President Trump Already has Mastered Foreign Policy

After just 18 months in office, and with no prior political experience, President Trump is proving himself to be a master of foreign policy. The reason is simple – Trump is a real man and he knows the difference between right and wrong, and what works and what does not work in the real world.

As a business negotiator Trump learned how to bargain hard in order to get the best deal. And the best deal for Trump today is that which is best for America.

The world is still a dangerous place and president Trump knows it. He also knows that he has the wealthiest economy in the world and the strongest military on the planet to back up American interests, and to support the cause of international freedom.

Obama was an insecure leader who let our foreign policy drift, starting with his shameful bowing to foreign leaders. This started Obama out in a position of weakness. Trump knows never to commit such an error. Trump always starts negotiating from a position of strength. He is physically large and uses commanding language and even threats when necessary. Good.

If you consider the major blunders that Democrats and weak Republicans have committed over the last 75 years in the realm of foreign policy you understand the difference between good and bad policy. For instance:

*Democrat president Franklin Roosevelt went to Yalta, Crimea in 1945 and handed over Eastern Europe to the genocidal communist dictator Joseph Stalin in the wake of World War II. This led to decades of oppression and murder.

*Democrat presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson started and escalated the fruitless Vietnam War from 1961 through 1968. Republican George W. Bush did the same in Iraq starting in 2003.

*Weakling Democrat president Jimmy Carter was paralyzed by the Iranian hostage crisis of 1978-79. The hostages were finally released at the moment that Ronald Reagan had completed the oath of office on January 20, 1981 after winning 90% of the Electoral College votes in November 1980. The hostage-takers were terrified of Reagan. The American people had had enough of Carter after one term.

*On the other hand Ronald Reagan set into motion the events that brought down the communist Soviet Union in 1991 without firing a single shot. For decades limp-wristed Democrats had sought to convince us that the Soviet Union was a permanent fixture on the global landscape, and that we must never confront it.

The media and Democrats had declared that the tough-talking “cowboy” Reagan was going to start a nuclear war – when he actually did the opposite and defused one.

*Who could forget a strong US military under Republican president George HW Bush routing Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991 in just 37 days in the first Gulf War (Desert Storm).

Look at this just for starters from Fox News about president Trump:

An American research group on Monday claimed that North Korea has begun dismantling its main missile-engine test site, a possible sign that Pyongyang is fulfilling the promises North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made to President Trump at the summit in Singapore last month.

According to an analysis of satellite imagery of the location by the North Korea-focused 38 North website — between July 20 and 22–the North Korean government appeared to be dismantling the Sohae launch site.

Some facilities on the site were either razed or taken apart. The facilities included a rocket engine test stand, which is used to develop liquid-fuel engines for ballistic missiles. Another facility was identified as a space-launch vehicles and a rail-mounted processing building.

This is happening after 50 years of failure over North Korea by American leaders and is another sign that president Trump is succeeding in yet another way that is being virtually ignored by the Fake News media. In fact they are ignoring everything positive that Trump is doing while they sought to minimize the disastrous policies of Obama.

For instance, Obama canceled a plan to build US missile defenses in Poland in 2009, opening up Poland to a threat from Russia. Obama’s first foreign excursion was the infamous “apology tour” to the Middle East in Spring 2009 when he apologized to audiences for American actions. By December 2011 Obama had pulled all US forces out of Iraq – against the advice of top military leaders – encouraging the ISIS war inside Iraq that spread to Syria, lighting the entire region on fire.

In his first year in office, however, president Trump put out this fire by obliterating ISIS with aerial bombardment, something that Obama could have done but did not. The annihilation of ISIS is leading to the winding down of the Syrian civil war and stability for Iraq.

We should also remember the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprising in the Spring of 2011 which Obama and Hillary spoke about glowingly. But we conservatives warned that it was nothing more than a stepping-stone to the radical islamic takeover of the Middle East.

Indeed that was true. It led to the deposing of pro-American Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and the election of a muslim extremist in his place. This led to a surge in murders of Coptic Christians and attacks on Coptic churches. It also devastated Egypt’s tourist economy as visitors were frightened by the muslim violence.

It also led to the capture and murder of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddaffi who was a stabilizing force in the region – he was a tough dictator but had moderated his views and policies; voluntarily renounced his nation’s nuclear weapons program; and was keeping his oil-producing country secure and calm.

Since the Arab Spring Libya has spiraled down into a state of chaos with radical muslims filling in the power void left behind by Qaddaffi. Fortunately, on the other hand, the pro-American and pro-Christian Egyptian military took control and overthrew the radical muslim president in 2013.

What about Obama’s horrible Iran nuclear deal including the repatriation of $150 billion in Iranian assets ‘frozen’ in the US since 1979?

Trump canceled that deal. And president Trump never would have ‘unfrozen’ the assets of the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism. Never.

Meanwhile we should all recall the Obama foreign policy ‘expert’ John Kerry who as secretary of state was interviewed traipsing around Antarctica calling ‘global warming’ the biggest threat to the world.

Here’s more from Fox News about just one more aspect of Obama’s disastrous pro-muslim foreign policy:

The Obama administration approved a $200,000 grant to a group in Sudan with ties to Al Qaeda even though it had been designated a terrorist-financing organization by the U.S. years earlier, a conservative think tank revealed this week.

Further, an agency official acknowledged the prior administration allowed taxpayer money to flow to the group even after its designation was discovered.

The 2014 grant to the Islamic Relief Agency, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, was revealed by Sam Westrop of the Middle East Forum in a story for the National Review.

“More stunningly, government officials specifically authorized the release of at least $115,000 of this grant even after learning that it was a designated terror organization,” Westrop wrote in the article.

President Trump has been masterful in carrot-and-stick negotiations. For instance he has imposed strong economic sanctions on Russia but has sought to maintain civil personal relations with Russian president Vladimir Putin as evidenced in their recent summit meeting.

He is talking very tough on trade with China but maintains an open line of communication with the Chinese president with whom he is personally friendly.

He threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” then turned around and held a cordial and productive meeting with its dictator Kim Jong Un leading to the current process of de-nuclearization.

The release of American hostages held by North Korea and the return of the remains of 55 US soldiers killed in the 1950-1953 Korean conflict are other positive signs. Thousands more sets of remains are expected to be returned.

Trump has warned Mexico repeatedly to help the US in controlling illegal immigration over the Mexican border. But he also is reaching out to the new Mexican president, who is an avowed leftist.

In trade Trump has stood up for ‘America First’ in extracting significant concessions from the European Union on tariffs. Expect this to extend to the rest of the world. believes that president Trump will go down in history as a great foreign-policy president and that he is doing it through his strength, confidence, common sense and love for America.

To see a comprehensive list of Trump’s foreign policy achievements, go here.

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