Google Solves Nothing

Google has a new website called Solve for X. It is supposed to offer a forum to use the internet to gather suggestions from all around the world to solve global problems.

What a crock. This is just more web narcissism – i.e., we dopey internet hustlers will solve the world’s problems with our computers.

Solve for X is simply going to be a global garage sale for recycled ideas about how to save the planet from the idiots who produce zero in the first place and have produced nothing since the 1960s when they were ‘hippies’.

Look at this from

‘Solve for X conference just had talks on transforming education, improvements in agriculture, synthetic biology, and carbon-negative biofuels. And perhaps the most convincing evidence is a leaked image from within the Solve for X site's CSS, showing ten steps on how to pitch and prepare for a Solve for X talk.’

So let’s look at these problems one-by-one:

Transforming education? Here’s the easy solution: Dismantle all the horrible propagandistic government-run education systems that lefties like Google support. And then allow people all over the world to start independent schools that teach real things like math and physics and Western literature rather than multiculturalism, scientific alarmism like ‘global warming’, hip-hop, and how to put a condom on a banana. Or how to find your nearest abortion clinic with a GPS system.

Improvements in agriculture? Man has been working on agriculture for thousands of years. And the goal always has been exactly what modern agriculture, developed in the United States in the last 100 years, has given us – high crop yields, resistance to infestation and pests, and secure food sources. Yet these Solve for X clowns surely want to replace advanced agriculture with organic farming and $10 lettuce.

Synthetic biology? What the heck is that?

Oh, right, it is things like genetically-engineered foods and synthesized cures for diseases that the leftists who run Google are seeking to destroy through fearmongering over such foods and destruction of our private health-care research system and our pharmaceutical companies.

Which they wish to replace with a Soviet-style system  in which health-care bureaucrats steal all the money and move to Florida and get private health treatments using technology developed in the last free nation on earth – Antarctica.

Carbon-negative biofuels? Hmmmm… the most carbon-negative fuel in the world by a factor of millions is nuclear power, which the Google-ites are seeking to bury while their computer banks consume more and more electricity.  

And the whole concept of ‘carbon-negative’ biofuels is bunk. It has never even been proven that ‘biofuels’ produce as much energy as is required to make them in the first place. They are ‘energy-negative’ fuels.

Look at what reported about the program:

"Solve for X is a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems," reads the Solve for X website.

Caution! Watch that word ‘radical’! That usually means ‘killing millions of people in the name of human progress’.


“Radical in the sense that the solutions could help billions of people. Radical in the sense that the audaciousness of the proposals makes them sound like science fiction. And radical in the sense that there is some real technology breakthrough on the horizon to give us all hope that these ideas could really be brought to life.”

There is a telling focus on innovation for the sake of innovation. The project is looking for "moonshot" ideas and thinking, and the fruits of some of these labors are already on the horizon…

One of Google chief scientists, Richard DeVaul, revealed via his Google+ page that an invite-only Solve for X conference over the weekend had discussed ways of "transforming education" and creating "5x improvements in agriculture through better decision support, synthetic biology, and carbon-negative biofuels.”

DeVaul also announced that the Solve for X YouTube page and website will be updated to include video’s (sic) of the presentations for all to see.

The project is believed to be linked to Google X, the company’s top-secret lab dedicated to "shoot-for-the-stars" type ideas, such as driverless cars, web-connected appliances, and even space elevators.'

Yes, indeed, driverless cars, like they’ve been talking about for a century now. I think they first appeared in The Jetsons, the TV cartoon from the 1960s. No, wait a second. That was flying cars, another idiotic idea that Google surely is working on.

What ‘driverless cars’ really means is that they want to put you on government-run trains. Because driverless cars are an old idea that would never work. The first 10 million accidents would put them out of business.

Web-connected appliances? Right, so you can turn on your stove from your office. Really essential to the improvement of the world. It used to be called “your wife” and she did it while she was taking care of “the children” rather than photographing furbish louseworts in Zambia while the kids are home eating instant dinners prepared by an illegal immigrant, and watching porn on the internet.

Space elevators? Yes, we need that about as much as we need a colony on Kripton. I can’t wait for my first space elevator ride which will cost $1 trillion each. While the same morons at Google bankrupt the economy with socialism.

It is amazing how arrogant they are. Because Google is going to go the way of the Edsel within a few years. These companies come and go at warp speed. Anyone remember CompuServe and Excite?

Look at this again from

‘And perhaps the most convincing evidence is a leaked image from within the Solve for X site's CSS, showing ten steps on how to pitch and prepare for a Solve for X talk.’

In other words, you establish a Solve for X ‘conference’, charge $50 admission, and make money while people babble on about all the wonderful things they are going to do, all of which make no sense whatsoever. Which is classic liberal logic, i.e., liberals talking to each other while conservatives are out actually solving the world’s problems as creative individuals in the free market.

Except that left-wing institutions like Google and its friends at the United Nations already are suppressing the crucial foundational elements that really can transform the world like open markets, private education and Constitutional freedoms under which people can contribute to society without first filtering it through the ugly monster called Google.

We should start a new internet think tank called ‘Stop Solve for X’. It will recommend that all the jackasses at home smoking dope in their pajamas and contributing their moronic ideas to Solve for X go to work instead. To really make the planet a better place.

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