Democrats, Leftists Expand ‘Mob Rule’

In the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings we saw some of the most brazenly awful behavior ever by the Democrat left. They repeatedly disrupted the hearings with screaming protests. Even senators themselves interrupted the proceedings and broke other rules of Senate decorum.

This is a form of “mob rule” that flies in the face of US laws, standards and decency. In the streets of America today we see increasing mob rule by the left. They physically attack conservatives and Trump supporters. They tear up Republican campaign signs. They harass Republican candidates and officeholders in restaurants and at airports.

Mob rule is spreading. Fox News reported in October:

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley is demanding the U.N. Secretary General take action against the Bolivian and Cuban delegations after they disrupted a U.S. event to draw attention to the plight of political prisoners in Cuba — damaging U.N. property in the process.

The event on Tuesday, “Jailed for What? The plight of Cuba’s political prisoners,” which took place in the U.N.’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) chamber, descended into chaos when diplomats from the two countries — including Bolivian Ambassador Sacha Llorenti — started banging on tables and screaming slogans in an effort to derail the event. Speakers, including former prisoners and relatives of those currently imprisoned under the communist regime, struggled to be heard over the noise.

So there you go. More mob rule. And it is all coming from the same place – the socialist/communist left like those forces at the UN that do not want any investigation into the brutal treatment of political prisoners by communist Cuba.

We saw it in Wisconsin in 2011 when leftist protest mobs demonstrated for weeks in opposition to Republican governor Walker’s reforms. They even occupied the state capitol building and did hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the building and grounds.

Did they pay for it? Of course not. They never do. Leftists are takers, not givers. Wisconsin taxpayers picked up the tab for the repairs.

But mob rule forges on. That is why president Trump has adopted the effective campaign slogan, “Jobs not mobs”. It is so effective that CNN even has stopped using the word “mob” so as not to harm Democrats who are running for office.

Mob rule intensified with president Trump’s election. In short liberals can’t stand it when they lose elections. So they break laws in protest.

We see mob rule in the ‘antifa’ domestic terror attacks on citizens and Republican campaign offices, and in demonstrations where they lie down in the street or otherwise block federal buildings like they did at the ICE office in Portland, Oregon.

And then when they get arrested they have lenient judges to set them free. There is a possibility that nobody will be legally punished for the 2017 inauguration day riots in Washington, DC by anti-Trump forces in which windows were smashed and cars were burned. Only 21 rioters still face charges out of hundreds arrested and thousands who rioted.

In short, mob rule works its way up into our justice system with sympathetic judges.

America was founded to guard against mob rule. Republicans oppose mob rule in their very name. After all America is a ‘republic’ which is an orderly system of government with a small number of elected officials representing the people.

Democrats favor mob rule in their very name since ‘democracy’ means that every citizen is involved in every political decision, like every member of a church voting on the church budget.

So imagine leftist agitators seeking to gin up public frenzy by millions of individual voters every time that national legislation needed to be voted on. It would be chaos, i.e., mob rule.

But Democrats had better watch their step. In 1968 mobs of demonstrators famously rioted against the Vietnam War outside of the Democrat convention in Chicago. This frightened Americans who elected Republican president Richard Nixon by a small margin. Without the riots Democrat Hubert Humphrey probably would have won. believes that the horrid behavior of leftists and Democrats in mob rule, specifically in their terrible behavior at the Kavanaugh hearings, is shifting millions of votes to Republicans in the coming elections.

Here is another form of mob rule. The Los Angeles Times reported:

Hundreds of thousands of protesters opposed to Britain’s impending exit from the European Union marched through central London on Saturday, demanding a new referendum and to have a say on the government’s final Brexit deal with the EU.

Organizers say another public vote is needed because new facts have come out about the costs and complexity of Britain’s exit from the bloc since voters chose in 2016 to leave.

This Euro-mob refuses to accept the free and fair vote for Britain to leave the EU. This is what “the mob” does when it loses a referendum or an election – it demands a do-over election just like the American mob is demanding that president Trump be removed from office.

And finally the newest mob is the ‘migrant caravan’ coming up through Mexico from Honduras.

It is simply an invading mob that will arrive at the US border and demand entry illegally without asking permission. Fortunately president Trump is saying that they will not be allowed in and is sending our military to the border. This is causing the ‘mob’ to weaken and disperse on its trek north. Good.

The Chinese Economy is Weaker than You Think

Breitbart News reported recently:

The Shanghai Composite Index plunged to its lowest level in four years Thursday, a startling dive in a market that has been tumbling for months.

In an attempt to head-off a full-fledged panic, China’s central bank and its stock markets regulator issued statements indicating that the government would act to stabilize markets.

On Friday, Beijing announced third-quarter growth figures that shows China’s economy expanded at its slowest pace since 2009. Back then, however, China has actually a spot of relative strength as U.S. and much of the world was limping through the global financial crisis. Today, China is slowing while the U.S. economy is growing at its fastest pace in years.

China’s leaders reportedly face internal pressure to repair the economic damage they inflicted upon the country by underestimating the Trump administration’s resolve on trade matters. Their strategy of resistance and retaliation to the U.S. demands that China abandon its unfair economic and trade policies is now seen as a serious miscalculation.

So in other words president Trump’s pressure tactics against China are working. He is putting the screws to China with tariffs on Chinese exports to the US that are harming the Chinese economy by making its exports more expensive and slowing them down.

It’s about time. China has taken advantage of the US in trade for decades. It has subsidized exports, ‘dumped’ cheap and sometimes dangerous products on the US market, manipulated its currency to make its exports more affordable, exploited its vast pool of cheap labor, and stolen US technology by the boatload.

When president Trump said that he was going to fight back with tariffs, Democrats and the Fake News media said that Trump was going to start a trade war and that the whole global economy was going to crumble as the ‘war’ expanded.

Well, friends, many nations have given in to Trump and China is feeling very bad effects from the tariffs. And you can be sure that China is going to relent and make concessions to president Trump as predicted in September. Meanwhile Bloomberg News reports about another issue plaguing the Chinese economy:

It’s a product of one of the largest financial flows of the 21st century: The money being frenetically shuffled by millions of wealthy Chinese into safe assets abroad, in defiance of their country’s capital controls. Since mid-2014, capital flight from China may have totaled as much as $800 billion, according to estimates from the Institute of International Finance.

This would be equal to $1.5 trillion or more in private capital in the American economy. Wow.

We should never view China as invincibly growing and prospering. China is in a very precarious state today and they know it. And thus predicts that they will make trade concessions to head off disaster.

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