Labor Unions Continue to Undermine US Businesses

We all know that strong labor unions make for weak economies and fewer job opportunities.

Unions thwart business and economic growth with strikes, outrageous wage demands, violence, intransigence and belligerence. Radical labor union action destroyed much of the post-World War II economy in the Northern Tier of the United States from Illinois to Maine. Union activism finally shut down the General Electric plant in the hometown in Massachusetts after decades of strikes, killing 12,000 jobs in a city of only 55,000 people.

When Obama bailed out General Motors and Chrysler in 2009 unionized assembly-line workers were making close to $150,000 in salaries, benefits and pensions for a largely unskilled job. So it is no surprise why these companies needed a bailout.

Unions are the reason why so much of the national economy has moved to the non-union Southern states where workers are voting over and over to keep unions out. They know what unions do. Even Michigan, birthplace of the auto workers union, has become a ‘right to work’ state (with union power significantly limited) that is rebounding from its union-induced decline.

Labor unions represented 40% of the private-sector workforce after World War II. That is now 7%. How did this happen?

Well, if the union destroys the company that it works for then the jobs will be lost. estimates that since 1968 that US labor unions, along with excessive taxes, regulations and ‘green’ laws, have destroyed or thwarted the creation of 20 million manufacturing jobs. This is why our middle class has shrunk so dramatically.

Fox News reported recently about a unionized restaurant in Oregon:

A restaurant chain in Oregon is receiving customer backlash after employees started wearing politically charged buttons that read “Abolish ICE” and “No one is illegal” — much to the company’s dismay.

Late last month, Burgerville sent home 10 workers from its Montavilla location in Portland after they refused to take off the pins which, supervisors said, violated company policy that bans “controversial” pins.

However, one day later, the company gave the employees back pay and let them return to work with their protest buttons after the union called the policy a form of “white supremacy.”

The company, a small chain that operates in Oregon and southwest Washington, is currently negotiating a union contract with the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU), the first federally recognized fast-food union in the United States.

The talks reportedly include the employees’ rights to express their political views during work hours.

OK, so there you go. In short, the workers run the business through their union. This is why businesses oppose unions. Not only do the unions often demand unsustainable wages and work rules but they now are telling business owners how the workers want to protest on the job, like the NFL players are doing.

And don’t be fooled. This is just the beginning. Said one union activist at Burgerville, “While this is a huge victory, Corporate is not off the hook.” And by ‘Corporate’ he means the company owners while “not off the hook” means that the workers will now make more and more demands, i.e., give unions and inch and they want ten miles.

How about a Black Lives Matter flag flying over the parking lot?

Don’t laugh. It could happen. These lefties are ruthless and crazy.

Notice the phrase “the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU), the first federally recognized fast-food union in the United States”.

This is bad news. Low-priced burger restaurants are already under assault for a $15 an hour minimum wage. Now the unions are organizing. If these trends continue, two things will happen:

*Many fast-food restaurants will close since it is a low-margin business that cannot absorb big cost increases; or

*Fast-food restaurants will adopt automation to replace workers. We already have seen computer touch-screen ordering and robot hamburger cookers. More is coming.

Closing restaurants and increasing automation will reduce employment and thus hurt workers, not help them. After all, a worker is better off employed at $10 an hour ($20,000 a year income) than not working at $15 an hour ($0 a year income).

Fox News continued about the Oregon restaurant:

The post goes on to “demand a formal apology to the crew at Montavilla for forcing them to decide between their jobs and supporting the fight against white supremacy.”

So now the company not only has to allow the militant workers to do whatever they wish to express their political opinions but the company has to apologize as well. Who knows what’s next – sensitivity sessions about immigration for company executives?

Don’t laugh. It could happen.

Liz Graham, company director of human resources said that Burgerville customers “provided feedback that they didn’t want to see personal and political messages while they ate. Additionally, some employees expressed that the content of the buttons was drawing unwanted attention that made them uncomfortable.”

So the employees were uncomfortable that some patrons did not like their ‘Abolish ICE’ pins? What did they expect? How stupid are these employees?

Some customers have taken to Twitter to call for a boycott of the company but there will be no organized boycott needed. Word spreads fast. Many people simply won’t eat there once they see the buttons or hear about them.

This is unfortunate for the Burgerville owners unless they are Democrats who favor open borders. If so then they deserve the backlash that they are getting.

On the other hand here are two tweets from militants:

Join a union and #AbolishICE! Solidarity with the Burgerville Workers Union and immigrant workers.

Fascists and racists have plenty of opportunities to get a better burger faster elsewhere. Go Burgerville

So anyone who does not want a political slogan shoved down their throats at lunchtime is apparently a fascist and racist, according to the goons. This is the extreme left talking. These people are nuts.

The most recent example of unionized workers harming their own industry over political issues is the National Football League National Anthem kneelers. Since the black players could not complain about their multimillion dollar salaries they decided to use their national audience platform to rail about racial issues by disrespecting the flag.

Notice that there has been no mention among these players about the astronomical crime rate of blacks, including against whites, Asians and everyone else. (Also notice that the kneeling seems to have dissipated in the first week of the NFL. Thus perhaps the players are getting the message, but only time will tell.)

These players took no risk to build the company; they only came along and unionized after the company (the NFL) was wealthy and well-established.

This is what labor unions always do. They never risk their own wealth or work 12 hour days for years at a time to build up a company. They only come along after the hard work is done and then they organize workers and take a cut of the salaries.

They do not organize workers at marginal or poor companies. They organize workers at successful companies that often have been built up over decades, like the auto industry.

Meanwhile the non-union “transplant” auto companies in the Southern US like Hyundai, Volkswagen and BMW, all are prospering without unions. Workers are getting great salaries and the unions are not around to disrupt the workplace and threaten the very existence of the companies. Thus these companies will be around for a long time.

These foreign companies have willingly built plants in the non-union Southern parts of the USA while American companies like General Motors and Chrysler moved plants overseas to escape the heavily-unionized North.

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