Democrats Have No 2020 ‘Whale’ Presidential Candidate

With the alleged unpopularity of president Trump you would think that there already would be one single “whale” Democrat candidate emerging to challenge for the presidency in 2020.

A “whale” is an outsized candidate who is being widely talked about or who is commonly accepted as the leading candidate, or who is ‘next in line’ to be the nominee like Hillary Clinton in 2016, John McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012 (all of whom lost).

Yet no single Democrat “whale” has emerged for 2020. And the question is: Why not?

The answer is simple: Democrats have no agenda to run on except hatred of president Trump. Meanwhile Trump already has successfully dealt with the Big Issue of the economy.

There is no “whale” Democrat with a compelling record and message that is going to draw millions of voters away from president Trump and to the Democrats.

You can expect the 2020 primaries to be filled with bottomless invective toward Trump and lots of sniping among Democrats, but little positive about the Democrat platform. This will help Trump’s re-election, which expects.

What issues are they going to run on? Open borders? Higher taxes? The return of the stagnant Obama economy? Arresting ICE agents? Bad trade deals? ‘Free’ health care? Legal marijuana?

We are supposed to think that the “whale” is going to start to emerge after January 1, 2019 when the 2020 presidential election starts in earnest.

But predicts that we are going to see chaos after January 1, that Democrats are going to start fighting amongst each other and that it is going to look very bad all the way up to their Summer 2020 convention. also predicts that we will see 20 or more Democrat candidates by the time of the New Hampshire primary in February 2020, and that the Democrat primaries are going to turn into a circus that will redound to the benefit of the president who will look stable and commanding in contrast. Trump also will post a running critique of the primaries on Twitter. It will be hilarious. has contended since 2017 that Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders is the leading Democrat candidate. After all, he has taken the traditional steps – he ran in 2016 and made a surprisingly strong showing against Hillary Clinton and therefore is “owed” the 2020 nomination under the rules of political decorum.

There also has been a firestorm of criticism aimed at Democrat party officials for rigging the 2016 primaries against Sanders. This is going to play loudly and strongly into 2020. Sanders supporters are going to make this a big issue and they will not be ignored since they are vocal left-wing activists of the first order. This is going to cause enormous tumult in the Democrat party if it is not resolved one way or another.

One big factor working against Sanders is potential legal action against his wife in Vermont over fraud in running a college in Burlington. If that happens he is finished as a candidate.

Yet Sanders is not the “whale”. There is no consensus whatsoever among Democrats that he should be the nominee. The reason is that Sanders is an old (76 already), bellicose, disheveled, anti-business, welfare-state marxist (he took his 1988 honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union), not exactly the kind of image that would sell well in middle-class and working-class America where tens of millions of important votes are.

Trump would join the fray by pointing out that ultra-liberal Vermont has suffered economically for decades under Sanders-type thinking.

Many Democrats fear a Sanders candidacy and that Trump would tear Sanders apart and that Sanders would bring down the whole party.

At the other extreme, a 45-year-old, three-term Democrat congressman from Texas is challenging conservative Republican US senator Ted Cruz in November. By dint of the fact that this “fresh new face” named Beto O’Rourke is polling almost even with Cruz – polls that considers fake – some Democrats are already suggesting that O’Rourke is going to win that race and that he should run for president in 2020.

What a joke. predicts that Cruz will win re-election easily and that O’Rourke will go the way of Omarosa, Kathy Griffin and Stormy Daniels. How about Jon Osoff? Remember him? Probably not. He was supposed to win a US House race in Georgia.

Friends, this all shows how desperate Democrats really are. You would think that they would have dozens of great candidates to choose from like big-city mayors up to senators and governors and various billionaires like Mark Cuban. But they have Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren. What a sad lineup. They might even get Hillary back. Ugh.

Consider another possible “whale” candidate, former vice president Joe Biden who has run for president twice before and failed. He is often mentioned as the leading candidate but he has zero executive or decision-making experience; he has only been a lawyer, a US senator and VP. Trump would shred him. Biden would be 78 years old in 2020 and was recently warned not to travel by his doctor. Not a good sign.

There also is a new book out by Peter Schweizer detailing widespread corruption in Biden’s family. Schweizer’s other book called Clinton Cash played a significant role in stopping Hillary in 2016.

Even worse there are very disturbing videos of Biden on YouTube showing him kissing little girls and young ladies and stroking their hair and groping them and whispering in their ears during swearing-in ceremonies in the US Senate, even touching two little girls on the chest. These will disqualify Biden. Type in ‘creepy Joe Biden’ to find the videos. predicts that Biden will not run. These videos are extremely damaging. Biden would be tagged as a pedophile at worst and a creep at best and he is not prepared to deal with that.

Biden even referred to Trump supporters recently as “the dregs of society”. This makes him look like an extremist.

One of the other possible “whales” is Andrew Cuomo of New York, governor of a big and important state. But Cuomo shot himself in the foot with his arrogant mouth by saying that “America… was never that great”. He then doubled down by calling ICE agents “thugs”.

Meanwhile New York state has withered economically under Cuomo’s rule, which is the biggest issue working against him. At the same time the conservative Southern states have been thriving.

Cuomo announced recently that he will not run for president in 2020, that he will serve a third term as governor ending in 2022 if re-elected in November, and believes that he will not run, that his comments have done great damage and that he has pushed his aspirations back to 2024.

Here are some of the other Democrat candidates who might run, all of whom are left-wingers who won’t get elected against Trump. Their extremism makes Trump seem even more moderate, patriotic and reasonable, which will help Trump to get re-elected:

*Tim Kaine, US senator from Virginia, who ran for vice president in 2016. Kaine’s abrasive and nasty performance in the vice presidential debate against Mike Pence damaged his reputation permanently, even among Democrats. He has no political personality to speak of. He has far-left views. His son is even an ‘antifa’ type thug.

*California governor Jerry Brown: Once dubbed ‘governor Moonbeam’, Brown is a true 1960s style radical. And California has the problems to prove it. The state is withering after Brown’s 8 years in the governor’s mansion. President Trump would mince Brown over mass homelessness, increasing poverty, extremist ‘green’ laws, sky-high taxes and a significant exodus of the fed-up middle class from California.

*Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks: He is a far-left socialist who founded a chain that sells a discretionary product like coffee at sky-high prices of $2 to $5 a cup. This hardly would appeal to Middle America where Cumberland Farms offers coffee for $1, any size. Schultz’ net worth is $3 billion.

*Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, US senator from Massachusetts, is another joke. Her name is a national punchline. Trump would slice and dice her mercilessly. He already does. Not only is her “native American” heritage a joke but she is a political extremist of the first order. She wants to “replace” (i.e., eliminate) our immigration control agency. This alone would cost her the presidency.

*Colorado governor John Hickenlooper: He was the Denver mayor and has no major accomplishments or innovations to speak of. He also has an unfortunate name for a politician that would be subject to wisecracks and limericks.

*US senator Kamala Harris from California. Formerly she was the state’s attorney general. Radical leftist. Too extreme. She repeatedly interrupted the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, exposing her radical behavior. She referred to Kavanaugh’s pocket Constitution as “that book that you carry”. Not good.

*Kirsten Gillibrand, US senator from New York. Lightweight. Far lefty. No executive experience. Uses the F-word in speeches, a sign of immaturity and pandering to lunatic base. Won’t sell in Middle America being a New York progressive.

*Former Virginia governor Terry McAullife, a long-time Clinton crony. McAuliffe is suspected of high corruption in the Global Crossing scandal but never investigated. McAuliffe used his wealth to facilitate the purchase of the suburban New York mansion for the Clintons that they now live in. Very sleazy guy.

*Former Obama US attorney general Eric Holder: But alas we gave one militant black guy a chance and he wrecked the country. America is not ready for another.

But we do not have to worry about Holder anyway. He eliminated himself from any possible presidential run recently when he said of Republicans, “When they go low, we kick ‘em”.

This is a former attorney general of the United States recommending felony assault. So he is done because of his big mouth, never mind Fast and Furious and other famous Obama-era cover-ups.

*Former secretary of state John Kerry: Yes, Lurch is back. Word has it that he may run. Trump would attack him for being a do-nothing SoS and letting the Middle East descend into chaos and war while claiming that ‘global warming’ is the biggest security threat to mankind.

Kerry is a grim, colorless Massachusetts intellectual. His nutty wife would be a drag on his candidacy too. US military veterans would attack him as a traitor, as they did when he ran in 2004. Remember ‘swiftboating’? If not, look it up. He even recently held secret meetings with Iranian leaders who are enemies of America, raising question of legality.

Kerry has said that he won’t run, but you never know.

*New York City mayor Bill de Blasio: This guy is a militant leftist. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall. He is white and his wife is black. He has zero appeal beyond the borders of New York, which has declined significantly under his mayoralty, i.e., more crime, drugs, panhandling, illegals, etc. Most Americans would not want a hard-left New York mayor for president since most of America does not like New York City.

*Peter Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend Indiana. A very dark horse. He is mayor of the city where the once-great University of Notre Dame is located nearby. He is gay and a Harvard University graduate. South Bend has major social and economic problems. Not a good model to run on. Bad name for a gay candidate. Too many jokes.

*Oprah Winfrey: Not running. She is too fat, happy and rich (current net worth is $3 billion). She could never undertake the rigors of a presidential run. She has said so herself. She has none of the types of experience necessary to be president except name recognition. Not presidential material. She also has turned very nasty recently with appeals for women to shout with joy about their abortions. This is sick. Good riddance to her.

*Michael Bloomberg: Mega-billionaire former New York City mayor. One of the richest men in the world with $56 billion net worth. He is talking about running. Again. Has talked several times before which makes for a credibility problem. Also he would be 78 years old in 2018, pretty old to be running for president.

*Jamie Dimon, one of the top figures on Wall Street: He recently claimed that he could beat Trump in 2020, but then pulled the statement back. He must have gotten blowback from the directors at his company JP Morgan Chase. He is unlikely to run. He is happy being rich and famous.

*Michelle Obama: Heaven forbid. She has never held any type of office or executive, decision-making position. The only employment she has ever held was a no-show job given to her by a Chicago hospital when her husband was a state legislator. She is a scowling ABF – Angry Black Female. She apparently hated being first lady. Not likely to want to be president or undergo the rigors of a campaign.

*Software billionaire Mark Cuban (original family name was Chabenisky): $3.7 billion fortune. Jewish. Smart guy but lacks “gravitas”. Dresses in T-shirts. Not a good image. Too casual, like a college kid. Wouldn’t be taken seriously.

*Washington state governor Jay Inslee: Another dark horse. A militant ‘greenie’ environmentalist. Crazy Seattle, full of homeless and drug addicts, is seen as representative of Inslee. Not a good image for Middle American voters.

*Cory Booker, black US senator from New Jersey. Former mayor of Newark, NJ, which has been called “the carjacking capital of America”. Enough said. Booker recently compared himself to the slave revolt leader Spartacus, a major historical figure. Spartacus is already his derogatory nickname. President Trump snickers when he says it. This is very bad for a presidential candidate, to have such a name.

*Hillary Clinton: Please God, let her run so that she can get trounced again and ruin her tattered reputation even further, if that is even possible.

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