How to Stop Terrorism and Mass Shootings

The Boston Globe recently reported about a ‘Quiet Skies’ security program at our airports. This is about a middle-aged white woman:

Taylor Usry’s routine work trip in July began like any other.

She chose a comfy dress and sandals to ease her travel anxiety, and arrived early at the airport, where she passed through security — her body scanned, searched, and patted, her belongings swabbed and sent through an X-ray machine.

Usry, a 39-year-old social media manager for an arts-and-crafts company, recalls buying a chicken biscuit and a Diet Dr Pepper while she waited in the terminal for her flight to Florida for a meeting at the Home Shopping Network.

She had no idea she was being watched during her humble meal — watched the entire time, in fact.

A team of armed federal air marshals was shadowing her every move — recording whether she touched her face or sweated, where she went, how she looked, and other seemingly minor details as she made her way through the Charlotte airport. The air marshals even flew with Usry, closely watching her until she left the Tampa airport, according to records reviewed by the Globe.

The documents show that Usry was swept up in the Transportation Security Administration’s Quiet Skies program that morning, one of roughly 5,000 US citizens subjected this year to extensive monitoring under a controversial domestic surveillance initiative designed to catch potential or unknown terrorists.

… “I’m not a terrorist,” Usry said upon learning that she was followed by air marshals. “I don’t do anything subversive. . . . I work from home.”

Usry, a mother of two from Williamsburg, Va., was targeted because she had recently flown to Turkey for an arts-and-crafts course, a country that is a focal point of the program, according to documents and air marshals with direct knowledge of Quiet Skies.

So rather than shadowing say, a young, single male muslim immigrant living in Boston who had visited a terror enclave in Russia, these security officials devoted time, energy and resources following a middle-aged, white American mother-of-two who happened to have visited Turkey on a pleasure trip.

On the other hand FBI actually had interviewed one of the Boston Marathon bombers – a young, single male muslim immigrant – after he had visited a terror enclave in Russia.

Yet they did not detain, prosecute or deport him or further investigate or shadow him and eventually he and his brother made two bombs in his apartment just blocks from Harvard University and detonated them at the marathon in 2013, killing three people and injuring hundreds.

In short, government security officials are wasting large amounts of money and time surveilling good people while ignoring really bad people.

To reduce terrorism and violence we must focus on bad people and stop them before they act rather than focusing on the population at large out of political correctness.

We have all seen the disgusting videos of white college girls, white women, white elderly women, white men and even white children practically being molested in patdowns by Transportation Security Administration goons. This is being done by the government to punish white Americans for being white and to appear “fair” to muslims, blacks, hispanics, etc. believes that this awful treatment of law-abiding white Americans is intentional, that it is a direct racial assault on decent people by the US government, and that nothing can be done since the Transportation Security Administration is part of the federal Department of Homeland Security.

In other words if you complain they will ban you from air travel for challenging them. This is why the TSA must be privatized and opened to challenge. Rule #1: Every patdown should be videotaped. Rule #2: Every videotape must be available to passengers who feel that they have been discriminated against.

This, friends, is why the Constitution was written – to restrain the invasive and destructive tendencies of the government.

On the other hand who could forget FBI ignoring repeated warnings about the 9/11 hijackers, an event that could have been easily prevented. We could write a book about this.

We understand the FBI negligence today now that we see how corrupt FBI has become in pursuing president Trump. This started decades ago.

Here is another example of 9/11 failure via political correctness:

A US Airways ticket agent named Mike Tuohey at the airport in Portland, Maine noticed something very menacing about the disposition of lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta when Atta first entered the airline security system as a passenger on September 11, 2001 in Portland.

Atta and his lieutenant Abdulaziz al-Omari were on the way to Boston and then onto New York and the World Trade Center. Tuohey said that he could tell from Atta’s demeanor that there was something very wrong:

“Then I looked at them. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up… you could feel the anger coming out of this man… I thought ‘if this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, nobody does’… then I gave myself a mental slap and said ‘that’s not right’…”

Yes, it was right. Tuohey’s human instinct told him what was happening, but political correctness deleted that instinct. This is how political correctness undermines our national security.

Tuohey did not act on his suspicion since he would be accused of “prejudice” or “racial profiling”. And we know the result. Tuohey then suffered massive psychological problems, another victim of 9/11 and political correctness.

Now look at this from the PJ Media website about recent events in New Mexico:

A judge on Monday denied a motion by state prosecutors to detain five suspected Muslim extremists arrested after a raid at a northern New Mexico compound earlier this month, clearing them to be released, pending trial.

Prosecutors presented several hours of testimony and evidence in court, but Judge Sarah Backus, an elected Democrat, said, “The state failed to meet the burden of showing the suspects were a danger to the community,” according to KOB 4.

Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Lucas Morton, Jany Leveille, and Subhannah Wahhaj each face 11 counts of child abuse after eleven hungry and malnourished children ages 1 to 15 were found living in the “filthy” compound in Amalia, New Mexico, near the Colorado border. The children have since been placed in the protective custody of state welfare workers with the Children, Youth and Families Department.

Siraj Wahhaj, 39, who was allegedly training children to commit school shootings, is the son of notorious Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj Sr., an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He is also facing child abduction charges in Georgia after allegedly kidnapping his then-three-year-old son and performing an “exorcism” on him.

State prosecutors also presented evidence suggesting that the suspects may have been planning some sort of attack.

They said that Siraj Wahhaj took several weapons classes before coming to New Mexico, and that police found books at the compound about how to build firearms at home. Authorities said that during the raid on August 3, they found an AR-15, five 30-round loaded magazines, and four loaded pistols They also indicated that there was a shooting range at the site. Wahhaj was reportedly teaching the children how to load and fire assault rifles.

Thus according to liberal judge Sarah Backus this obvious criminal with ties to muslim extremists through his father is “no danger to the community” while anti-terror officials target a middle-aged American mother-of-two named Taylor Usry. And little old white ladies from Kansas going though airports to visit their grandchildren.

This is sick, but this is what happens when left-wing judges, politicians, police and bureaucrats take over our justice system and our intel agencies.

Look at this from Fox News about a Florida airport attack that killed 5 people in January 2017:

Broward County sheriff’s deputies were eating cake at a colleague’s retirement party last year when a gunman opened fire at a Florida airport, killing five people, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

The filing on behalf of Ann Andres, whose husband was killed in the shooting, claims deputies should have been positioned in the airport’s baggage claim area, but instead “members of BSO were having a retirement party in a conference room,” according to the Sun Sentinel.

Esteban Santiago, now 28, opened fire Jan. 6, 2017, at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, killing five people and injuring six others before surrendering to authorities.

In short, evil thrived when lazy, incompetent and corrupt airport security officials were having fun rather than doing their jobs.

Broward County sheriff’s deputies? This is same sheriff’s department that should have stopped the high school killer of 17 in nearby Parkland, Florida but did not. We all remember the famous image of the Broward cop hiding outside the school while the murderer did his evil deed.

And yes, there is a pattern here. This Broward department is notoriously liberal in a very liberal county. Its sheriff himself is a left-wing cop named Scott Israel.

In the case of the Parkland murders of February 14, 2018 FBI, school officials – and the Broward County sheriff’s department – knew about or had been warned over and over about the killer but did nothing.

It gets worse. It turns out that the Florida high school killer was a former student named Nikolas Cruz who was benefitting from a program developed by the Obama administration under which law enforcement would generally abstain from treating ‘minority’ students suspiciously or as criminals in order to keep them out of jail.

Zoe Papadakis at wrote about these criminals:

A new FBI study of 63 mass shooters found that Nikolas Cruz engaged in what experts call “leakage,” or attempts to communicate to someone intentions to harm others, and that his behavior patterns were the same as the others in the study, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper reported.

The study also found no evidence for the common misconception that shooters suffered from some form of mental disorder or that they just “snapped.”

What makes the Cruz example disturbing, like so many others, is that at least one person noticed concerning behavior in the lives of each of the active shooters studied, yet nothing was done about it until it was too late, said Andre Simons who co-authored the study.

Even more concerning is that Simons suspects there are others out there “who are planning their attacks as we speak,” according to the Sun-Sentinel.

In the years and months leading up to the Parkland school shooting, which left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14, Cruz reportedly told people of his plans to go on a rampage on several occasions, posting repeated threats on social media.

Police received at least eight warnings about the suspected school shooter’s intentions before that fateful day but did they did not act.

Experts believe that Cruz was displaying the behavior typical of a mass killer in the internet age, The Sun-Sentinel said.

In the recently released FBI study, which tracked the pre-attack behavior of 63 shooters from 2000 to 2013, more than half the killers had revealed their intentions to harm others to people online or in person.

In other words, we can do a lot to prevent these mass killings just by being vigilant. But any type of vigilance is impugned by the left as “profiling” or “vigilantism” or “citizens taking the law into their own hands”. As a result we get more violence and terrorism.

The Las Vegas murders of 58 people at the outdoor concert by the gunman shooting from the hotel in October 2017 has never really been explained. believes that there is much more to those killings than we will ever know and that others were involved and that a massive cover-up is underway.

For instance, how did the gunman get 23 guns, including high-powered rifles, and 5,000 rounds of ammunition up to his room without some type of inside help or any suspicion from hotel employees?

Good question. There are many other questions, like who supervised the investigation of the killings?

That answer is easy: The Las Vegas police department oversaw the probe and LVPD serves a very liberal and very corrupt city.

Before the Columbine high school massacre of 1999 the local police department was warned about one of the killers, that he had posted death threats on the internet against a fellow student. A police affidavit even was prepared in order to seek a warrant to search the killer’s home, but it was never filed.

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