China is the Real Threat to the US/ More Al Gore Stupidity

Why are Democrats and their media cronies making such a big deal over Russia and demonizing Russia to the extent that they are?

Answer: To deflect attention from the real threat to America which is communist China.

Throughout much of the 20th century American liberals and leftists played down the massive threat of the communist Soviet Union (Russia) to the US, including a catastrophic nuclear threat. Yet this was a genuine and significant danger to the very existence of the United States.

During that time communist China was a poor player on the world stage and no military or economic threat to America.

Today it is the other way around. Russia, which has shed it tyrannical communism, is a vastly less hostile threat than it was decades ago, with a small economy – about $1.4 trillion annually or about the same as Mexico.

Meanwhile China is on its way to building the second largest and most advanced military in the world, and is reported to have half of the annual wealth production (GDP) – about $10 trillion – of the US ($21 trillion).

China is coming to dominate world commerce not only with a huge manufacturing output of consumer goods and steel shipped worldwide, but also by helping dozens of nations to build their infrastructure (bridges, highways, ports, railroads, communications, etc.).

This includes nations along historic Chinese trade routes like the so-called Maritime Silk Road, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Belt and Road Initiative railroad line from China to London that speeds the movement of commercial goods between factories in China and consumers in Europe (which has a combined annual GDP of $18 trillion) over the pace of much slower ships.

In other words, China is quickly expanding its influence around the globe while the US media are ignoring this fact in favor of penny-ante meddling by a relatively poor nation like Russia. This is a media tactic intended to distract us from China’s growing global power and its increasing military threat.

And while the focus has been on Russia in election meddling China is doing it too, probably even more forcefully and effectively than Russia. but that too is being ignored.

The world media are also ignoring the fact that the communists who control China have achieved something quite disturbing – they have opened up the Chinese economy to global trade and capitalist expansion but have not allowed any freedom at all to creep in.

And while president Xi Jinping has formed a decent friendship with president Trump and presents himself as a benevolent leader Xi is a brutal dictator who instills fear in every Chinese citizen. You may notice that Xi’s face is very blank, as if he is hiding who he really is like a good tyrant always does.

The American media and liberals the world over ignore every Chinese transgression, starting with decades of colossal human rights abuses. The reason is simple – they think that mammoth human rights violations including the mass genocide of tens of millions of people under Mao Tse Tung is just a flaw that communist China must overcome as part of its march toward perfect socialism

Meanwhile China heavily pollutes its own environment without a peep of protest from global environmentalists since ‘greenies’ are really front groups for government domination of national economies. They admire communist domination of China.

Millions of so-called “environmentalists” are really communists like the Obama ‘environmental czar’ Van Jones who once was a member of a communist group. Today he works at CNN (no surprise there).

At the same time that it is polluting its own environment China is ‘dumping’ government-subsidized solar panels onto the American market so that we gut our energy supply with ‘green’ inefficiency as China moves forth with more and more coal-fired power. The Institute for Energy Research reports:

China and Japan have plans to build massive amounts of coal-fired power plants, while the United States is not only not building new coal-fired power plants, but it is also shuttering many of its existing coal-fired power plants because of Obama Administration policies. China is building one coal-fired power plant every 7 to 10 days, while Japan plans to build 43 coal-fired power projects to replace its shuttered nuclear units. The United States, on the other hand, cannot build new non-CCS coal-fired power plants and is shuttering existing coal fired power plants. These existing coal-fired power plants retiring in the United States are among the cheapest source of electricity generation in this country. To replace these plants with new generating capacity will cost the nation and thus taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars.

Meanwhile we know that China has been heavily involved for decades in all types of spying inside the US, including industrial espionage. Near Albany, New York recently a Chinese spy was arrested after trying to steal technical information from General Electric where he worked as an engineer.

For decades China has taken major advantage of the US in trade by subsidizing its industries, stealing US technology, manipulating its currency, taxing and limiting imports and doing other nefarious things to give itself an advantage.

Is any of this this ever reported widely by the American Fake News media?

No. They are too busy reporting on Russia, Russia, Russia.

So imagine that China was a conservative nation run by the National Rifle Association and was acting the way it does. Then the liberals would be warning us hysterically about China every single day.

Al Gore Offers More of his Classic Stupidity

“Global warming” alarmist Al Gore has become a comic book character. A recent Gallup poll of voters’ concerns did not even mention so-called ‘warming’ after more than 10 years of apocalyptic reporting on this phenomenon by ‘greenies’ and their media cronies.

Remember the truth: The earth was naturally much hotter than it is today for more than 1,000 years during two separate ‘warm’ periods in the last two millennia – the Roman warm period and the Medieval warm period.

But that does not stop Al Gore, no sireee. After all, he has his $200 million fortune to protect along with his tattered reputation. Look at this from Associated Press:

The Trump administration has made some dangerous changes to environmental policy, but the damage so far has been less than it initially appeared, former Vice President Al Gore said in an interview Monday.

“He (President Trump) has had less of an impact so far than I feared that he would. Someone said last year his administration is a blend of malevolence and incompetence,” Gore said in an interview with The Associated Press in Greensboro.

‘Less of an impact’ means that Gore is backtracking on his outrageous claims that the world is going to end. Thus he has to soften his loony rhetoric.

Gore often has looked outright stupid like the day he gave a much ballyhooed speech on ‘warming’ in New York City on the most brutally cold Winter day in years.

President Trump has simply repealed over-zealous regulations imposed by people like Gore and his ultra-rich left-wing cronies in New York and Hollywood. In short environmentalists are the ‘wealthy elite’ while “we the people” need to fight back against them. Associated Press reports:

Even the Republican-controlled Congress has stepped in at times, he said. “The U.S. system has a lot of inherent resilience,” Gore said. “It’s hard for one person, even the president, to change things very quickly if the majority of American people don’t want them changed.”

No, Mr. Al, the American people definitely want ‘greenie’ policies changed. That is one reason that they voted for Trump. They are tired of endless obstruction over every ‘endangered’ furbish lousewort and flightless prairie chicken.

They understand that these policies are not only harming the economy, but are harming the environment too. For instance, the massive forest fires in California are a result of decades of ‘green’ policies that have kept loggers out and allowed the forest to fill with dead, dry wood, making for mass combustion.

Meanwhile Al Gore’s personal economy is doing just fine. He has built a fortune on his ‘green’ bombast. That is why he pokes his head out of his mansion every few months and issues a statement. He needs to save face.

Here is a classic example of Gore’s hypocrisy: In 2007 when he won the Nobel Prize for his ‘global warming’ nonsense he warned that sea levels were going to rise 17 feet. Yet in 2010 he bought a $9 million oceanfront mansion in California. So it looks like Al is not really too worried about sea levels after all. Associated Press reports:

Gore was in North Carolina on Sunday and Monday to speak on behalf of the Poor People’s Campaign, which names “ecological devastation” as one of the problems hurting poor people.

Notice that he makes no mention of ‘green’ laws that are thwarting the economy and harming poor people. This “Poor People’s Campaign” should be thanking president Trump for creating job opportunities for low-income Americans. It also should be shunning Gore for supporting ‘green’ laws that hurt poor people, along with everyone else.

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