White People are Being Forced out of the Democrat Party

The most threatened people in America politically today are white Democrats who are being forced out of their own party and replaced by “people of color” with an extremist agenda ($15 minimum wage, open borders, sanctuary cities, total gun control, high taxes, ‘free’ health care, contempt for the Constitution, etc.).

Consider the election victory in June by 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York City. She defeated a 10-term, 56-year-old white male Democrat incumbent congressman named Joe Crowley in a primary race by a whopping 15 points. Crowley was no political wallflower; he likely was on his way to becoming Speaker of the House.

This replaces a very liberal white male with an hispanic female who is a radical. Ocasio-Cortez even fudged her biography to make it look like she came off the hardscrabble streets of the Bronx when in fact she was raised in the leafy suburbs of Westchester County as the daughter of a well-to-do architect.

On September 4 we saw something similar in a US House primary race in Massachusetts. A black female councilwoman from Boston named Ayanna Pressley defeated a 10-term sitting white male congressman named Michael Capuano.

Pressley has therefore won the general election in a very liberal district since Capuano was running unopposed. Pressley won 59% of the votes to 41% for Capuano. That was yet another shock for the Democrat Establishment and it appears to be spreading across the Democrat party nationwide.

In short, white Democrats are awakening to a new reality; 2018 is going to be remembered as the year of the far-left non-white insurgent. It started with Obama, of course.

As this snowball picks up steam long-established white Democrat officeholders will be looking over their shoulders at every election cycle. None will feel safe, particularly since primary races often bring out the more radical and activist voters who elect people like Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley.

In other words, the Democrat party is becoming blacker, browner, more muslim and more militant. And this war on white people is distinctly racist in nature, i.e., how can white people honestly represent “people of color” in Washington.

But it really means that white people should not represent “people of color” in Washington.

This anti-establishment movement could be compared to the Tea Party of 2009 except that Tea Partiers were close to the mainstream of American thinking while these leftists are way out in the political boondocks.

In Florida, the far-left black mayor of Tallahassee won the state’s Democrat primary for governor. Andrew Gillum wants the whole radical agenda – free health care, $15 minimum wage, open borders, etc. And on and on. Nikitas3.com predicts, however, that Gillum is going to lose by a significant margin to white Republican Ron DeSantis in November who adheres to the platform of successful and popular 2-term retiring white Republican governor Rick Scott.

In Minnesota, extremist black muslim former Democrat congressman Keith Ellison has won the primary to run for attorney general by a wide margin even after two reports of sexual abuse. In a largely white state settled by Norwegian farmers, this is a frightening turn of events. These abuse reports should sink Ellison in the general election in November, however.

Nikitas3.com believes that these radical non-white candidates are going to frighten white voters from the Democrat party (they already have) while growing black and hispanic support for president Trump’s economic growth agenda also will siphon off traditional Democrat votes.

Nationally the Democrat party is currently at its lowest ebb of political power in 100 years. President Trump’s victory over one of the most famous and media-saturated Democrat candidates ever in Hillary Clinton is proof that this party is doing poorly, and the more extreme it becomes the worse things are going to get.

This trend against whites does not always work, of course. White Democrats still have their political ‘machines’. Three-term 71-year-old white male Democrat US senator from Delaware Tom Carper recently crushed a far-left black challenger Kerri Harris in the primary 88% to 12%. But Carper spent $3 million to defeat a virtually unknown community organizer. In other words white Democrats are not taking any chances.

These non-white challengers therefore may not win every time but even when they lose they sometimes force white Democrats to spend a lot of money. This is bad news for the white Democrats.

In a Democrat primary race for governor in New York state, sitting two-term governor Andrew Cuomo defeated a far-left challenger, a white actress with no political experience named Cynthia Nixon, by 66% to 33%. Yet Cuomo spent a whopping $18 million to do so. And Nixon still got 33% of the vote.

In Massachusetts, a female hijab-wearing muslim attorney named Tahirah Amatul-Wadud ran in the primary against white congressman Richard Neal, the 69-year-old “dean” of the Massachusetts congressional delegation. And while Neal won by 71% to 29%, Wadud will probably be back one way or another. Massachusetts never misses an opportunity to advance radicalism.

And if Neal retires anytime soon, guess who is waiting in the wings to fill his seat?

New York state’s 19th congressional district is north of New York City and is largely rural, small-town and white. It is considered to be fairly conservative and will have a US House election in November. Democrats are running Antonio Delgado, a hard-left black former rapper who became a New York City lawyer. Delgado only moved to the 19th district after the 2016 election.

His rap lyrics are anti-American and profane. The 19th district voted for president Trump by 7 points in 2016. Nikitas3.com predicts that white incumbent Republican congressman John Faso will win a second-term re-election easily. Faso said facetiously after Delgado won the June primary:

“I congratulate Mr. Delgado on his victory in the Democratic Primary Election. This November, Mr. Delgado will cast his first ever general election vote for Congress in our district after just moving here from New Jersey. He will soon learn, as the last two Democrat candidates for Congress before him, that our neighbors do not look kindly upon candidates who have just moved into our district and presume to represent us.”

Meanwhile far-left hispanic candidate Kevin de Leon is running against liberal Democrat US senator Dianne Feinstein in California in the November election. Feinstein is a long-serving and very famous white woman in California politics. Yet one new poll shows de Leon within 8 points of Feinstein.

Rest assured that Feinstein is very concerned about this. Feinstein should be crushing this guy. But not in 2018; she saw what happened to Crowley and Capuano. She cannot take this race lightly, particularly since she has responsibilities in the Senate in Washington this Autumn while de Leon is out campaigning.

de Leon is running against Feinstein since California has a “jungle primary” in which the two top vote getters in the primary run in the general election, even if they come from the same party. Fox News reports:

de León has been relentlessly attacking Feinstein from the left for not being progressive enough. Amid the chaotic Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the progressive Democrat attacked Feinstein for adhering to the process rather than joining the protesters who have repeatedly disrupted the hearings.

De Leon tweeted:

We should be praising the protesters and standing outside with them, not apologizing for their actions. We need a senator from California who will stand up and #RESIST not #ASSIST

This is the future that the far left wants for us. Chaos and disruption will reign everywhere, even in the US Senate.

Since there is a not a Republican in this California Senate race then Republican voting participation will be lower. This means that leftist extremists could swing the race to de Leon as they might do in a primary race. After all, they are going out to vote anyway and would always support the Democrat Feinstein against a Republican. But many now will vote for de Leon.

There is good news for one white politician in California, however, a Republican. SFGate reports about the governor’s race:

According to a new poll … conducted by Probolksy Research between Aug. 29 and Sept. 2 … (Democrat) Lt. Gov. Newsom leads Republican businessman John Cox 44 percent to 39, with 17 percent of the poll’s participants saying that they are undecided.

That is a very small lead for Newsom considering his notoriety and long service (16 years total as San Francisco mayor and lieutenant governor) in California politics. Newsom should be routing newcomer Cox in left-wing California.

17% undecided? Gee, I thought California was liberal, liberal, liberal. This large undecided bloc should be very alarming to Democrats.

Nikitas3.com predicts that Cox will win this race in an upset, just like Trump did.

Even many Democrat voters in Crazy California – never mind the independents and Republicans – are fed up with the far-left Democrat leadership of the state,. After all Newsom has gone totally to the far left with his proposal for universal health care, even for illegal immigrants.

So if you have cancer and live in Bangladesh, you get a visa and buy a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and you will get ‘free’ care… if Newsom wins, that is.

But don’t think that the state of California is going to pay for it all, no sir.

Much of that cost would be shifted to federal taxpayers like housing, food stamps and general welfare for the permanent resettlement of a cancer-stricken Bangladeshi… in California, that is.

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