New Target for Leftist Rage: Kavanaugh/ ’Blue Wave’ Fizzles Again

One of the fundamental traits of the Democrat left is their need for a target for their permanent, seething hatred and rage.

Let’s face it today’s militant Democrats hate everything – white people, capitalism, America, the rule of law, the US Constitution, our border, heterosexuals. It never ends.

Today they have created a new target – Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In just one week’s time they have fabricated a new bogeyman whom they will hate for decades after Kavanaugh is confirmed.

This latest and super-elevated form of insanity commenced with the election of president Donald Trump and the failure of the left to dispose of him quickly, which they expected to do through a campaign of anger, vilification, lies and harassment.

We have seen this before in their pathological hatred of George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and almost every other Republican in the last 50 years, going back to president Richard Nixon. Perhaps you recall the meltdown on the left over Bush’s re-election in 2004. One commentator in my local paper called it “Republican poison spreading across the land”.

But that was nothing like we have seen over president Trump and now over nominee Kavanaugh.

This happens because leftists are driven by their emotions and emotions can run wild. On the other hand does not recall even 1% of this psychotic reaction directed by us conservatives at Obama or Bill Clinton. We detested them and considered Obama to be especially dangerous but we did not allow our passion to control us like they do.

There is another factor at work here: Leftists point fingers at conservatives for things that they themselves are guilty of.

For instance, they say that conservative policies cause poverty and ‘income inequality’ when we know that Democrat policies do.

They call us conservatives “racists” when in fact today’s Democrats are the most brazen racists ever. Just look at how they are openly and proudly defaming white men while blacks commit crimes against whites, hispanics and Asians at astronomical levels compared to vice versa, which is racism of the first order.

And when they claim that judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a young woman 36 years ago they really know that this is what Democrats do. Consider Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Democrat party deputy chairman Keith Ellison and dozens of other top liberals who have been snagged by the Me Too movement.

Thus they need to seek to “even the score” by bringing down a conservative.

Do not be swayed by their emotions and their extremism. We must stay calm and let judge Kavanaugh have his say and settle this accusation against him like a good conservative always does – with a reasoned and rational response.

‘Blue Wave’ Fizzles Again

Over and over we hear that America hates president Trump and that Democrats are going to sweep to power in a massive ‘blue wave’ victory in the November elections.

Nonsense. Fox News reports about a Texas state senate race on September 18 in a district held by Democrats for 139 years and that Hillary Clinton won by 12 points in 2016:

Republican Pete Flores defeated Democrat Pete Gallego on Tuesday night in the special election runoff for Senate District 19, a major upset in a Democratic-friendly seat with implications for the balance of power in the upper chamber.

With all precincts reporting, Flores beat Gallego by 6 percentage points in the race to replace convicted former state Sen. Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio. Flores had 53 percent of the vote and Gallego 47 percent in unofficial returns.

Gallego conceded to Flores around 9 p.m., according to both campaigns. With the victory, Flores will become the first Hispanic Republican to serve in the Texas Senate.

This district is reported to be more than 70% black and Hispanic. And Flores did not just squeak by – he won by 6 points.

This result is certainly sending shockwaves throughout the already reeling Democrat party particularly as their attack on judge Brett Kavanaugh is crumbling before our eyes. predicts that this outcome foreshadows the easy re-election of conservative US senator Ted Cruz whom the media are claiming is “endangered” even in Texas.

Here are the actual numbers today after decades in which the media assured us that Democrats were rising up and taking over America:

Republicans today control the White House, the US Senate, the US House, 33 out of 50 governorships and 67 out of 98 state legislative bodies. When judge Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, as expects, conservatives will have a 15 year ‘lock’ on the Court. Or longer.

Since president Trump was elected, Republicans have won 7 out of 9 ‘special’ elections for the US House and Senate. Meanwhile one Democrat House winner ran as a Trump supporter and the other, US senator Doug Jones of Alabama won his seat only after an intense smear campaign against Republican judge Roy Moore based on totally unproven allegations from 40 years before. This sounds eerily and conveniently like the Kavanaugh charge, which was alleged to have happened 36 years ago.

If that Moore election had been delayed by a week Moore would have won since the smear campaign was falling apart precisely as the election was held.

Now we have the Flores win in Texas. This ‘flips’ a state senate seat from Democrat to Republican in a state that Democrats and the media have claimed is going the other way.

Friends, these polls and predictions about a ‘blue wave’ are part of a pattern that virtually always shows Democrats winning unless it is a widely anticipated Republican victory. predicts that Democrats are going to wake up the day after the November election in another deep state of shock (if they can get to sleep, that is).

Remember the “polls” and the months of media commentary before Trump was elected. Trump was dismissed and ridiculed. He was called a “comic book character” and every other name in the book. Hillary was given a 91% chance of winning. They also said that Trump was going to bring down the whole Republican party with him.

The opposite happened. And you can rest assured that there will be no ‘blue wave’ in November, that Republicans are going to do just fine in the mid-terms. predicts that they will hold their majority in the US House of Representatives and will go from 51 US Senate seats today to as many as 57 seats to 61 seats.

Trump Administration Takes Strong Stance Against Marijuana

The British website The Sun reported about tobacco cigarettes:

BRISTOL could be the first place in Britain to completely quit fags (cigarettes).

New data suggests the city is on course to have no smokers at all by 2024.

New research suggests Bristol could be the first city in the UK to give up smoking
Wokingham and York could be next – ciggie-free by 2026.

But people in Derby are expected to carry on puffing for at least another 30 years.

The findings come from research carried on behalf of tobacco giant Philip Morris.

It predicts England will not be completely smoker-free until well after 2050.

A whole nation where cigarettes are banned? This happens because liberals and their media cronies around the globe have a radical and pathological hatred of cigarettes and have been waging war on tobacco since the 1960s.

Liberals are even on the warpath against “vaping” in which vapor laced with nicotine is inhaled. This replaces smoking, which you would think liberals would favor. But no.

On the other hand the very same liberals are doing everything in their power to get as many people smoking marijuana as possible even though marijuana is more destructive than cigarettes.

Marijuana harms not only the lungs (one marijuana cigarette is reported to have the same bad effect on the lungs as a whole pack of tobacco cigarettes) but, much worse, it badly harms the brain and turns millions of people into useless “stoners”.

One puff of today’s super-powerful marijuana can make you the equivalent of being drunk. Two puffs and you are in orbit.

State after state is legalizing marijuana but they should never do so. Look at this disturbing column by former federal ‘drug czars’ Bill Bennett and John Walters in a column called Mr. Trump, please don’t legalize marijuana at the federal level:

Obviously, decriminalizing the sale and possession of marijuana will make the drug more available and increase use.

… First and foremost, marijuana is already associated with more abuse and dependency (now called substance abuse disorder) than all other illegal drugs combined. Roughly four out of seven problem users of illegal drugs are using marijuana. This is a dangerous blind spot exploited by many legalization advocates (although some of them are now warning about the growing risk of heavy marijuana use under legalization).

If you doubt legalization brings a rapid increase in marijuana use and addiction, consider the situation in Colorado. This is the test case; the experiment in legalization created by the Obama Administration. Colorado permitted the so-called “medical” sale of marijuana in 2009 and “recreational” sale in (2014). Some seem to believe, falsely, that marijuana use in Colorado has been accompanied by a decline in other drug use. This is emphatically not true. Last year more Coloradans died from drug overdoses than at any time in the state’s history. The cruel “Colorado experiment” has failed. Nonetheless, legalizers want to repeat it from sea to shining sea.

Second, marijuana use is not safe. Legalization advocates frequently play on the fact that many Americans have used the drug without recognizable harm as proof that most marijuana use is benign.

… As the American Academy of Pediatrics notes: “The adverse effects of marijuana have been well documented” and include “impaired short-term memory, decreased concentration, attention span, and problem solving” which “interfere[s] with learning.” Researchers have also reported: “Regular cannabis use in adolescence approximately doubles the risks of early school-leaving and of cognitive impairment and psychoses in adulthood.” And other researchers have warned that States that have legalized “medical” marijuana find an association with higher 12th grade drop-out rates and lessened college attainment.

But the most troubling research has found: “Persistent adolescent-onset cannabis users” showed “an average 8-point IQ decline from childhood to adulthood.” Marijuana use can permanently lower intelligence and worsen, perhaps cause, serious mental illness. As the Journal of the American Medical Association has reported: “There is little doubt about the existence of an association between substance use and psychotic illness…studies suggest that the association between cannabis use and later psychosis might be causal, a conclusion supported by studies showing that cannabis use is associated with an earlier age at onset of psychotic disorders, particularly schizophrenia.”

And on and on.

We know that president Trump opposes marijuana. And now BuzzFeed reports:

The White House has secretly amassed a committee of federal agencies from across the government to combat public support for marijuana and cast state legalization measures in a negative light, while attempting to portray the drug as a national threat, according to interviews with agency staff and documents obtained by BuzzFeed News.

The Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, as it’s named in White House memos and emails, instructed 14 federal agencies and the Drug Enforcement Administration this month to submit “data demonstrating the most significant negative trends” about marijuana and the “threats” it poses to the country.

… As several states have approved laws allowing adults to use and purchase cannabis, critics have contended lax attitudes will promote drug abuse, particularly among youth, and they have pressed for a federal crackdown. The White House at one point said more pot enforcement would be forthcoming, though President Donald Trump has never said he was onboard with that agenda …

However, the committee’s hardline agenda and deep bench suggest an extraordinarily far-reaching effort to reverse public attitudes and scrutinize those states. Its reports are to be used in a briefing for Trump “on marijuana threats.”

Good for president Trump. Marijuana is and has been a “national threat” since the 1950s. We have no idea how many millions of people have had their lives destroyed by this drug because the media will never report widely on it. This happens since the media are pro-marijuana leftists.

A 63-year old acquaintance of died in an accident in 2017 that was almost certainly the result of his being “stoned”. I say this because he was a marijuana addict his whole life and the circumstances of the accident indicate that he was probably ‘high’.

Marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. The only reason that states have legalized it without challenge is that Obama ordered federal agents to ignore legalization in those states.

Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions has reversed this policy but so far we have seen no federal action against legalization. This is why we need a new attorney general to get this movement against marijuana going.

There is some good news: Since marijuana remains illegal on the federal level marijuana growers and sellers in states where it is legal cannot access banks for their businesses. Let us hope that this continues indefinitely.

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