has Warned Repeatedly about Pope Francis

Since he was elevated to the papacy in 2013 has warned repeatedly that Pope Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina), the first Jesuit pope, is a political extremist and a mortal danger to the Catholic church, that his far-left views are anathema to Catholic doctrine. On June 4, 2018 wrote:

As a young man in Argentina Pope Francis had a communist mentor. And we know how manipulative and domineering such people are in their zeal to spread their political poison. The American Spectator website reports:

Pope Francis grew up in socialist Argentina, an experience that left a deep impression on his thinking. He told the Latin American journalists Javier Camara and Sebastian Pfaffen that as a young man he “read books of the Communist Party that my boss in the laboratory gave me” and that “there was a period where I would wait anxiously for the newspaper La Vanguardia, which was not allowed to be sold with the other newspapers and was brought to us by the socialist militants.”

… This is frightening stuff. But this is the history of the world over the last 170 years since the publication of the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Despite communism’s horrific failures its proponents ignore reality and just keep trying.

Today we see this pope pushing a far-left agenda on the church. Here is just one example of many:

He said that, “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth. In many parts of the planet, the elderly lament that once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.”

This plays into the hands of the most extreme environmentalists who for the most part are far-left anti-Christian political activists.

What will the pope do next? Put solar panels on the Vatican? Don’t laugh. He might.

Or the pope said “Who am I to judge?” about gays after centuries in which Catholic doctrine has rejected homosexuality.

Writing on the Politico website Hannah Roberts has reported on the drift of this pope to the left and its ramifications for the church. Here are excerpts from Roberts with a comment after each excerpt:

Roberts reports: Celebrated by progressives around the world for his push to update and liberalize aspects of church doctrine, Francis is facing fierce blowback from traditionalists who take issue with his openness to Muslim migrants, his concern for the environment and his softer tone on divorce, cohabitation and homosexuality. Opposition has become so heated that some advisers are warning him to tread carefully to avoid a “schism” in the church. comment: No, he is not seeking to “update and liberalize” church doctrine. That is what his left-wing supporters are saying to soften his radicalism. He is actually seeking to undermine and overthrow church doctrine. He cannot do it overnight. But since he became pope in 2013 he has pushed the steering wheel insistently to the left.

Francis is the first Jesuit pope, and thus we can understand his liberalism since Jesuits are on the far left.

Roberts reports: Father Thomas Weinandy, a former chief of staff for the U.S. bishops’ committee on doctrine, has accused Francis of causing “theological anarchy.” Another group of bishops has warned Francis risks spreading “a plague of divorce.” Last fall, more than 200 scholars and priests signed a letter accusing Francis of spreading heresy. “This was not something I did lightly,” Father John Rice, a parish priest in Shaftesbury in the U.K. said, claiming the pope’s liberal push has caused “much division and disagreement, and sadness and confusion in the church.” comment: These are serious charges that we have never seen before. Thus the perception of this pope as a militant is not just political posturing; it is very real.

If this schism comes to pass – and it will do so over the next 10 years if Francis is not removed – then there will be two Catholic churches. One will retain traditional Catholic teaching while the other will disintegrate and become part of “the world” that the church was established to supersede. What percentage remains true to Catholic doctrine is yet to be seen. It could be 20% or it could be 60%. Nobody knows yet.

Now we come to the present day, and this pope may finally be being called to account. Agence-France Presse reports:

Pope Francis has declined to comment on a growing scandal after a former Vatican official claimed the pontiff ignored sexual abuse allegations against a senior clergyman and called on him to resign.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a former Vatican envoy to the United States, said he had told Francis of the claims against prominent US cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2013.

But rather than punish McCarrick, who was forced to resign last month, Vigano said Francis had lifted sanctions imposed on him by his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI.

“Corruption has reached the very top of the Church’s hierarchy,” Vigano said in an eleven-page letter published on Saturday in the National Catholic Register and several conservative US Catholic publications.

But the pope refused to address the allegation on Sunday.

… Bishop Vigano, 77, who was a papal nuncio in Washington between 2011 and 2016, said that Benedict XVI imposed canonical sanctions against McCarrick in the late 2000s.

McCarrick was forced to leave his seminary and live a life of penance after former Vatican ambassadors in Washington, now dead, reported him for “gravely immoral” behaviour with seminarians and priests.

Vigano claimed Francis asked him about McCarrick when he took office in June 2013, but that the pope ignored his warnings.

He said the pope “knew from at least June 23, 2013, that McCarrick was a serial predator,” adding that “he knew that he was a corrupt man, he covered for him to the bitter end”.

This charge is no surprise. has tagged this pope as corrupt and extreme from the start. He may even be a homosexual himself. His communist background and his radical positions explain it all. If Vigano’s story is proven true, Francis will come under pressure to resign since he cannot be forced from office. Pressure is building on the pope. PJ Media reports:

In a stunning and beautiful letter, thousands of Catholic women are pleading with Pope Francis to break his silence on the charges leveled by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who alleged that the pope knew of Cardinal McCarrick’s abuses and predatory nature, but elevated him instead of sanctioning him or turning him over to authorities.

The letter, originally signed by 53 seminarians, professors, consecrated women, theologians, missionaries, and mothers of the Church, implores:

Our hearts are broken, our faith tested, by the escalating crisis engulfing our beloved Church. We are angry, betrayed and disillusioned. The pain and suffering of the victims never ends, as each news cycle brings more horrific revelations of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, cover-ups, and deceit—even at the Church’s highest levels.

The letter goes on to state very clearly the most pressing matter for most Catholics right now:
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s recent statement impels us to reach out to you directly for answers.

His testimony accuses you, Holy Father, and highly placed cardinals of turning a blind eye to former Cardinal McCarrick’s egregious behavior, and promoting this predator as a global spokesman and spiritual leader. Is this true?

This is bombshell stuff just as we have more news unfolding about sexual abuse by Catholic priests all over the world, and more abuse exposed in the US in Pennsylvania. There will be more to come you can rest assured. This is turning into a major crisis for the church worldwide.

And while the media love to highlight cases where a priest abused a little girl, the overwhelming majority of these cases appear to involve homosexual priests molesting little boys, while any coverage of this fact is being assiduously ignored by the global left-wing media in order to protect gays.

Here’s another story from The Gateway Pundit:

According to LifeSite News Pope Francis has directed Washington DC Cardinal Donald Wuerl to the Vatican to avoid arrest for his role in a child sex abuse scandal.

Francis reportedly wants Wuerl out of the (US) “lest he reveal all he knows” about the Catholic Church’s actions in the scandal.

Wow. If this is true, then this is the end for this pope.

In fact what is called the “Catholic church scandal” is largely a homosexual priest scandal.

Gay priests have certainly been around in every religion for thousands of years, but they came into fashion in the Catholic church in the permissive 1960s. Many Catholics are very liberal, particularly the Irish, and wanted to let the gays in without scrutiny.

One study reported that 80% of the Catholic sex abuse cases are gay priests abusing young boys while the other 20% are heterosexual priests abusing young girls. believes that 80% is low, that the number is 95% or more. But even 80% is shocking considering that only 1.2% of the American population are gay males.

Over the last 50 years a so-called “gay mafia” has allegedly taken over in the Church. These gay clergy apparently run the seminaries, work in churches across the nation as priests, and often work their way up into the church hierarchy.

This is why so many of these sex abuse cases have been hushed up – because church officials are often guilty of the same thing.

In an article called Cardinal McCarrick scandal inflames debate over gay priests David Crary of the Associated Press reports on the issue of homosexuals in the priesthood. That article is excerpted below with a comment after each excerpt.

Crary writes: Allegations that disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick engaged in sex with adult seminarians have inflamed a long-running debate about the presence of gay men in the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Some conservatives are calling for a purge of all gay priests…

Among the most outspoken moderates is the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and writer whose book, “Building a Bridge,” envisions a path toward warmer relations between the Catholic Church and the LGBT community.

“The idea of a purge of gay priests is both ridiculous and dangerous,” Martin said in an email. “Any purge would empty parishes and religious orders of the thousands of priests (and bishops) who lead healthy lives of service and faithful lives of celibacy.” comment: All of this bridge-building would be fine if we did not have proof about what these homosexual priests have done, added to the astronomical disease and early death rate among gays in the general population, along with highly elevated levels of suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and depression.

Crary writes: That outlook infuriates some conservative Catholics. Citing McCarrick’s case, Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute, which promotes traditional Catholic teaching, says there must be a “complete and thorough removal of all homosexual clergymen from the church.”

“It is going to be difficult and will likely result in a very serious priest shortage,” Hichborn said. “But it’s definitely worth the effort.”

While the McCarrick scandal has intensified debate in the U.S. about gays in the priesthood, it’s a global issue. Recent gay priest sex scandals have surfaced in Chile, Honduras, France and Italy. comment: Gays are notorious for their heightened sexuality. These priests must be sought out and removed and prosecuted for their crimes. They have access to too many innocent children. These crimes represent a major human rights abuse on a grand scale.

Crary writes: Catholic teaching, when it comes to homosexuality, is nuanced. The church says gays should be treated with dignity and respect, yet it has long taught that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.” comment: has a personal story. My cousin was a homosexual. He moved to New York City in 1980. By 1985 his live-in boyfriend had died of AIDS. In 1996, after three years of illness, my cousin died a brutal death from AIDS at age 39 after going blind. He was an up-and-coming bank executive. He lost everything. This event has strongly colored my opinion of gays.

Crary writes: “Numerous reports from clergy and seminarians are coming out worldwide which confirm the existence of networks of homosexually active men who cover for each other,” said the Rev. Paul Sullins, who has taught sociology at Catholic University in Washington. comment: This is why these abuse scandals have been covered up, doing irreparable harm to the Catholic church. These networks must be exposed and dismantled.

Here is just one more story from PJ Media. Expect much more of this in the coming months and years:

In part one of their two-part expose, Unmasking the Predatory Priest Cover-Up, on the sex abuse scandal rocking the Catholic Church, The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network released a detailed report on a major sex scandal in the New York diocese and called for Bishop Richard Joseph Malone of Buffalo to resign.

The report is full of letters from Bishop Malone, detailing the sexual exploits of one Fr. Smith, who was accused of grooming and touching minors and young people at an alarming rate. What’s especially shocking about these allegations is that they are not many decades old, but range from 2004 until as recently as 2017.

Commenting on a 7 Eyewitness News series on Bishop Richard Malone’s handling of two priests, Station of the Cross explained, “We believe the 7 Eyewitness News report to be credible based on the internal Diocesan documents included and published with the report.” The report added, “We have read the investigative report and internal Diocesan documents in detail and wish to provide an unbiased, dispassionate presentation of the facts for your edification and discernment.

Here’s just one more story from September 4 on Fox News:

Two Catholic priests were arrested Monday after police said they were caught performing sex acts on each other in a parked car near a Miami Beach playground, reports said.

Diego Berrio, 39, and Edwin Giraldo Cortez, 30, face charges of lewd and lascivious behavior after a passerby spotted the alleged rendezvous in a rented Volkswagen Beetle in broad daylight, the New York Post reported.

Giraldo Cortez also faces an indecent exposure charge.

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