Dreadful Clintons Will Never Go Away… Until they Die

You might think that Bill and Hillary Clinton would just go away. After all, Hillary was thumped in two bids for the White House; she has lost credibility after her childish rants about why Trump beat her; Bill Clinton has become a blabbering, stumbling pariah even to his own party; and there are many on their own side who want them to disappear.

But alas they just keep coming back because, as PT Barnum famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute…” The Clintons are planning a 6-month speaking tour starting in November.

You might think that they would fade into the woodwork and pursue their goals quietly. But those goals, unfortunately, are not world peace or ending poverty or making America great again. Their goal is to enrich and aggrandize themselves. Constantly. In a never-ending quest that is never finished.

This is a classic trait of Democrats and leftists. They act like they are confident, secure, ‘cool’ and happy but they have another opposite side – deep down inside they are angry, self-loathing and insecure and thus constantly struggling for recognition and a feeling of self-worth.

And since Bill Clinton’s presidency ended under a cloud, and since he has never regained his former wonder-boy status he is on a desperate quest to redeem himself however possible. Unfortunately he just keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole.

In an article on Fox News called Bill, Hillary Clinton to embark on speaking tour amid #MeToo backlash — with tickets topping $745 by Greg Re, the Clintons most recent publicity stunt is on full display. The article is excerpted below with a Nikitas3.com comment after each excerpt:

Re writes: Bill and Hillary Clinton on Monday announced they will embark on an international 13-city speaking tour shortly after November’s midterm elections, with tickets running as high as $745 and speculation swirling that the former secretary of state (Hillary) could announce yet another presidential bid. … Attendees will have the opportunity to hear one-of-a-kind conversations with the two leaders as they tell their stories from some of the most impactful moments in modern history,” Live Nation said in a statement.

Nikitas3.com comment: They must be kidding. We have heard the Clinton ‘conversations’ for almost 30 years now… except that they are really monologues, i.e., the Clintons tell us what they think as if nobody else matters, because to the Clintons nobody else matters.

We have heard their story over and over and over. It never changes, i.e., Hillary and Bill are the most important people ever and they have all the solutions if we would just give them a chance to change the world (which we already did once each with both of them, Bill as president and Hillary as secretary of state).

They also believe that Hillary really needs to be The First Woman President in order to break the ‘glass ceiling’ for the sake of all womankind. Meanwhile Nikitas3.com predicts that the first woman president will be a Republican. The most likely candidate today is retiring UN ambassador and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley.

Talk, talk, talk… this is a classic trait of leftists like the Clintons and like communist dictators who give 5-hour speeches. They are convinced that everyone loves to hear them talk simply because they love to hear themselves talk. And nobody loves to hear themselves talk more than the Clintons.

On the other hand president Trump is saying things that are really refreshing, exciting, new and funny. That is why his rallies are always packed and very enthusiastic. Trump is a natural leader and speaker while the Clintons are political hacks repeating the same dogma over and over.

Re writes: The Clintons, during public appearances and elsewhere, have also come under extensive fire from the #MeToo movement in recent weeks — not only for past transgressions, but also for what critics have called their efforts to paper over them dismissively.

Nikitas3.com comment: This is another area where the Clintons have zero credibility after all of the sexual charges against him, and Hillary’s role in fighting them off, smearing the accusers and covering them up.

But the Clintons simply don’t care. Their main goal is to glorify the Clintons and to hide their pasts from people too ignorant to know about them, including a younger generation that does not know about the Clinton presidency and his impeachment for lying.

And if you want to know how radical Hillary’s rhetoric is going to be on her speaking tour and from now on, even during a potential re-election bid, here is a quote from a recent interview on CNN:

You cannot be civil with a political party (Republicans) that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.

In other words she is tacitly encouraging these crazy leftists to keep up their assaults – physical attacks, burning cars, shooting, rioting, protests, howling in the US Senate gallery, etc. – on Republicans and conservatives. Make no mistake. This stuff is now mainstream. Here is a list of 583 threats and attacks on Republicans and Trump supporters since September 1, 2015:

Re writes: In June (2018), the former president sat for a disastrous interview with “The Today Show” in which he insisted that “I did the right thing” during the Monica Lewinsky scandal…

Nikitas3.com comment: When an alleged ‘genius’ like Bill Clinton (Yale, Rhodes Scholar, US president, etc.) keeps embarrassing himself and having these “disastrous” interviews it devastates him psychologically.

So he needs to try to compensate with another interview, another TV appearance, another clarification. It is a never-ending cycle. And the Clintons are caught in a downdraft. They just keep looking bad and saying and doing stupid things.

A subsequent Stephen Colbert interview was equally embarrassing as Bill sought to correct the record. He spent that whole interview on the defensive.

In both interviews he looked old, pale and thin and sounded hoarse. Hillary is obviously sick too, needing help to climb stairs and fainting at the 9/11 memorial service. We don’t even know what else is wrong with her. The media have covered up the severe concussion that she suffered in December 2012.

Meanwhile president Trump is the same age as the Clintons and he sounds and looks healthy, robust and tanned. It is a stark contrast.

Bill Clinton should stop digging his hole, shut up and go away. But he never will. He is too desperate to salvage his deeply tainted legacy.

Re writes: Attending the tour won’t be cheap, although prices currently vary wildly depending on location. Tickets range from $75 to nearly $800, not including asking prices on the secondary market. The Clintons have reportedly made more than $150 million in speaking fees since (they left the White House in) 2001, a staggering figure that became something of a liability during her 2016 presidential run.

Nikitas3.com comment: This is stunning… $150 million just from speaking fees. And those fees were basically buying access to the Clintons. It is a total pay-for-play scheme. No other US president has profited in such a devious way.

And don’t think that the Clintons don’t have access to hundreds of millions more through various back channels and backroom deals, their foundation, getting other people to give them things, etc. They are obsessed with money, another characteristic of socialists. They are never satisfied. They always want more.

Their vice president Al Gore left the White House at the same time as the Clintons with a net worth of $1 million and today he is worth $300 million, which he got from promoting ‘global warming’, which gave him a public platform to accumulate wealth.

Most of that wealth came from the sale of his failed Current TV network in a shady sweetheart deal to the Middle Eastern broadcaster Al Jazeera which has a pro-muslim slant.

Meanwhile president George W. Bush is called a “rich Republican” yet he has a net worth of just $25 million.

Re writes: The upcoming (Clinton speaking) tour will wrap up in May 2019 — around the time that 2020 presidential contenders are expected to start announcing their plans to run for the White House.

Nikitas3.com comment: This sounds like Hillary is planning to run for president again and that the speaking tour is just the windup. God help us…

But then again, let’s have a rematch of 2016. It would be great to watch president Trump crush her a second time by an even bigger margin (he won 57% of the electoral votes in 2016, which is virtually a landslide).

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