Coal, Oil, Gas Make Earth Greener/ Jeff Bezos is World’s Worst Boss

Britain’s Daily Mail reports:

… the planet has got greener in the past decade, with the total amount of plant coverage increasing overall.

The increase is so noticeable that the world’s trees and plants now store almost four billion more tonnes of carbon than they did in 2003.

The website reports:

Last year, Zaichin Zhu and 31 coauthors published a remarkable analysis of global vegetation change since satellite sensors became operational in the late 1970s. The vast majority of the globe’s vegetated area is greening, with 25-50% of that area showing a statistically significant change, while only 4% of the vegetated area is significantly browning. reports:

Global greening is the name given to a gradual, but large, increase in green vegetation on the planet over the past three decades. … Four years ago… an online video of a lecture given by Ranga Myneni of Boston University … presented an ingenious analysis of data from satellites. This proved that much of the vegetated area of the planet was getting greener, and only a little bit was getting browner. In fact, overall in 30 years, the green vegetation on planet Earth had increased by a rather extraordinary 14 per cent. He said this was occurring in all vegetation types — from tropical rainforests to arctic tundra.

These stories are all over the internet but environmentalists do not want you to know about them. They want you to think that “the earth is dying” from coal, oil and natural gas.

The opposite is true! The main reason for this ‘greening’ is explained by the natural cycle in which trees, plants, crops and even your lawn grow by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and converting the carbon (C) into plant matter, wood, bark, food (like corn or wheat), grass, weeds, leaves, etc.

They then expel oxygen (O2) while humans and animals do the opposite – inhale oxygen and expel CO2. In other words, a natural balance that has existed for as long as people, animals, trees and plants have been on the earth. estimates that the amount of grass growth, tree growth, weed growth, leaf growth and shrub growth in just one year on my one-acre property in Massachusetts is 2,000 lbs. or more.

In short that 2,000 lbs. is the weight of the CO2 that is absorbed out of the air by the plants, grass, trees, shrubs and leaves on my property over the course of one year. Multiply this by the crop lands, forests, trees, lawns, wild growth, etc. all over the earth and you have tens of billions of tons absorbed annually. And yes, that is the weight of the CO2 in the atmosphere but it is so widely dispersed that we don’t even know that it is there.

Thus we are actually helping to ‘green’ the planet by burning large amounts of coal, oil and natural gas and releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, i.e., we are increasing the amount of “food” in the atmosphere for plants, crops, trees, leaves, grass, etc., making the earth ‘greener’.

And, no, CO2 is not a “pollutant” like the environmentalists are claiming. It is a natural compound that has existed in the atmosphere for as long as the atmosphere has been there.

Meanwhile ‘greenies’ scream for inefficient and costly windmills and solar panels for one simple reason – environmentalists are getting rich on these fake devices. It is all about the money, friends. And to prove it, look at this from The Daily Caller:

A United Nations special climate report suggests a tax on carbon dioxide emissions would need to be as high as $27,000 per ton at the end of the century to effectively limit global warming.

For Americans, that’s the same as a $240 per gallon tax on gasoline in the year 2100, should such a recommendation be adopted. In 2030, the report says a carbon tax would need to be as high as $5,500 — that’s equivalent to a $49 per gallon gas tax.

If you think that’s an unlikely scenario, you’re probably not wrong. However, it’s what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report, released Sunday night, sees as a policy option for reducing emissions enough to keep projected warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The IPCC’s report is meant to galvanize political support for doubling down on the Paris climate accord ahead of a U.N. climate summit scheduled for December. The report calls for societal changes that are “unprecedented in terms of scale” in order to limit future global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius, the stretch goal of the Paris accord.

In other words, the ‘greenies’ want to take all of our wealth. And don’t think that they wouldn’t.

Socialist Mega-Billionaire Jeff Bezos is the Worst Boss of All

Democrats and leftists constantly lash out at Republicans as blood-suckers and say that business owners are greedy conservatives and that ‘the boss’ makes all the money and screws the workers, etc.

Yet it turns out that the biggest boss of all, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, who is a far-left socialist and the richest man in the world ($167 billion net worth), is also the worst boss in the world.

Just for starters, the multiple of Bezos’ wealth versus the salary of the average Amazon worker – an issue that liberals make noise about every day – is vastly higher than any other boss in the US and Europe.

Worst of all Amazon workers are subjected to punishing conditions. International Business Times reports:

A 2011 exposé by Pennsylvania’s Morning Call newspaper chronicled the plight of Amazon warehouse in Breinigsville (Pa.). According to that article, Amazon hires were forced to work in dangerous summertime heat conditions, temps as high as 110 degrees. In fact, so many workers ended up in the local hospital that an attending physician reported the case to federal workplace safety regulators. In the wake of the Morning Call investigation, Amazon spent $52 million to install cooling systems in its warehouses.

But apparently the company hasn’t lowered the heat on the productivity requirements it sets for employees, goals that are well beyond the industry norm for other warehouse and shipping companies.

A source who went undercover at an Amazon sorting center in California for eight weeks this summer as part of academic research into warehouse working conditions told IBTimes that Amazon wanted its employees to pack about 240 boxes per hour. A floor manager, with experience at multiple logistics firms, conceded to this source that the industry standard was only about 150. The source spoke only on condition of anonymity because his research is ongoing.

Articles like this are all over the internet but are ignored since Bezos is a lefty. The Daily Mail reported about conditions at Amazon in Britain:

Amazon has also defended itself after it was revealed that ambulances were sent to its main Scottish warehouse 43 times last year.

Emergencies included 15 of the most serious Category A classification, with 23 workers taken to nearby hospitals. Call-outs to the depot in Dunfermline involved two staff being treated for falls, a call about ‘traumatic injuries’ and two for ‘industrial accidents’.

The Daily Dot reports:

A disturbing new report describes how Amazon factory workers pee in bottles for fear of getting in trouble for taking bathroom breaks. Fulfillment workers picking and sorting orders reportedly use a “toilet bottle” system because Amazon’s strict warehouse rules put immense pressure on anyone who wastes a moment of time…

Fascinating. In an article called Missing wages, grueling shifts, and bottles of urine: The disturbing accounts of Amazon delivery drivers may reveal the true human cost of ‘free’ shipping the website Business Insider reports:

In interviews over the course of eight months, (Amazon) drivers described a variety of alleged abuses, including lack of overtime pay, missing wages, intimidation, and favoritism. Drivers also described a physically demanding work environment in which, under strict time constraints, they felt pressured to drive at dangerously high speeds, blow stop signs, and skip meal and bathroom breaks.

… Many of their accounts were supported by text messages, photographs, internal emails, legal filings, and peers.

In short, these are not just isolated incidents or ‘anecdotes’ or disgruntled workers complaining. These stories are well known. And the boss Jeff Bezos is let off the hook because he is a left-winger. If Donald Trump ran Amazon we would never hear the end of it.

Even the liberal Huffington Post reports:

A new batch of Amazon warehouse workers sued the online retailer in federal court last week, claiming the company’s workplace policies don’t leave them with reasonable time to eat their lunches.

In the lawsuit filed in South Carolina, seven warehouse workers say they were required to continue working and complete their tasks even after their unpaid half-hour breaks began. Once they were done, they would have to wait in line to go through a security screening, then take a six-minute walk across the massive warehouse to get some fresh air and eat.

All told, the holdups typically left them with “less than 18 minutes” to enjoy their lunches before having to get back to picking and packing goods for Amazon customers, according to the suit. “Workers were unable to pursue their mealtime adequately and comfortably,” the complaint states.

What’s more, the workers claim those lunch breaks were interrupted by managers reprimanding them for failing to meet quotas out on the floor.

Nice place to work, right? With its liberal boss, right? Wrong and wrong.

Meanwhile Front Page Mag reports about three other lefty bosses Bernie Sanders, Ralph Nader and Michael Moore:

There’s a strong correlation between social justice advocacy and abusive tendencies. The more someone shouts about inequality, the more they relish stepping on people.

Bernie Sanders rants about inequality and billionaires abusing people. But this is what it’s like to work for him in real life…

He’s “a prick” and “an asshole” to his staff, known as “a screamer and a table-banger.”

For these reasons, Jaffe said the word some people used to describe Sanders’ attitude toward his employees was “abusive.” (The senator’s field director Phil Fiermonte saw it differently, telling the author that Sanders just has high expectations.)

This is common among Bernie Sanders types. Ralph Nader’s ex-volunteers have spoken about his abusive behavior for years.

Despite the millions of dollars he commands, he historically paid his professional staff less than minimum wage. Nader, who told Business Week during the last campaign that he offers staff “unlimited sick leave,” ordered staffer George Riley to take a two-week leave of absence to work on a political campaign, refusing him to pay for the time. When I worked for Ralph Nader in 1980-81, he paid us $8,000 a year, hardly enough to get by on even then. We could scarcely afford the time to spend money, though, because Nader expected staff to work around the clock.

Staff turned over rapidly. Few people could stand the hours, pay and abuse for more than a year or two.

“How can we go out and try to save the world from people when we’re grinding people to death all the time?”– John Esposito, original staffer at Nader’s Center for the Study of Responsive Law

“Nader strikes me as conforming to the stereotype people have of sociologists and politicians: they bleed for the poor and downtrodden but mistreat their maids.” — David Sanford

What’s it like working for Michael Moore?

But, as the staff of Mother Jones had discovered, Moore wasn’t the ideal boss. Little by little, he began to alienate people. He disliked sharing credit with his writers. He would often come in late. He didn’t yell at people: if someone said something he didn’t like, he wouldn’t argue; he would simply not invite that person to the next meeting, or the person would be fired.

One by one, his employees stopped believing in the Cause. The job became just a job, and Moore became just another boss in a business that had an almost limitless tolerance for bad behavior. But, because they had once believed in him, their disappointment was painful. “I have let go of Michael,” the former “TV Nation” employee says, in the shakily resolute tone of a reforming alcoholic.

“He wanted to let us know that this would hurt us if it continued,” Zicklin says. “We were scared out of our minds. It was like a theme from ‘Roger & Me.’ ”

One senior staffer regularly responded to Moore’s abuse by presenting the boss with a big box of doughnuts. He assured co-workers he was not trying to placate Moore. Rather, he figured Mike’s intemperate scarfing would hasten the fat man’s death.

Here’s one more about Moore from Fox News, showing a pattern:

Kathleen Glynn, who is also a filmmaker and has worked on many projects with Moore, divorced him in 2014 after a 23-year marriage.

Earlier this month Glynn filed a lawsuit against Moore in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming that he was stiffing her on profits from their joint movie projects.

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