Prediction: Anti-Trump Hysteria Will Lose Force by 2020 believes that anti-Trump hysteria has passed its peak and will fade by 2020, allowing for an easy re-election of the president.

You may wonder how this could possibly be, that you have not noticed the frenzy lessening at all. But you must look at the subtleties and consider the trends and details.

First, consider one word – Pittsburgh.

After the murder of Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue on October 27 the media turned to blaming president Trump every minute of every day. Even guns were not blamed; Trump took precedent.

Well, the president fought back, blaming the news media for the violence and division across America through their incessant attacks on him. He made a dignified visit to Pittsburgh and five days later the story is fading because the media cycle under president Trump is shifting rapidly every single day.

The media did not expect this. Immediately after the killings the media certainly expected these murders, and gun control, to be the main story going into the elections.

In other words Trump is fighting back. And winning. He is vigorously campaigning across the country like no other leader in history despite the fact that the Fake News media have attacked him like no other leader in US history.

Here are some other issues in Trump’s favor leading up to 2020:

*The volume of the hysteria does not necessarily translate to the ballot box. Despite the media War on Trump he won a landslide 2016 victory while Republicans have done very well winning 7 out of 9 “special” elections since he was inaugurated.

*The Fake News media coverage of president Trump has already been so negative and one-sided that it cannot possibly get any worse. And we all know the fable by Aesop about “the boy who cried wolf” whose repeated false alarms fell on deaf ears when the wolf finally came. believes that the constant harping on president Trump is falling increasingly on deaf ears, that the incessant attacks are having a decreasing impact. President Trump even is showing higher job approval numbers than Obama did at this point in his presidency.

You may have noticed that the media attacks have gone from person to person around the president but that eventually they too fade away. There are few attacks anymore on Ivanka Trump, Sarah Sanders, Ben Carson, Donald Trump Jr., Besty DeVos, Mike Pence and anyone else associated with the president.

These attacks do not come around again. After one cycle they are spent. For instance Ivanka Trump is rising and rising in stature while her critics are fading away. Even the hatred of Sarah Sanders has faded. believes that there is a strong backlash of sympathy for the president that will show up in the November elections and in 2020. And if you think that Trump’s crowds are enthusiastic today just wait until 2020 when the entire nation is focused on his every word.

*Few Fake News media sources are talking about the Russia collusion story any longer. This is a clear indication that the media are running out of gas. This was their #1 story for more than 18 months.

It even is being reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is going to issue a Russia report after Tuesday’s upcoming election. This means that he has nothing on Trump. If he did he would issue the report before the election.

*President Trump is gaining credibility and stature as time passes and this is giving the media a smaller and smaller target to hit. He ignores all of the media criticism and seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself at his rallies, and in general as president. This enrages the media who expect every Republican to genuflect before them, fear them and ultimately be destroyed by them.

*Many Trump haters have fallen rapidly out of the spotlight – Stormy Daniels, Kathy Griffin, Omarosa, Bob Woodward, Michael Wolff, Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, etc. And on and on. It looks as if the president is Superman and it is his enemies who are falling.

Many people have threatened the president online or have made insulting comments online or in the media. Many of them have thus been arrested or fired from their jobs and so there is a growing perception that it’s not good to insult or threaten the president and that it does not do any good anyway.

The Trump haters just keep sticking their foot in their mouth. How about Pocahontas? This hilarious tale will go down in history as one of the most bone-headed ploys in all of American politics; first that she claimed to be part native American and then that she actually took her absurd DNA test and offered it as proof.

Rest assured that Pocahontas has killed her chances at ever being president. The Democrats will never pick her after this two-part fiasco. She is radioactive. In short another vocal Trump hater has fallen as president Trump keeps getting stronger.

*There were worldwide protests when president Trump was elected, and riots at his inauguration. And regular protests outside Trump Tower in New York City. Yet they have largely vanished.

In other words the cranky baby of Trump hatred is getting tired, as it always does. The cranky baby was very mad but is falling asleep. After the failure of the political hit on judge Kavanaugh you can be sure that “the resistance” is feeling increasingly frustrated and weary. They expected the president to be gone by now. even predicts that Republicans will maintain majority control of the US House and increase their seats in the US Senate in the upcoming elections. *Many powerful people in the Deep State have fallen by the wayside – James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, and others. Some may even be prosecuted. Yet it was president Trump who is supposed to be falling. He was supposed to be impeached by now.

There is an old adage that “what does not kill you makes you stronger”. The Democrats and their media cronies are slowly realizing that their attacks actually have hardened president Trump and made him stronger.

President Trump even has turned the attacks back on the media and Democrats as he did in Pittsburgh. He uses them as a foil to build himself up and to impugn the ‘fake news’ media. It is absolutely amazing to watch. Trump is the most media-savvy president ever.

*Many powerful anti-Trump media people are going down in the Me Too movement – Hollywood honcho Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves at CBS, Charlie Rose at ABC, Matt Lauer at NBC. And on and on. Dozens and dozens of them. Trump haters all. Yet Trump is still standing and heading for re-election.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are still trying to defend Bill Clinton’s disastrous presidency from 20 years ago and more. Just recently they were both talking about Monica Lewinsky. Ugh…

This was not supposed to happen. Hillary was supposed to have glided into the Oval Office in 2016 and Bill was supposed to be running the country from behind closed doors.

The big question remains: If Democrats win the House on Tuesday and then mount two years of investigations into Trump, won’t this hurt the president’s re-election in 2020? believes no, that the president will use the Democrats as a foil to single them out and to win re-election on that basis.

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