NFL Anthem Kneeling Fades?/ PETA Says Save the Crabs!

Has the NFL National Anthem kneeling protest fizzled out?

It very well may have run its course, making for another big victory for president Trump who boldly called out the kneelers in no uncertain terms. Breitbart News reported on Monday, September 24:

As the NFL’s Week Three games got underway on Sunday, only three players mounted any form of protest during the playing of the national anthem.

With 14 games scheduled for Sunday and 10 kicking off around the 1 PM Eastern time slot, all the players for nine of the early games stood for the anthem. However, three players from the Miami Dolphins once again took to their protests, according to Sports Illustrated.

As they have done in every game this season — and most games last season — Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee during the song. In addition, defensive end Robert Quinn raised a fist in the air in protest as he stood on the sidelines. The rest of the Dolphins and their opponents, the Oakland Raiders, all stood for the song.

OK, so only three players protested and thus apparently the rest of the players have seen the light, that their protests are killing their sport. There are photos on the internet of thousands and thousands of empty seats for many September 23 NFL games.

But calling off the Anthem protests may be too little too late. The fans may have been lost permanently. This shows what you get when you listen to angry activists.

In short a conservative boycott of the NFL has worked like a charm – with a little help from our wonderful president – while liberal boycotts have been backfiring all over like the ones against Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger.

PETA Says Save the Crabs! reported:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is under fire for spouting more incendiary rhetoric after she gave a speech in which she called for leftists and Democrats to “knock off” President Trump.

“There are those who say, ‘What if we get rid of him? Then we’ve got that Vice President and he’ll be worse.’ I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one,’” said (Democrat) Waters.

The comments were made during an event in Washington DC on Friday night where Waters received a “diversity” award.

Waters, who is black, should watch her ugly mouth. Let us remember all of the important people who have been “knocked off” (assassinated) who are on Waters’ side of the political divide like Martin Luther King, his mother Alberta Williams King, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, John Lennon, gay activist Harvey Milk, black activists Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and Huey Newton, abortion providers David Gunn, John Britton and George Tiller, along with dozens of black rappers. And on and on. Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was permanently disabled in a gun assault in 2011. Meanwhile blacks suffer the highest homicide rates in America.

On the other hand important conservatives who famously survived assassination attempts are president Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Republican congressman Steve Scalise and British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. White conservatives in small towns and rural America experience vastly lower homicide rates than blacks in cities.

Warning to Maxine Waters: Your side is constantly advocating violence against conservatives and against president Trump in myriad subtle and not-subtle ways. But that mindset only comes back to bite your side very hard.

Waters’ congressional district is one of the poorest and most violent, crime-ridden districts in America that is full of black gang-banger killers and drug dealers, and MS-13 sadists.

So perhaps she should work to fix that problem rather than criticizing president Trump and advocating violence against Republicans. But she never will. She is too lazy.

At the same time Waters lives in a multi-million dollar mansion like a good liberal does.

There are many other ways that these crazies like Waters infect our culture. It seems like we wake up every week and there is a new radical leftist crusade confronting us, some extremist person or idea who was not even known just a few weeks before.

How about sex changers? One day we woke up a few years ago and whamo! – there were men looking like women wanting to use the ladies rest rooms.

They came out of the blue and now these trannybaggers are everywhere. There even was a story in the Massachusetts media recently about two hikers on the Appalachian Trail who were proselytizing for trannybagger rights up in the mountains. And were holding a political rally on top of one mountain. Among other hikers. Unreal…

Have you heard about Drag Queen Story Hour where these male-to-female sex-changers read stories to children in public libraries? And hold the children on their laps?

In short, you cannot escape these people even if you go out to the mountains or even to a public library. They never stop their political crusading. They are like mosquitos that you can never swat away. They follow us everywhere along with their militant media cronies to publicize their every move.

They are seeking to inundate our culture with their extremism every day in order to create chaos; we recently saw the animal rights loonies who didn’t want pictures of animals in cages on cookie boxes.

How about the “war on plastic drinking straws” that is being waged in San Francisco while homeless hordes defecate on the streets and shoot up drugs in public view?

In Britain butchers have received death threats and had their stores vandalized by ‘vegan’ radicals. And on and on.

This goes all the way down to our everyday enjoyment like food. Look at this from Fox News about Baltimore, Maryland where the citizens and visitors alike for centuries have enjoyed eating crabs caught in nearby Chesapeake Bay:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently posted a billboard that encourages people to ditch crabs and “go vegan” near several seafood restaurants in the city’s (tourist oriented) Inner Harbor neighborhood.

The billboard, which features a blue crab, reads “I’m ME. Not MEAT. See the individual. Go vegan.”

In a statement the animal advocacy group said that sign comes “as part of a nationwide campaign to encourage diners to leave crabs and other sea animals off dinner plates and in their aquatic homes.”

“Just like humans, crabs feel pain and fear, have unique personalities, and value their own lives,” PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said in the statement. “PETA’s billboard aims to give Charm City residents some food for thought about sparing sensitive marine animals the agony of being boiled alive or crushed to death in fishing nets simply by going vegan.”

So who knew that crabs ‘feel pain and fear, have unique personalities, and value their own lives’? once watched a goat being slaughtered as its neck was cut. Another goat watched passively from a few feet away. So it appears that even a goat does not value its own life. And a goat is a massively more highly developed animal than a crab, which is basically a large insect. says:

A crab’s brain is extremely small, even smaller than the point of a pencil.

Yet according to PETA a crab can write the Encyclopedia Britannica in less than a day and then organize a family reunion for a sick relative.

Only a crazy person would say what PETA says every day, or what Maxine Waters says. But that does not stop PETA from descending further into madness, even paying for a similar billboard in Maine just ahead of the state’s lobster festival in Rockland recommending that Mainers not eat lobsters.

But alas even demented liberals in Maine, where lobsters have been part of the culinary culture for centuries, find this PETA crusade absurd. But wait! Maybe not… Fox News reported:

Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Maine currently offers its lobsters steamed or boiled. But the owner is really hoping you’ll enjoy them baked out of their skulls.

Charlotte Gill, who opened Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor seven years ago, is experimenting with getting the lobsters high off marijuana smoke before killing and cooking them, believing it to be more humane than the traditional methods.

In the restaurant’s first experiment into the process, a lobster — nicknamed “Roscoe” — was placed into a box with a few inches of water at the bottom, and marijuana smoke was then blown through the water, into the box.

Gill, also a licensed medical marijuana caregiver in the state of Maine, claims Roscoe was much calmer and less aggressive for the subsequent three weeks, and didn’t try to attack the other lobsters in his tank even though his claws were unbound.

You might not think that it could get worse, but it does. Fox News reports:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) asked Maine officials on Wednesday for permission to build a large grave to mark the site of an August truck crash that resulted in thousands of lobsters spilling out onto a highway.

PETA hopes to memorialize the “countless sensitive crustaceans” who were killed during the Aug. 22 crash in Brunswick, the animal rights group said.

Police said 7,000 pounds of live lobsters were destroyed and it’s suspected it was more than 4,500 lobsters that died, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Don’t you think that PETA has better things to do?

No, sadly they do not. PETA has become a national punch line. Most Americans laugh or roll their eyes when they hear the word PETA. The people in Maine are certainly laughing… except for Maine’s psycholunatic PETA members and their band of deranged followers.

This should all be embarrassing for PETA activists except that they have no sense of shame or embarrassment just as most crazy people do not. In fact they don’t even know that they are crazy.

This is true of all of these left-wing nuts. Here is more on another issue. This is from Breitbart News:

A recently published academic article examines “’ecosexuals’ encounters with the natural environment.”
In a new academic piece published in the journal Feminist Theory, Professor Lauran Whitworth of St. Mary’s College of Maryland defines the increasingly popular term “ecosexual.”

“1. A person that finds nature sensual, sexy. 2. A new sexual identity. 3: Person who takes the Earth as their lover,” she wrote. In another paragraph, Whitworth explains that while some environmentalists encourage the use of environmentally-friendly sex products such as fair trade condoms and chemical-free lubricants, “ecosexuals” take it a step further by encouraging sex with “nature itself.”

Whitworth includes a description of one “ecosexual” individual’s first sexual encounter with a redwood tree at Yosemite National Park.

… ecosexuality embraces degradation and decomposition. Sprinkle describes her first encounter with redwood trees at Yosemite National Park: ‘I loved the scent of the trunk, like vanilla mixed with soil. I have a strong memory of coming across a redwood that had fallen over from a storm. I walked around off the trail and peeked at its freshly exposed roots. So soft, so sensuous, so sexy! I had to touch them.’

Over thousands of years of human history such people have been relegated to mental hospitals. Today they are interviewed on CNN and get teaching posts at universities.

Look at this from the PJ Media website on another subject emanating from the left – the abolition of prisons. This is happening in (where else) the loony-ville city called Portland, Oregon:

Critical Resistance Portland – described as a “nonprofit” despite not appearing to be a registered 501(c)(3) organization — states that it has the “goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance.”

“From where we are now, sometimes we can’t really imagine what abolition is going to look like. Abolition isn’t just about getting rid of buildings full of cages. It’s also about undoing the society we live in,” explains the CRP website.

But CRP makes no mention of how it plans to eliminate crime, which is why we need prisons in the first place and which is an infinitely more difficult task than closing prisons.

Then again, that is how liberals always operate. They offer the easy government-imposed solution – eliminate prisons with the stroke of a pen – without ever addressing the tough underlying issues.

These left-wing political crusaders are literally insane, and so are their cronies in the media and government. That is why many in the Fake News media made it barely a one-day story when an illegal alien from Mexico was charged with murdering a white American college student from Iowa named Mollie Tibbets.

But these same political extremists have a very pronounced double standard. A young NASCAR driver recently had his sponsorship pulled because his Irish father admitted to uttering a single racial slur 35 years ago.

This, friends, is why president Trump was elected – to address the insanity and rage that just keeps coming from the left and seems to be intensifying, like Maxine Waters’ threats.

In New York state, Democrat governor Andrew ‘America Was Never That Great’ Cuomo has legally pardoned more than 24,000 convicted felons who had served their jail time. Not only does this legally expunge the conviction from their records, but it makes them eligible to vote.

One of those pardoned is a paroled cop killer. This is all just a step in the prison-elimination agenda, which is an extension of the soft-on-crime narrative that the left has been promoting since the 1960s, with catastrophic results for our society.

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