Donald Trump is the Greatest Show on Earth

There is an old saying that the best way to insult or anger a nemesis is to ignore him or her.

It ain’t working for the Trump haters. They cannot stop thinking and talking about him. Even the John McCain funeral ended up being days of Trump bashing.

It is stunning how president Donald John Trump, perhaps our most effective leader ever, dwells in the angry minds of so many Americans. He does it by using effective media techniques learned over decades to make himself the star of the show. In fact he is the most famous person on earth today.

This all started when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in June 2015 by referring, among other things, to illegal alien “rapists” coming over our border from Mexico.

If he had not uttered that single word – “rapists” – nobody would have paid attention to his announcement. Instead it became national news not only that day, highlighting Trump’s presidential declaration, but for months on end. The comment is still discussed today.

In short, Trump knows exactly what he is doing in constantly calling attention to himself. has never seen such an obsession as the media and liberals have with Trump. Nothing. Not even close. This is Nixon times 100.

This hatred of Trump originated in the leftist “hippie” culture of the 1960s. If you grew up in the 1960s, as did, you might remember the left-wing ‘hippies’ as the most obnoxious, arrogant, spoiled, ignorant and overbearing Americans in history.

And today these attacks on president Trump are being perpetrated by the most obnoxious, arrogant, spoiled, ignorant and overbearing Americans in history.

Hmmmm… there must a link here.

The young ‘hippies’ were specifically targeted by communist, anti-American (i.e., anti-Trump) and left-wing propaganda as weak, gullible, narcissistic, excitable and easily swayed. This is how communism has historically converted millions of ‘useful idiots’ to its cause.

President Trump was never a ‘hippie’. He was a super-straight arrow who went to military school before college. detested and made fun of the ‘hippies’. The ‘hippies’ acted like they knew everything and were totally ‘cool’ when I knew, even as a teenager, that they were ignorant young people and were not ‘cool’ and ‘open minded’ at all but were angry, self-deceiving and closed-minded.

The ‘hippies’ took powerful illegal drugs, were lazy and celebrated their own selfish urges every day. And acted like they cared about everyone.

Yet they cared only about themselves. This is the difference between liberals and conservatives: Liberals are “selfish” (which is bad) but conservatives are “self-interested” which is a good thing, i.e., you look out for, and take care of, your own interests and, person by person, build a durable culture.

President Trump recently went before one of his big rallies and told the people there that “you are the elite”. That was fantastic. He was telling them that they are smarter than all the eggheads at Harvard and the New York Times.

He was correct. Because the eggheads of today generally came out of the delusional ‘hippie’ culture of the 1960s. They became college-educated and college-propagandized. Many have become college professors, journalists, lawyers, businesspeople and politicians at all levels. Some have become extremely wealthy and their arrogance is world-class.

Yet they were and are basically ignorant about the essential facts of life, most particularly about economics.

Ironically those ‘hippies’ who called themselves “anti-establishment” in the 1960s are The Establishment of 2018; they control much of the media, the universities, many corporations, much of the internet, etc.

And they are fighting Trump since they are desperate to maintain their Establishment power over America as Trump challenges it every day.

On the other hand president Trump’s economic policies are making many of those in The Establishment very rich. Millions of well-to-do and rich Trump haters in places like New York City have made out like kings in the expanding Trump economy and the roaring stock market. But they will never reveal their glee over their newfound riches so as not to help Trump. Inside, though, they are ecstatic.

Where did this come from? Weren’t the ‘hippies’ anti-materialistic?

Yes, in their youths when they had nothing and wanted to take drugs and go to rock concerts and live on communes and wake up at noon. But that changed as they entered their mid-20s and 30s.

Perhaps you remember the ‘yuppies’ of the 1980s. They were Young Urban Professionals and they were mocked and ridiculed as the re-born privileged classes of the 1950s. They were upwardly mobile Americans in their 30s.

Yet the ‘yuppies’ of the 1980s were simply the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s who had cut their hair, gone to graduate school, bought nice clothes and become wealth achievers (doctors, lawyers, Wall Streeters, entrepreneurs, Hollywood, etc.)

They also lived in cities (Young URBAN Professionals).

And who lives in cities?

Liberals do…

The ‘yuppies’ were mocked because they emerged in the booming US economy established by Republican president Ronald Reagan. And so they were shamed mercilessly despite the fact that most of them were grown-up ‘hippies’. It was a bizarre paradox but typical of the hypocrisy of the left.

Today these urban materialists control much of the media, politics, the arts, the universities, etc.

The ‘hippies’ of the 1960s took many illegal drugs and this clearly is manifesting itself in the insanity of the Trump haters today.

One anti-Trump commentator recently said on MSNBC that 10% of Trump voters would allow the president to kill their parents. This is the thinking of a crazy person who probably took way too many bad things that did serious damage to his brain.

The Trump haters are very much part of a ‘mob’ mentality. They are deeply involved in ‘group-think’. They are terrified to be perceived as outside of ‘the group.’

And “group-think” was a key trait of the ‘hippies’ – they claimed to be anti-establishment and individualist yet they all thought alike and were very regimented, all wearing the same clothes, same long hair, all looked the same, talked the same, had the same tastes, etc. Today they all think in unison, i.e., we hate Trump.

But the key trait of the Trump Haters is their narcissism, their sense of smug superiority as if they know everything. That is why they cannot accept Trump – because they think that Trump is beneath them and they cannot tolerate Trump being above them. Or understand how he got there. This gets inside their brains and destroys their minds. This is the main reason that they have gone crazy; it is deep down inside their minds and is eating away from within.

The communists in the universities in the 1960s flattered these young, gullible people by telling them that they were the smartest people ever. Tens of millions believed this flattery. They still believe it today yet they still cannot figure out why Trump won.

Flattery works well on weak and insecure people like ‘hippies’ and Hollywood actors. They are easily seduced by it.

Another characteristic of the ‘hippies’ was their love of pleasure, which included drugs, sloth and sex. This translates into the Trump haters today who are led by upper-income and wealthy pleasure-seekers who immerse themselves in rabid materialism, drugs, alcohol, sex and self-worship.

Just look at the heart of American consumerism – New York City – where expensive real estate, clothes, cars, art, fine dining and everything else is revered above everything else. Yet New York is the heart of Trump hatred.

They hate Trump since he is helping the middle class in Middle America. Liberals always want wealth and pleasure for themselves but do not want other people to have it. Why else would they oppose opportunity and higher living standards for the middle class?

Answer: Because socialism and communism hate and shrink the middle class and so the ‘hippies’ were taught to hate the middle class even though most of them came from the middle class, i.e., self hatred. They were taught that their parents were grotesque materialists who only cared about the crabgrass on their suburban lawns.

Yet many of these Trump haters today are middle class or upper-middle class or wealthy elitists who have bigger houses and bigger lawns and more gadgets and vacation homes and nicer cars and bigger bank accounts than any other generation in history.

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