Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Another ‘Green’ Hoax

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is alleged to be a swirling mass of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean that is “the size of Texas”.

Really scary, right? Fortunately this is another ‘green’ hoax. has never seen a single photograph of this Patch but only maps of where it is supposed to be located and occasional pictures of trash-strewn beaches and bays in Third World countries that are passed off as the Patch. Even environmentalists don’t seem to be able to locate it or describe it. Here is Wikipedia reporting about the Patch:

The size of the patch is unknown, as is the precise distribution of debris, because large items readily visible from a boat deck are uncommon. Most debris consists of small plastic particles suspended at or just below the surface, making it difficult to accurately detect by aircraft or satellite. Instead, the size of the patch is determined by sampling. Estimates of size range from 270,000 square miles (about the size of Texas) to more than 5,800,000 sq mi (about the size of Russia).

That is a possible discrepancy of 20 times in size. Yet these are the same ‘scientists’ who claim to know everything – like what the global temperature is going to be in the year 2118 – but they have no idea how big the Patch is even though it allegedly exists today.

Even worse they now are claiming that the Patch is made up of plastic particles, mostly microscopic, when we have been led to believe that it is a zillion acres of plastic bags and soda bottles and deli containers and styrofoam coolers floating on the waves – of which we have never even seen a single photo.

Fox News reported recently:

Engineers set to sea Saturday to deploy a trash collection device to corral plastic litter floating between California and Hawaii in an attempt to clean up the world’s largest garbage patch in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

The 2,000-foot long floating boom was being towed from San Francisco to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — an island of trash twice the size of Texas.

Notice that the Patch is described as “twice the size of Texas” in this news story when it has been called “the size of Texas” for years but then is described as possibly being 20 times the size of Texas (‘about the size of Russia’).

Also notice that they suddenly are talking about “litter” like plastic bags and bottles rather than particles suspended in the water.

In other words these people are all over the place. You can never really tell what they are talking about. They just focus on whatever is useful for them at any given moment.

This is happening since ‘greenies’ are myth-makers, like novelists or Hollywood screen writers, whose imaginations run wilder and wilder over time. Facts are irrelevant; the only important thing is to create a story to further their narrative.

And environmentalists are never satisfied just scaring us. They need to scare us more and more with each passing day like the maker of horror films who needs to make his movies more and more bloody and violent to keep his audiences interested. This is why environmentalism has become increasingly extreme since the 1970s. Fox News reports:

The (collection device) was created by The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by Boyan Slat, a 24-year-old innovator from the Netherlands who first became passionate about cleaning the oceans when he went scuba diving at age 16 in the Mediterranean Sea and saw more plastic bags than fish.

“The plastic is really persistent and it doesn’t go away by itself and the time to act is now,” Slat said, adding that researchers with his organization found plastic going back to the 1960s and 1970s bobbing in the patch.

The buoyant, U-shaped barrier made of plastic and with a tapered 10-foot deep screen, is intended to act like a coastline, trapping some of the 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic that scientists estimate are swirling in that gyre but allowing marine life to safely swim beneath it.

This “barrier” (note that it is made of plastic) is a monstrosity. It is 2,000 feet long. Notice that it is “intended” to trap 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic (a big, scary number) while there is no evidence whatsoever that it will actually do so or that this number is in any way proven or accurate. believes that this is just another fake number made up by the ‘greenies’.

This summarizes what this Garbage Patch is really about – money and publicity and creating ‘green’ hysteria. They spend millions on this barrier in order to shift wealth and notoriety toward reactionary environmentalism. This guy Slat is just their latest ‘green’ celebrity. He is like a new Hollywood star. Look at this from Fox News:

Fitted with solar power lights, cameras, sensors and satellite antennas, the cleanup system will communicate its position at all times, allowing a support vessel to fish out the collected plastic every few months and transport it to dry land where it will be recycled, said Slat.

Notice that it says “allowing a support vessel to fish out the collected plastic every few months”. Well, if there are trillions of piece of garbage in the Patch it should need to be cleaned out every day, right? Or multiple times a day.

You can rest assured that this will be the last time that we hear about this ‘barrier’ after it fails to do anything about a problem that does not exist. The money has been spent. The publicity photos have been taken. That is all that matters. On to the next crisis. Fox News reports:

“We still have to prove the technology… which will then allow us to scale up a fleet of systems,” he said.

The Ocean Cleanup, which has raised $35 million in donations to fund the project, including from chief executive Marc Benioff and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, will deploy 60 free-floating barriers in the Pacific Ocean by 2020.

“One of our goals is to remove 50 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years,” Slat said.

The free-floating barriers are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and constant wear and tear. They will stay in the water for two decades and in that time collect 90 percent of the trash in the patch, he added.

Who says any of this is true? We hear numbers like 50% and 90% and “the size of Texas” and “the size of Russia” and “1.8 trillion pieces of plastic”. These are numbers that the ‘greenies’ throw out constantly to draw us in.

They are never verified or proven like Al Gore claiming in 2007 that the seas were going to rise 17 feet. But then he purchased a $9 million beachfront mansion in 2010 near Los Angeles. In other words, these ‘greenies’ are constantly fabricating numbers to fit their most alarmist narrative but never apparently even believe their own numbers. Fox News reports:

George Leonard, chief scientist of the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group … said 9 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean annually and that a solution must include a multi-pronged approach, including stopping plastic from reaching the ocean and more education so people reduce consumption of single use plastic containers and bottles.

This “9 million tons” is just another fearmongering estimate that is never proven. It sounds patently false and knowing environmentalists believes that it is definitely false. But the big question is: Why is there any plastic in the oceans in the first place?

One of the reasons is that environmentalists have been fighting for decades against the most efficient way to dispose of garbage – by burning it as fuel, including all paper, cardboard and plastic – and generating electricity. If you don’t know how it works, look it up under “trash-to-energy”. It is done in many countries, particularly in Europe which is crowded and has little space for landfills.

So with incineration plants and landfills often obstructed by ‘greenies’, and through the widespread practice of recycling – which requires plastic, paper and cardboard to be collected separately, sorted and shipped here, there and everywhere – the garbage gets into the environment rather than being disposed of close to its point of origin, which is the best place and the best way to get rid of it.

Have you ever noticed how many times the wind blows your newspapers or lightweight plastic bottles out of the recycling bin sitting at the curbside? Multiply this by 325 million Americans and you have a major crisis with garbage getting into the environment.

There should be garbage-to-energy plants in towns and cities around the world like there is in the hometown in Massachusetts. It is right across the street from the grocery store, Home Depot and WalMart yet most people don’t even know that it is there since today’s incinerators are very efficient and produce very little air pollution. Fox News also reports:

Leonard also raised concerns that marine and wildlife could be entangled by the net that will hang below the surface. He said he hopes Slat’s group is transparent with its data and shares information with the public about what happens with the first deployment.

Yep, you just watch. Virtually all of these “green” solutions actually harm the environment in one way or another. These collection nets will turn out to be a disaster. You can bet on it since you read about them on

Even Miss America has Gone Political

Fox New reports:

A contestant in the Miss America pageant says President Trump “has caused a lot of division” in the nation.

Madeline Collins, Miss West Virginia, was asked an onstage question Friday night about what she feels is the most serious issue facing the nation.

She replied “Donald Trump is the biggest issue our country faces. Unfortunately he has caused a lot of division in our country.”

This marks the politicization of even the Miss America pageant in the Age of Trump. This also represents the beginning of the end of Miss America.

Liberals cannot stop making everything political with Trump as president. Yet imagine if a contestant said the wrong thing politically, i.e., that we should build The Wall on the Mexican border. She would be immediately thrown out of the contest.

We can be sure that Republicans and Trump supporters are going to protest Miss America not by screaming about it or attacking people but by not watching it. It is the standard “silent” protest tactic of The Silent Majority. Fox News continued:

The onstage interview has replaced the swimsuit competition in this year’s pageant, a change that has created controversy among those who feel the pageant needed to be modernized, and those who feel an integral part of the pageant is being sacrificed.

So they have turned it all political. No swimsuits. Next thing you know a muslim contestant will come out clad in a black burqa from head to toe and they will ask her why islam is superior to Christianity. Fox News continues:

During the first two nights of competition, some of the onstage interview questions have touched on hot button issues, including NFL national anthem protests.

A question on the propriety of those protests helped propel Miss Virginia Emili McPhail to a preliminary win Thursday night.

She told judges players have the right to protest by kneeling, noting that the real issue is police brutality.

Yes, she won. So they all know what to say. What a disgrace. Bye-bye Miss America. And good riddance.

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