Melania Trump is Smart, Classy and Beautiful

While contemporary political commentary focuses on president Trump little has been written about Mrs. Trump.

Melania Trump is not only a fine woman with excellent manners but she is the most glamorous First Lady anywhere in the world.

She is beautiful, tall and slim. She wears the most stylish clothes. She was born in Europe, in the tiny nation of Slovenia.

The American and global media would be gushing over Mrs. Trump except for one problem – she is not one of their cherished left-wing females and she is not married to a socialist. If Mrs. Trump were Mrs. Kennedy she would be being called The Most Glamorous Woman of All Time.

For those of us old enough to remember there was a lovely Mrs. Kennedy – Jackie Kennedy, wife of Democrat president John F. Kennedy. She was only 31 years old when her husband entered the White House in 1961. She was very attractive and she too often wore designer clothes. She came from the wealthy Bouvier family.

The media could not praise her enough. She was portrayed as the most enchanting woman who ever lived.

That all came crashing down on November 22, 1963 when president Kennedy was assassinated. Her subsequent marriage to Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis only fed the media mania. When she joined the New York publishing industry as an editor at Viking Press in 1975, the media flew into a new frenzy of adoration. The media continued to fawn over Jackie until her death in 1994 at age 64.

Not so for Melania. In fact Mrs. Trump came from very humble origins. And now she and all of the Trump women including daughter Ivanka are being treated terribly in the media.

This media mistreatment is largely by omission, by not covering them. If Melania Trump, or Ivanka, were black and liberal like Michelle Obama they would be on the covers of multiple magazines every month as Michelle Obama was on the covers of magazines every single month of her husband’s presidency.

Melania is getting none of that kind of coverage, nor are any of Trump’s children or grandchildren. Even the president’s youngest son Barron has been singled out and savaged on the internet while even his granddaughter Chloe has been picked on. This is way beyond the pale.

When Ivanka posted a photo on the internet of herself with her young son leftists attacked the photo in the context of a political issue. In other words the anti-Trumpers are shameless barbarians. They are the worst kinds of bullies yet they claim over and over that they want to stop “bullying”. They are vicious people who are totally wrapped up in their own anger, self-hatred and insecurities.

Melania Trump is a gracious and well-behaved lady. She does not show off because she is very soft-spoken, not a loudmouth power-monger like Hillary Clinton. She is not like Nancy Pelosi who tries to show us over and over how smart she is but who ends up showing us the opposite every time she opens her mouth.

Meanwhile Ivanka Trump is an accomplished, polite, well-spoken and successful woman and a wonderful mother to her children. You can tell by the good behavior of the kids, particularly daughter Arabella who serenaded the Chinese president and his wife with a folk song in Mandarin.

On the other hand look at the people and the children on the Democrat left. The entertainer Cher’s daughter turned herself into a man (no grandchildren there…) The Kennedy family is rife with drunks, drug addicts and abusers; the wife of environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. committed suicide in 2012. Trump-hating pop star Demi Lovato just suffered a heroin overdose. Senator Tim Kaine’s son is a radical, long-haired antifa-type slob.

The son of Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal is in big trouble. The New York Daily News reports:

Redmond O’Neal was formally charged with attempted murder Monday and is now facing up to 22 years in state prison, Los Angeles prosecutors said.

The amended felony complaint was filed three days after police first revealed Friday that the only son of late actress Farrah Fawcett and actor Ryan O’Neal is the alleged culprit behind a violent crime spree that included two stabbings near the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Trump-hater Rosie O’Donnell is at war with her adopted daughter. reported in May 2017:

Almost two years after Rosie O’Donnell took to her website to post that her mentally ill teenage daughter Chelsea O’Donnell was missing and had run away from home, their relationship appears to have gone from bad to worse. The two, who have been estranged, are currently having an epic and very public battle, and it seems like everyone is the loser in this situation.

Here’s just one more, of many. This is from Breitbart News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s niece avoided jail on Thursday after a Manhattan Criminal Court judge sentenced her to two years’ probation for stealing more than $100,000 in a credit card scam.

This comes after Biden’s son Hunter was expelled from the Naval Reserve in October 2014 after he tested positive for cocaine.

And on and on…

Melania’s birthplace of Slovenia is charming. It borders on northern Italy. Its capital Ljubljana is gorgeous and clean in the best European sense. Slovenia is smaller than the US state of Vermont and is mountainous with its majestic Julian Alps. With Mrs. Trump’s rise to international stature Slovenia has become a famous tourist destination.

Early media mistreatment of Mrs. Trump came in July 2016 when she made her first public speech, at the Republican National Convention. When her speechwriter stupidly lifted a few lines from a Michelle Obama speech years earlier the media took out after Mrs. Trump in rabid fashion, greatly embarrassing her.

But alas Mrs. Trump is fortunate in those who despise her. They are all losers and deadbeats. The so-called ‘comedian’ Chelsea Handler once claimed that Mrs. Trump “can barely speak English”, yet Mrs. Trump speaks five languages. On the other hand Handler can barely speak civilized English but instead lashes out in the most hostile tones at those in her disfavor.

Handler is a classic Trump hater. She was famously involved in her youth with alcohol and with hard drugs like cocaine and ecstasy. She had two abortions as a teenager. This all shows in her worn face. You can bet that Mrs. Trump never was involved with such things.

Much of women’s criticism of Mrs. Trump stems from envy. They wish that they were as alluring and as famous as she is. One photo of a group of the wives of European leaders showed them looking on in envy as Mrs. Trump arrived at a ceremony. Indeed Melania turns heads wherever she goes.

There is much conjecture that Mrs. Trump did not want to be First Lady. But now she has found herself thrust into the spotlight. And since she was a fashion model in her younger years we can rest assured that she is enjoying her role as The Most Glamorous Woman in the World on the biggest stage of all, appearing in a new and dazzling outfit every time she goes out in public.

Will Melania Trump move beyond being First Lady? Perhaps run for president herself someday?

Well, there is one big legal problem that would prevent that – Melania was not born in the United States and the Constitution requires that all presidential candidates be born here. This is to guard against carpetbaggers coming from other nations and seeking to seize power in the US. There has been talk about amending the Constitution, although that is not very likely.

On the other hand we can be sure that both Melania and Ivanka Trump have bright futures ahead. They are both young – Melania is 48 and Ivanka is only 36. Wow. Watch out for this dynamic duo.
Will Ivanka be our First Woman President?

That is very possible. She has taken up permanent residence in Washington, DC to serve as an advisor to her father. Who knows what’s next? She obviously has big plans, just like her father.

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