremists famously rioted at the Democrat national convention in 1968 in Chicago Republican Richard Nixon won the White House by a small margin. Americans were frightened by the violence. This applies today, exactly 50 years on from 1968.

If you want to know why Trump won then consider the formerly ‘blue’ states of Michigan and Wisconsin which had not voted for a Republican president in the Electoral College since, respectively, 1988 and 1984. Yet both voted for Trump in 2016.

This happened after both states elected conservative, get-tough Republican governors in 2010 after suffering for years with flagging economies caused by policies implemented by corrupt Democrat governors and their union cronies.

GOP governors Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Rick Snyder in Michigan turned their states around dramatically not by viciously slandering and harassing Democrats but by promising and producing positive results with smart legislative reforms, as president Trump is doing nationally. This is why Trump won those states. These will likely be ‘red’ states well into the foreseeable future.

US population trends look ominous for the Democrats. Conservative states like Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Idaho, Utah and Arizona are growing significantly in population and in political power. The people there are generally prosperous, hard-working and optimistic.

Over the last five decades tens of millions of Americans have fled the liberal states. Liberal Illinois, home to both Obama and Hillary, is the latest casualty of a population exodus. Texas alone is expected to get three more electoral votes after the 2020 census. These three votes come straight out of liberal states that are losing population and electoral clout.

To make matters worse for Democrats millions of voters, including significant numbers of blacks and hispanics who did not believe that president Trump could deliver on his economic promises, now see that he can deliver and will vote for him in 2020. Conservative African-American activist Candace Owens is predicting a “major exit” by black voters from the Democrat party over the next decade.

Thus Democrats are withering precisely as Republicans are flourishing. This trend is accelerating and is mathematical armageddon for the left. This will eventually make it almost impossible for a Democrat president to get elected, particularly as the party moves farther to the extreme. Could we someday have all nine Supreme Court justices appointed by a Republican president? Yes, it is possible.

Angry letter-writers don’t understand what is going on outside of their political bubbles. They think that all Americans are as angry as they are. This is what happens when you are ruled by your own tortured emotions.

As perhaps the first commentator in America to predict back in 2011 that Trump would win the White House, I now predict that Republicans will do very well this coming November since immigration is going to be the key issue while Democrats are going to run on the widely unpopular stance of open borders and sanctuary cities.

I also predict that that Trump will easily be re-elected in 2020. Democrats should prepare themselves for both eventualities.

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