Anti-White Racism is Thriving Globally

The global racism against white people is out in the open, even in America. The New York Times recently hired a columnist who authored many brazen white-hating tweets. The Times did not back down like any conservative publication would do if it had hired someone who made racist tweets against blacks, hispanics or muslims.

Meanwhile university admissions officers openly discriminate against whites under affirmative action. At the same time the Fake News media are refusing to report on mass black violence against whites.

Increasing numbers of colleges are offering courses that imply that white people have some type of “privilege”. These courses are intended to stoke the most powerful and provocative emotion of all – envy – among non-whites.

In the United States anyone who is white and who believes in the Constitution and who is proud of America is called a “white supremacist” or a “white nationalist”, both of which are disparaging terms.

Yet the fact remains that whites are the smartest people in history and have worked harder than anyone else. That is why the historically white nations of Europe, the US and other smaller nations like Canada and Australia account for half – $40 trillion per year – of the world’s annual wealth production but are less than 10% of the world’s population.

The whole world should be thanking white EuroAmerican men for all of the life-bettering and wealth-creating technologies that they have invented over thousands of years of experimentation – electricity, computers, the internal combustion engine, modern medicine, cell phones, plastics, refrigeration, abundant modern agriculture, aviation, modern metallurgy, oil extraction and refining technology, and thousands more. Instead we are maligned.

Obama recently went to South Africa and gave a speech that was an homage to anti-white racism. He praised the South African president despite recent actions by the government of South Africa to take land from white farmers without compensation. These farmers already are suffering from violence by blacks, including many murders. Tucker Carlson of Fox News reported:

Obama began his remarks by thanking South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for, quote, “Inspiring great hope in this country.” Now if you’ve been following what’s going on in South Africa you might be shocked by that because it turns out Ramaphosa recently declared that he would change the South African constitution and he will do it for the explicit purpose of persecuting a racial minority, seizing their land without compensation not because they committed a specific crime but because they are the wrong color… Thanks to policies like this many South Africans have already been murdered in race killings and many more are fleeing the country for their lives. It’s not covered here but it’s covered in the rest of the world and it’s real.

That ‘racial minority’ is white people in Africa. Here is Russia Today reporting:

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the ruling African National Congress must initiate a parliamentary process to enshrine in the constitution a proposed amendment, paving the way for land grabs without compensation.

Ramaphosa, who vowed to return the lands owned by the white farmers since the 1600s to the country’s black population after he assumed office in February this year, said on Tuesday that the ANC would introduce a constitutional amendment in parliament.

“The ANC will through the parliamentary process finalize the proposed amendment to the constitution that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be effected,” Ramaphosa, a prominent trade union leader and a close associate of Nelson Mandela, said in a televised address on Tuesday.

So there you go. And by the way Mandela was a communist and his party, the ANC, is a communist organization. That is why the global media loved Mandela.

And just in case you didn’t know Africa had one Golden Age and those were the centuries when white Europeans colonized the African nations and brought stability, prosperity, economic development, abundant agriculture and the rule of law.

Today Africa has all black-run governments and we know the desperate conditions there. White-ruled South Africa was once the envy of Africa and of the whole Third World – the richest, most stable African nation of all – but now it is in a downward spiral of poverty, disease, corruption, violence, malnutrition and crime under the black rulers in the ANC.

Interestingly black Africans are breaking down the door to immigrate to the United State and Europe. Why? If white people are so evil why does every poor person in the world want to come to the US? Why aren’t American blacks running the other way to Africa?

The answer is obvious. Russia Today further reports:

There have been growing fears that the planned (land expropriation from white farmers in South Africa) will deal a blow to commercial farming in the country and might put it on the verge of a food production crisis, like the one that struck Zimbabwe when it unleashed a similar crackdown on white farmers in 1999-2000.

Promoting his plan to boost land redistribution in March, Ramaphosa sought to assure white citizens, who constitute roughly nine percent of the total population, that the government would handle the controversial matter through “dialog, discussion, engagement, until we find good solutions that take our country forward.”

“There is no reason for anyone of us to panic and start beating war drums,” he said at the time, noting that nothing should prevent farming activities from continuing as normal.

Actually there is very good reason for the whole nation to panic. White farmers are being massacred on their farms in alarming numbers by black vigilante gangs – a fact being ignored by the global media and the US media in particular – and we all have seen what happens when productive people are targeted by communist governments. This will produce famine in South Africa just like much of black Africa is starving and suffering after whites were kicked out. Russia Today reports:

However, many of the Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, do not take the government’s promises at face value, instead seeking asylum abroad from what they say is a surge in violence and government-fueled hostility against them.

Last month, a call from Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to provide emergency visas for South Africa’s white farmers, who are reportedly facing persecution at home, sparked a diplomatic scandal, with the head of the South African opposition labeling Australia “a racist country” for granting refuge to white farmers both in the Mandela era and now.

Notice that even those who seek to humanely help the hard-working white farmers are called “racists”. This is part of the global war on white people from the communist left. They never miss an opportunity to smear white people even when many of the world’s communists are white, i.e., self hatred.

Meanwhile the racism of blacks against whites in South Africa is ignored. Ditto America. Russia Today reports:

Boers have also appealed to Russia, seeking to resettle farmers who no longer feel at home in South Africa. A delegation consisting of some 30 South African farming families arrived in Russia’s farm belt Stavropol Region last month, asking the local authorities to consider resettling up to 15,000 Boers.

Moving “is a matter of life and death” for them the head of the delegation told the media.

The region’s Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights Vladimir Poluboyarenko told RT earlier there is a plan in place to resettle up to 50 Boer families and potentially some 500, who would arrive to Stavropol with their own cattle.

Imagine that. Farmers being forced to move, and they even need to take their cattle with them because otherwise they will have no assets. It is shocking and sad.

This taking of white land will harm Africa greatly. Blacks do not know how to farm and maintain the land and make it productive like the whites have done. It was white colonialist farmers who made Africa bloom over hundreds of years.

It gets worse. It was reported on the website

A tweet on the ANC’s parliamentary Twitter account shocked many on Thursday when it appeared to call all white people murderers.

The tweet, which has subsequently been deleted, read: “The biggest mistake we are making is to consult murderers. White people are 9% of the (South African) population, they own 79% of land. They never came and consulted us for the land. If they want us to forgive them now, then let us share the land, the mineral resources.”

If the Republican party in the US said anything like this about blacks, it would be an international scandal.

Meanwhile US blacks are becoming more radical and open in their hatred of whites. We have seen millions of racial assaults and murders of whites which are ignored by the media. The Daily Caller reported about the former mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker, who is black and who is now a Democrat US senator from New Jersey:

“I’m a big believer that if America, if this country hasn’t broken your heart, then you don’t love her enough,” Booker said. “Because there’s things that are savagely wrong in this country. There’s a normalcy of injustice that we’ve accepted.”

Booker did not elaborate on what things he thinks are currently “wrong” in America, but instead waxed poetic about gaining “wisdom” from “moons.”

“And I tell you, Newark has gifted me a wisdom that can only come from moons, a sense of purpose that can only come from shared pain,” Booker asserted. “It’s a city that at times where my heart has been broken but I’ve learned that the heart is this interesting organ that, it’s the only one that really works even if it’s gotten broken.”

First of all, this is a crazy statement. What are ‘moons’? This guy is a nut and he wants to be president someday? I don’t think so.

Second, anti-Trump Booker, like most black leaders, is really saying that white people and president Trump and his voters (i.e., “America”) are to blame for blacks’ problems.

He will never admit that blacks have failed on their own terms by following the wrong leaders… like Cory Booker. And that his largely black city, Newark, is one of the worst in America. It is an extremely liberal city that votes overwhelmingly Democrat and has done so for decades.

Booker is typical of the rhetoric of left-wing blacks today. They will never take personal responsibility for blacks’ own failures. That is a classic trait of liberals, just like Hillary cannot take personal responsibility for losing the election to Trump by running a horrible campaign. has calculated that American-Americans have taken up to $100 TRILLION (yes, that’s “trillion” with a ‘t’) in the last 60 years in public handouts, welfare, housing subsidies, food stamps, private charity, college scholarships, affirmative action job preferences (i.e., discrimination against whites), etc. also believes that if blacks cannot do better with all of that money then it is clearly their own fault. Booker knows this too. That is what really breaks his heart.

Blacks are following the wrong leaders to oblivion, like Booker. They need to get conservative and millions are now switching to Trump and discovering the power of self-motivation and self-employment. Black private businesses are way up under Trump.

Now look at this from Zachery Schmidt at The Daily Caller:

Middle-income student enrollment rates are falling at top colleges, while low-income student enrollment rates have increased.

A study released last week by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) found that middle-income student enrollment at America’s top 200 colleges fell between 2000 and 2016.

The study says “it is middle-income students, not low-income students, who are becoming less represented on these campuses.”

“In terms of middle-class students, it looks like that is the one group we can pretty clearly say from our data is shrinking at these schools,” Jason Delisle, co-author of the study, told The Daily Caller.

In this study, a middle-income student is someone whose family has an income between $26,039 and $99,156 in 2014. The research fellow at AEI said the variation between the years is only a few thousand dollars, which doesn’t change the quartiles that much.

Students whose family’s income fell between $53,788 and $99,156 saw the biggest enrollment drop in America’s top schools. These enrolled students represented 23.7 percent of students in 1999-2000. However, the student’s enrollment rate declined to 16.1 percent in 2015-2016.

The study finds the “middle class may be far more susceptible to the trends and practices that observers worried would shut low-income students out of selective colleges.”

“This whole narrative around low-income students declining as a share of students who are enrolled doesn’t seem right based on the data,” Delisle said.

During this 16-year study period, enrollment for low-income students never decreased. Tuition for these students increased by $1,358. High-income students saw their tuition increase by $8,162, or 64 percent. Raising tuition on high-income students helped maintain tuition rates for low-income students, according to the study.

Low-income students represented 8.1 percent of students in 1999-2000. But that number nearly doubled to 15.1 percent in 2015-2016. The study demonstrates how low-income students are “likely overrepresented” in top U.S. schools.

This really means that qualified middle-class white kids are being kept out of these top colleges by affirmative action while low-income blacks and hispanics get every preference possible, even when they are much less qualified or totally unqualified.

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