Media Focus on Provoked Violence at ‘Right-Wing’ Rallies

You may have noticed that Black Lives Matter rallies and others like them with radical muslim speakers or feminist speakers usually get favorable media coverage and are usually peaceful – unless the participants turn violent against others.

This happens because these protests are never challenged. They are allowed to go on as free speech exercises under our Constitution. And there are hundreds of these rallies, protests and demonstrations every year that we never hear about.

Yet increasingly when a conservative group assembles for a speech or demonstration left-wing violence is threatened or becomes reality. And then the headlines scream ‘Right-Wing Demonstration Turns Violent’.

At the small Charlottesville march of August 2017 the “right-wing” protesters had a legal permit for their rally. They were demonstrating peacefully when left-wing ‘antifa’ thugs confronted them and started trouble that escalated and led to one death. If ‘antifa’ had stayed home or kept their distance there would have been no confrontation or violence.

After Charlottesville newspaper headlines all across the nation screamed that violence broke out at the “right wing” rally. This fits in with the media template of smearing all conservatives including mainstream speakers like Anne Coulter.

This is what eight years of Obama have done to America…

And this is how the left works – they send out “provocateurs” to start trouble at “right wing” and conservative rallies. This has been their tactic for decades. It is a historical tactic that has been used by evil people throughout the ages. Then their media cronies report on the ensuing violence without mentioning who started it. saw the same thing at our first peaceful Tea Party rally in April 2009. A Democrat activist dropped off three black teenagers who came into our all-white rally and confronted us and tried to incite us into a fight by screaming and getting into our faces. But we did not take the bait.

When five Dallas police and transit officers were murdered in July 2016 by a black anti-cop, anti-white racist during a black-power anti-police protest the media placed no blame whatsoever on the protesters despite their repeated calls to kill police.

In New York City leftists recently protested a speech by a conservative named Gavin McInnes, leading to fights, arrests and wide news coverage.

But if the lefties had allowed McInnes to speak, as is his Constitutional right, there would have been no disruption or arrests. And now the leftists are blaming conservatives and even president Trump for the violence and calling for more arrests, which the media are gleefully reporting.

See how the game is played? And how the media and Democrats play along?

This is all a coordinated effort by leftist forces from the universities to activist groups to media newsrooms.

This is what eight years of Obama have done to America…

Update: Police allegedly are looking for nine McInnes supporters over alleged assaults at the New York speech. But again there would have been no violence, fights or assaults if ‘antifa’ provocateurs had stayed home or kept their distance.

This is why they are called “provocateurs”; they “provoke” violence and then run to the police and media when there is a defensive reaction.

Look at this from the Associated Press to put it into perspective:

LONDON (AP) — London police have made at least one arrest at … a march by a right-wing political group turned violent in the British capital.

Hundreds of supporters of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance were walking in central London on Saturday when a few started pushing the British police monitoring the march.

One person threatened a policeman and screamed, “I’ll kill you!”

Police were deployed at Trafalgar Square to keep the Football Lads from a group of counter-demonstrators, including some who shouted “Nazi scum, off our streets!”

The Football Lads website said the march was meant to protest Islamic extremists returning to England from Syria, migrants coming into Britain and what it called the mistreatment of U.K. veterans.

Notice that “a few” started pushing the police and then one allegedly shouted “I’ll kill you!”
Well, so what. There is no report of actual violence. Meanwhile the rally was intended to highlight widespread muslim violence and terrorism across Europe which the global/Euro media ignore or minimize whenever possible.

In the US real violence has been reported again and again at left-wing rallies and riots including violent clashes with police, physical assaults on citizens and speakers, and destruction of property, for instance at the University of California at Berkeley and at Middlebury College in Vermont.

The inauguration day protest of Trump in Washington, DC turned into a full-blown riot with burned cars, smashed store windows and looting. Yet only 21 rioters still face any type of legal discipline out of thousands at the riot. Meanwhile charges have been dropped against 213 others arrested, and the 21 will probably be set free by a liberal judge.

This is what eight years of Obama have done to America…

On the left coast The Oregonian newspaper in the state’s largest city of Portland, Oregon recently reported about a conservative demonstration:

A demonstration billed as a march for “law and order” in the streets of Portland descended into chaos as rival political factions broke into bloody brawls downtown Saturday night.

Members of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer and their black-clad adversaries, known as antifa, used bear spray, bare fists and batons to thrash each other outside Kelly’s Olympian, a popular bar on Southwest Washington Street.

First, the “right wing” Patriot Prayer group was praying and waving American flags and marching for ‘law and order’. If that is ”right wing” then it sounds good on three separate counts.

The Patriot group then was confronted by left-wing provocateurs. Thus once again there would have been no violence if the leftists had stayed home or kept their distance. But they did not, and never will. They are becoming more and more aggressive in inciting violence. They keep track through the internet of when and where conservative groups are meeting and go out and confront them.

Second, the “right wing” Patriot Prayer group was not wearing masks. The media even say that the leftist attackers were “black clad”, with no mention of masks or criticism of the masks.

The wearing of masks is a terrorist tactic that should be outlawed but is not in most places. Only leftists cover up their faces and the media and Democrats never challenge them.

So why was the Patriot Prayer group attacked when it was protesting in favor of ‘law and order’?

Because leftists are by nature violent people who despise free speech and hate anyone who disagrees with their point of view. They send out provocateurs to disrupt free speech wherever possible, from university campuses to the streets of Portland.

This is what eight years of Obama have done to America…

This attack on Patriot Prayer happened a few days after left-wing thugs staged their own rally in Portland over a police shooting. That got violent too. They took control of an intersection and threatened an elderly white driver who did not obey them, and smashed his car. The Oregonian reported:

A march in Portland … drew headlines after law enforcement’s hands-off approach to the event was blamed for an encounter between protesters and an elderly driver, which outraged many, including Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson and his supporters.

It was not an “encounter”; that is how the media soften the wording. It was a brazen attack. They threatened the elderly driver and called him a white supremacist. They smashed his car and its windows, doing thousands of dollars in damage. Yet there have been no arrests that is aware of. The Oregonian continued:

It was against this backdrop that Gibson, who counts a number of Proud Boys among his ranks, organized the so-called “Flash march for Law and Order in PDX” — ostensibly to protest Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and his oversight of the city’s police force.

This is the peaceful protest that the leftist thugs then attacked. In other words, the leftist thugs are the ones who commit violence over and over not only against others during their protests – like the elderly white man – but also against conservative rallies.

But from media coverage you would never know it. Violence is always reported at “right wing” rallies when leftists start it. There even are stories that the elderly victim in Portland is under investigation for his actions, i.e., blame the victim. recommends: Avoid Portland, Oregon. It is a dangerous city that is out of control. Even many residents are finally admitting it.

The exorbitant costs for policing are also incurred by leftist provocation. In Spring 2011 thousands of left-wingers protested against the policies of Republican governor Scott Walker in the state capital of Madison, Wisconsin. They held weeks of mass protests and even occupied the capitol building for many days.

They did hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the building and grounds. They protested at Republican lawmakers’ homes and even harassed Mrs. Walker in the grocery store. This led to huge policing costs and repair costs that the leftists will never pay; taxpayers will.

Even when there is harassment of Trump administration officials in restaurants the media blame the Trump administration for its policies and not the harassers themselves. Amazing. reported:

Right-wing demonstrators gathered Saturday in Seattle for a “Liberty or Death” rally that drew counter-protesters from the left while dozens of police kept the two sides separated.

On the same day, a conservative rally was held in downtown Boston to protest “far-left violence,” which similarly drew hundreds of counterprotesters.

So the “right wing” demonstrators are protesting real documented threats and acts of violence against conservatives and Trump supporters (more than 600 so far listed here). Yet the conservatives are met with protests and more threats of violence.

Here is Agence France Presse reporting about Germany:

Tens of thousands of people marched in Berlin Saturday in a protest against racism amid growing concern over xenophobic incidents in the east of the country.

“Say it loud, say it clear, we are all indivisible,” the demonstrators chanted as they marched through central Berlin in blazing sunshine.

Some held up signs in support of migrant rescue missions in the Mediterranean, while others waved placards reading “More love, less hate” and “No room for Nazis.

This was a left-wing rally in favor of unlimited immigration. These rallies ignore and cover up for widespread muslim violence in Germany. This rally was not attacked with violence by conservatives who want secure borders. So there was no violence. AFP reports:

At the end of August a far-right demonstration in the eastern city of Chemnitz after the murder of a German that was blamed on a refugee degenerated into attacks on foreigners.

Notice that anyone who protests escalating muslim violence and terrorism in Europe is called “far right”. would call them “sensible” and “defending their country”.

Meanwhile in a separate story The Washington Times reports about another crazy left-wing anti-Trumper:

A U.S. Navy veteran in Utah was arrested Wednesday in connection with suspicious envelopes that were sent to President Donald Trump and top military chiefs.

William Clyde Allen III, 39, was taken into custody in in the small northern Utah city of Logan, said Melodie Rydalch, a spokeswoman for the state’s U.S. attorney’s office.

The arrest comes after authorities confirmed an investigation into two envelopes once thought to contain ricin and later found to be castor seeds, the substance from which the poison is derived. They can cause injury if swallowed.

The FBI said there were potentially hazardous chemicals involved with their operation in Utah on Wednesday, but declined to give additional details. No attorney was immediately listed for Allen.

The envelopes addressed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the Navy’s top officer, Adm. John Richardson, were isolated at a mail screening facility and sent to the FBI. No one was injured, and neither envelope entered the Pentagon. Mattis is traveling in Europe this week.

An envelope also was sent to the president Monday with unknown contents. The Secret Service says it didn’t reach the White House.

Here’s the interesting part. Allen, who is shown in his mug shot smiling, is your classic lefty pervert criminal Trump hater. The Washington Times reports:

Allen served in the Navy from 1998 to 2002, according to Navy records. He worked as a damage control fireman apprentice.

Two years after his Navy tenure ended, he was charged in a child sex-abuse case involving two girls he had an unspecified “relationship of trust” with, court documents state. He later pleaded guilty to lesser neglect and abuse charges and did not have to register as a sex offender.

That same year, a woman filed a protective order against him in a separate case. He disputed her allegations, the details of which are not public, but agreed to the protective order.

In 2008, he pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated assault and served about 2 ½ years in prison, authorities said. He was released in 2011.

So there in full view is the anti-Trump, anti-law-and-order ‘resistance’. Perhaps you saw two separate stories about pro-abortion protesters attacking pro-life demonstrators in Canada. This shows once again who the violent ones really are.

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