Harvard Discriminates Against Whites, not Asians

The blatant racism of the left, as seen through the prism of the universities, is finally being exposed.

We conservatives have known about this prejudice for decades as colleges and universities adopted a more biased left-wing slant. This includes particular animus against white people, against American exceptionalism and achievement, and against all of the conservative caucasian institutions that built America and made it into the most desirable nation on earth (the Constitution; our three-part, self-balancing government; the Electoral College; free-market capitalism; freedom of speech and religion; the 2nd Amendment, etc.).

Yet The Daily Caller recently reported:

Harvard is on trial in a Boston federal court for accusations of racial discrimination against Asian-American students during the admissions process. The lawsuit was filed by Students for Fair Admissions, a group opposed to race-based admissions in higher education, in 2014. The trial is said to last three weeks.

… Asian-American applicants to Harvard University had the lowest admissions rate compared to any other racial group between 1995 and 2013, according to court files released Thursday.

The average admissions rate for Asian-American applicants was 8.1 percent, according to The Harvard Crimson… Black applicants had a 13.2 percent acceptance rate, white applicants were admitted at 11.1 percent and Hispanic applicants had an admissions rate of 10.6 percent.

OK, first ‘Asian’ students can come from dozens of nations like China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan and others. Even Turkey, Bahrain and Armenia are considered in some cases to be ‘Asian’ nations.

Second, blacks had a much higher admission rate at Harvard than the other races despite the fact that blacks have the lowest academic achievement level of all.

If you walk around elite schools today you see large numbers of black students. So we know that student slots at these schools are being given to blacks over much more qualified whites and Asians. Even worse African-Americans have the highest dropout rates.

Thus these schools are frittering away their resources and prestige on less-qualified students while the black students who do graduate often do so with flimsy degrees and achievements based on political correctness (black studies, etc.).

We do not even know what Obama achieved at Harvard law school since the school never released his files. Nikitas3.com believes that Obama was a sham affirmative action student with no real accomplishments.

The prestigious Sidley Austin law firm reportedly declined to hire Obama after he graduated from Harvard since they allegedly had inside information that he was just such a student.

That would not be surprising considering Obama’s written confessions about his high school and college years as a slacker, party boy, drug addict (marijuana and cocaine) and heavy drinker. Here are just a few alarming excerpts from Obama’s autobiography:

“I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years [in high school]. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow [cocaine] when you could afford it. … Junkie. Pothead. That’s where I’d been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man. … Yet cocaine had zero presence among the Choom Gang, and multiple friends firmly say that they never set eyes on it up through 1979. But at least one Choomer knew for sure that ‘Barry [Sotero/Obama] started to experiment with cocaine.’… Obama also realized that the beer drinking, pot smoking, and cocaine snorting that Oxy [Occidental College]… offered him, and that had cemented his reputation as ’a hard-core party animal’ to some friends, was incompatible with any self-transformation into a more serious student and person.”

Shocking. Meanwhile schools like Harvard might think that it is acceptable to discriminate against Asians since Asians already have the highest income level of all racial groups in the US and thus don’t need any help. Financialsamurai.com reports:

Asian median household income: $78,000 White median household income: $62,000 Hispanic median household income: $46,000 Black median household income: $37,000

But Bloomberg News revealed why this so-called discrimination is a myth:

For the academic year (2018) now getting started, Harvard admitted 4.6 percent of applicants to its class of 2022. Women represented 50.1 percent of those accepted; African-Americans 15.5 percent; Latinos 12.2 percent; and Native Americans 2 percent, according to the Harvard Crimson. Asian-Americans made up a record 22.7 percent of the class.

So if you add up the latino, Asian, black and native numbers it is 52.4% of the Harvard student body. That leaves 47.6% for whites. Yet non-hispanic whites are 61% of the US population. So who is being discriminated against?

Whites are. Look at that astronomical 22.7% for Asians while they are only about 6% of the US population. If you go to many colleges or universities today you see Asian students way out of proportion to their numbers in the population. So what are they complaining about?

Good question. In fact whites are being double-discriminated against – first by large-scale admissions of Asians at many schools (like at Harvard and at a top engineering school like RPI in Troy, New York) and then by large-scale admissions of less-qualified or unqualified blacks over whites.

The real question is: Who are the best students?

The answer is multi-faceted. If you want the correct answer on a test then Asians are a good bet. They often have solid academic records and they are relatively smart and disciplined people.

But Asians are not creative people; they are referred to as mimics. Asia today is powered 100% by modern technology invented by white men in Europe and the US (computers, electricity, the internal combustion engine, automobiles, cell phones, modern electronics, modern metallurgy, plastics, lasers, the jet engine, the airplane, satellites, refrigeration, etc.).

Asia invented none of this technology. Zero. Rickshaws, chopsticks and the abacus do not advance the modern world.

It even was a white American man, W. Edwards Deming, who showed the Japanese how to build cars.

So an American university would produce more good by advancing a white student with a creative spirit over advancing an unqualified black or an Asian student with good grades who gives the right answers but who is not an original thinker.

In the long run education is no longer the priority that it has been presented as. For example Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Many American achievers came from humble beginnings with unremarkable academic records, or none at all. Other famous Harvard dropouts are William Randolph Hearst, poet Robert Frost, Edwin Land (of Polaroid fame), R. Buckminster Fuller, F. Lee Bailey and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Andrew Carnegie invented the modern steel industry. He was a poor white immigrant to the US from Scotland with no formal education who worked hard and was naturally very smart. He didn’t need Harvard or any other type of formal education.

Where is the Korean version of Andrew Carnegie to create a whole new American industry?

Nikitas3.com has not seen him. Nikola Tesla was the legal immigrant from Eastern Europe who developed the system to generate and distribute electricity after years of struggle. That system essentially created the modern world.

Where is the Chinese Nikola Tesla? Nikitas3.com has not seen him. The African Tesla? Ditto. The Pakistani Tesla? Ditto.

The real racism in college admissions is not against Asians but against white students, just like white men are the most openly discriminated-against people in America today, for instance in TV commercials that make the white man look stupid.

We need lawsuits to expose gross anti-white discrimination in all aspects of our economy and culture; after all we white men are the smartest people who ever lived on this earth. Our achievements in technology, science, art, architecture, literature, political thought, music, religion, and everything else prove it.

Here is one other quick example: Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts was one of America’s elite small colleges. It developed its superb reputation over almost 200 years as an all-male, all-white college that selected and promoted some of the best students in the nation.

Today only about 25% of the Williams student body is white men and it has the declining reputation to prove it. Williams no longer is a highly respected academic institution but a bastion of political correctness that anyone can get into and graduate from by saying the right things and having the right skin color and/or racial heritage.

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