‘Help Wanted’ Signs Everywhere but Liberal Media Ignore Them

First, here is quick word about the Supreme Court. Trump nominee judge Brett Kavanaugh is expected to come up for a confirmation vote in September. He will probably get all the Republicans (51) plus 3 or 4 Democrat votes and win confirmation, but by a relatively small margin by historical standards.

The US Senate is supposed to “advise and consent” on presidential judicial nominees, not obstruct and critique. But modern-day Democrats have moved increasingly to obstruction when they don’t like a Republican nominee.

Since 1975 Supreme Court confirmation votes in the US Senate have generally been won by conservatives by smaller margins out of 100 Senate votes (or sometimes one or two less), while liberals seem to win by bigger or much bigger margins. Here is the tally:

Conservatives: Neil Gorsuch — 54-45… Samuel Alito — 58-42… John Roberts — 78-22… Clarence Thomas — 52-48… William Rehnquist — 65-33

Conservatives who turned out to be moderates or liberals: Sandra Day O’Connor — 99-0… David Souter — 90-9… Anthony Kennedy — 97-0

Conservative who was not confirmed: Robert Bork — 42-58

Conservative who got support from both parties: Antonin Scalia — 98-0

Liberals: Elena Kagan — 63-37… Sonia Sotomayor — 68-31… Ruth Bader Ginsburg — 96-3… Stephen Breyer — 87-9… John Paul Stevens — 98-0

So notice that 63 votes is the lowest that any liberal got, but a conservative (Bork) got 42 while other conservatives got 54, 58 and 52.

But now that Democrats are almost universally refusing to support Republican nominees under Trump, this will come back to bite them if we have a Democrat president and his nominee needs Republican approval.

And here is today’s main commentary:

‘Help Wanted’ Signs Everywhere but Liberal Media Ignore Them

I took a Summer drive through rural and small-town areas of Upstate New York. It was absolutely beautiful in a historic region. I was amazed at the number of Help Wanted signs posted outside of businesses alongside the highway since these areas long have lacked jobs and opportunity.

I had never seen so many of this type of sign. And these are just the signs along the roads, never mind what is going on elsewhere in the towns and villages and all across America in the booming Trump economy. Fourteen states currently have record employment levels. The biggest problem that businesses face in many parts of the nation is the inability to find employees with the skills that they need.

The Fake News media are scrupulously avoiding any mention of this great economic news just like they refused to acknowledge that the Obama economy suffered for eight years without rebounding from the financial collapse of 2008.

But Help Wanted signs do not necessarily mean that there are not enough workers. They often mean that there are not enough workers with skills for the jobs available like a welder or a shift manager or a mechanic or a commercial truck driver or even a waitress, which is a skilled job that can pay fairly well or very well.

These are jobs that you don’t e-mail out a resume for – you might just fill out an application, leave your name and phone number, or inquire by walking in the front door of the business and asking to talk to the boss after seeing the Help Wanted sign out front.

Thus with the increasing need for skilled workers in the thriving economy this is a perfect time to re-introduce an idea that has been missing for 50 years – apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship means that a worker takes an entry-level job with a company and the company then trains the worker to advance on the job. In short, the company invests in the worker in hopes of a payoff down the road, i.e., a productive employee who is around for the long haul.

The idea of apprenticeship has been around for thousands of years. President Trump has talked several times about encouraging apprenticeship which is developing naturally in the growing economy as businesses cannot find trained workers. So they are finding that they must train workers themselves.

Great. Apprenticeship is efficient; it makes total sense. But like a lot of common sense it started to disappear in the United States in the 1960s when we were told by the academic elite and the media that we must all go to college and that we then would get a prestigious job with high pay and status, and easy hours.

Since then America has neglected its industrial base and those apprenticeship jobs in which you worked “with your hands” (manufacturing, carpenter, electrician, etc.) or worked your way up to salesman, construction boss, supervisor, store manager, etc.

These are middle-class ‘red state’ jobs that are disdained by the elites and the media in New York and Washington and Los Angeles who believe that we are all supposed to become college professors, political activists or novelists.

The result was predictable: Those jobs died through a combination of forces like political neglect, hostile liberal media coverage, labor union belligerence, taxes, regulation and outrageous ‘green’ laws.

This gutted the working class and the middle class. Yet many of those Help Wanted signs are aimed directly at lower-skilled or unskilled people without college degrees who once worked their way up into the middle class by responding first to a sign posted in front of a factory or other business.

We have seen many times how not to solve the problem of unemployment. Over and over since the 1960s Democrats have told us that those who do not go to college must first be “trained” in some type of skill with training often done under a government or university program.

And while training is a good idea, being ‘trained’ does not necessarily mean that you will find a job. Millions of people have ‘trained’ for jobs that they never got, and have spent a lot of money doing it. Or the jobs simply do not exist where the person lives.

The better way is through apprenticeship. That way the job already exists and the worker is guaranteed to have a job and an income and a path to improvement. Those who do well and show skill and leadership will advance in either salary or position or both.

It is a win-win for all compared to millions of college graduates with huge debts and worthless degrees (Sex-Changer Dance Therapy, etc.). In fact carpenters, welders, electricians and truck drivers today often make better salaries and have more opportunities than college graduates.

So imagine that you are a young guy in a small town. You have only a high-school education or maybe less but you have plenty of youthful energy and you want to work and advance yourself.

You go down to the company with the Help Wanted sign out front and they take you on. You might start out at an entry-level job requiring little or no skill like stocking shelves, delivery driver, tending a machine, working in the warehouse or punching in orders at the counter at the auto parts store and learning how to fill them.

You might eventually become store manager or go into sales through the contacts you make on the job. In 10 years you could be making a much better salary than you ever imagined possible without a college degree… or any college debt.

Over a lifetime tens of millions of Americans have worked their way up through this system. That is how the American Dream was built.

President Trump is now seeking to bring back the manufacturing jobs that make this system possible. For instance, the auto industry alone has spawned hundreds of different types of jobs at all skill levels from assembly to mechanic to auto parts sales to car customization and detailing. These jobs all can start with no skills whatsoever. You can learn on the job.

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