November Election Surprise: Huge Economic Surge reported about excellent economic numbers for October:

Job growth blew past expectations in October and year-over-year wage gains jumped past 3 percent for the first time since the Great Recession, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Nonfarm payrolls powered up by 250,000 for the month, well ahead of … estimates of 190,000. The unemployment rate stayed at 3.7 percent, the lowest since December 1969.

The ranks of the employed rose to a fresh record 156.6 million and the employment-to-population ratio increased to 60.6 percent, the highest level since December 2008…

Those counted as outside the labor force tumbled by 487,000 to 95.9 million.

But the bigger story may be wage growth, which has been the missing piece of the economic recovery. Average hourly earnings increased by 5 cents an hour for the month and 83 cents year over year, representing a 3.1 percent gain. The annual increase in wages was the best since 2009.

… Health care showed some of the biggest gains for the month, adding 36,000. Manufacturing contributed 32,000, thanks to a gain in durable goods and in particular transportation equipment, which added 10,000.

Construction also rose sharply, with an increase of 30,000 while transportation and warehousing jumped by 42,000.

… Professional and business services increased by 35,000, bringing its 12-month total gain to 516,000, and mining added 5,000.

This is fantastic news on every front, and will help conservative/Republican candidates in Tuesday’s mid-term election.

32,000 is a big jump in crucial manufacturing jobs after those jobs have been declining for decades. Trump has added 434,000 manufacturing jobs since he took office. Wow. Meanwhile 5,000 mining jobs are another indication of a strong economy.

Perhaps you remember Obama saying that those manufacturing jobs that had moved overseas would never come back and wondering if president Trump was going to wave a “magic wand” to bring them back.

No, friends, president Trump has applied common-sense economic principles that Obama and the Democrats have ignored for decades.

These economic numbers are the ‘November Surprise’ that Republicans have been waiting for. And piggybacking on the president’s focus on border security and the ‘migrant caravan’, things look good for Republican/conservative candidates.

Red Wave Rising?

The Fake News media continue to report that Democrats are going to win a huge ‘blue wave’ election victory on Tuesday.

But these same prognosticators were totally wrong in 2016 while this rosy prediction may make millions of Democrat voters complacent like they were in 2016. At the same time Republican voters remain fired up. These factors may well result in a ‘red wave’.

Meanwhile the ‘blue wave’ theory ignores continuing good news about the economy that is “baked into” voters’ minds as they go to the polls. At the same time The Gateway Pundit reports:

Early voting continues to indicate that the tide is turning red! Democrats are voting less than in 2016 which is expected in a mid-term election. However, Republicans are ahead of their 2016 early ballot pace!

In a series of tweets Larry Schweikart showed in mid-October that Democrats were behind 2016 Presidential year numbers, as might be expected, but Republicans were ahead of their 2016 turnout – this is not supposed to happen –

As the numbers have continued to come in, the results are the same. Republicans are doing very well when compared to 2016 but not so with the socialist Democrats –

… Another indication that the Republicans are fired up is Trump rallies. This cannot be minimized. Yesterday in Columbia, Missouri, rally goers were parking their cars 3 miles away from the Trump rally on the highway to get to the event –

This is not the case with the far left socialist Democrat party. A couple of days ago in Florida, Democrat socialists Bernie Sanders and (gubernatorial candidate) Andrew Gillum couldn’t fill a small college auditorium –

This “enthusiasm” factor is critical. Democrats ignored it in 2016 and lost. Today Trump rallies are super-charged while potential Democrat 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden can barely attract 500 people and Obama couldn’t even fill a small high-school gym.

It gets better. Jim Geraghty writes on National Review:

There are currently 3.7 million registered voters in Arizona. Of those who have voted early so far, 525,647 are registered Republicans and 413,005 are registered Democrats. Of the remainder, 8,250 are classified “minor parties” and 283,531 are classified “other” or unaffiliated. If you assume that registered Republicans voted for Senate candidate Martha McSally and registered Democrats voted for Kyrsten Sinema in equal proportions, that gives McSally a 112,642-vote margin. That’s a sizable margin one week away from the election. To pull even the early vote, Sinema would need to be winning the unaffiliated and minor-party voters by a roughly 70-30 split.

These are actual numbers, not polls! just as Trump rallies show actual people, and not projections of crowd size. has predicted that Republicans will hold majority control of the US House and will reach 57 to 61 seats in the US Senate in Tuesday’s elections.

Kavanaugh Hoaxster Exposed reports:

A woman who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault admitted to congressional investigators she made up her claims to “get attention.”

According to a letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday afternoon, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley referred Judy Munro-Leighton for criminal prosecution and revealed her actions were part of a ploy to take down Kavanaugh’s nomination.

This is just one of the accusers being exposed. Expect many more.

This fact should give Republicans another bounce in the election.

Good News in Montana

In the Montana US Senate race the Libertarian candidate has dropped out and endorsed Republican Matt Rosendale against liberal incumbent Democrat Jon Tester.

If the Libertarian had dropped out in 2012 Tester probably would have lost his first re-election bid. believes that this dropout and endorsement will easily seal the election for Rosendale. This would be an important “pickup” seat for Republicans.

Meanwhile one poll shows the US Senate race in liberal New Jersey tied. This should have been a walk-away for incumbent Democrat Robert Menendez, but Republican Bob Hugin is giving a serious challenge. has been predicting a Hugin upset from the start.

And in a ‘special’ election for the remainder of the term of US senator Al Franken in Minnesota, who resigned in January, Democrats are pumping in last-minute cash to Democrat Tina Smith, a sign of worry over the election. has picked Republican Karin Housley from the start. One reason is that Franken’s first election in 2008 was tainted by suspicious ballot activity, and Minnesotans may be itching to “even the score”.

In a really strange election in California incumbent Democrat US senator Dianne Feinstein of California is running against another Democrat who is further to the left than she is. That is because California has a “jungle primary” where the two top primary vote getters square off in the general election even if they are from the same party. And guess what? The leftist Kevin De Leon is getting support from Republican voters furious with Feinstein over the Kavanaugh hearings.

Watch this race. Feinstein could lose.

And finally don’t believe any of these polls. They are almost all biased against Republicans. Just remember 2016 when they said that Trump had no chance of winning.

The only real poll is the vote count on election day.

Hillary Preparing to Run Again?

Hillary and Bill Clinton are genuine psychopaths. They can never let go of their past mistakes, which are legend. They know that their legacy is full of many serious negatives.

They never, ever stop scheming to get power, money, fame, etc., and to dominate the political spotlight and to try and explain themselves to the world.

They even are embarking soon on a speaking tour… as if we haven’t heard their every thought a thousand times over for the last 27 years since Bill first announced that he would run for president in 1991.

Yet these two keep getting dragged down by Bill’s failed presidency. In recent interviews Bill ended up talking extensively about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and looking really bad doing it, i.e., he just keeps digging the hole deeper.

Ironically Democrats have been screaming since president Trump was elected that they are going to impeach him, yet president Bill Clinton actually was impeached.

For those too young to know Clinton was impeached in 1998 by the US House of Representatives for lying to a grand jury about his sexual conduct with White House intern Lewinsky.

But in the other half of impeachment, which takes place in the US Senate, he was not removed from office.

Now we have Hillary talking about running for president a third time after she ran and lost in the primaries to Obama in 2008 and ran and lost against Trump in 2016. She said this in a recent interview:

“Well, I’d like to be president… You know, look, I, I think, hopefully when we have a Democrat in the Oval Office on January of 2021, there’s gonna be so much work to be done. I mean we have confused everybody in the world including ourselves. And we have confused our friends and our enemies. They have no idea what the United States stands for, what we’re likely to do, what we think is important. Uh, so the work would be work that I feel very well prepared for, having been in the Senate for eight years, having been a diplomat in the State Department. And it’s just gonna be a lotta heavy lifting.”

You can be sure that this quote is leading to mass eye-rolling among Democrats. Many Democrats cannot stand the Clintons. They want them to go away; they want a new face for their party, not old, tired Hillary and Bill.

Hillary is barely campaigning for any Democrat candidates in the coming election since she is unpopular not only in general, but among Democrats too.

Friends, you can rest assured that Hillary may be considering running again. And if so then says, “Bring it on. She will lose again. She will fall flat on her face again. And it will be wonderful to watch.”

But does not believe that Hillary would even win the nomination in her own party because primary battles are often intense and she would face blistering criticism from within the Democrat party.

And even if she were the nominee president Trump would shred her and worse she would run and lose on a single-issue Trump-hater agenda, again, since she has no other ideas.

In other words, “you can’t beat something (economic growth, military strength, de-nuclearization deal with North Korea, better trade deals, border security, etc.) with nothing (Hillary’s I-hate-Trump agenda).”

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