BetoMania and Other Election Takeaways

No Blue Wave

The ‘blue wave’ never materialized after a year of media hype claiming that it would sweep Democrats to power.

The latest number is that Democrats won 37 House seats, compared to Republicans winning 63 seats in 2010, two years after Obama was first elected.

That is a blue “ripple” since Republicans then gained 2 to 3 seats in the US Senate which was a huge win for Trump, who personally campaigned for many candidates.

Those candidates who rejected Trump often lost. Fox News reported that Trump said about their rejecting his political “embrace” and losing:

Trump singled out Reps. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., Mia Love, R-Utah, and other Republicans who lost or were trailing in their re-elections bids. The president said that the Republicans who chose to stay away from him and his agenda did “very poorly” in the midterms.

The president … called out Reps. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., Erik Paulsen, R-Minn., Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., and Mike Coffman, R-Colo., for eschewing the Trump “embrace.”

“Peter Roskam didn’t want the embrace. Erik Paulsen didn’t want the embrace,” Trump said. “I’m not sure I feel happy or sad. But I feel just fine about it.”

BetoMania is Alive and Well

Well, it didn’t take long for Democrats to seek to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Within hours of the defeat of the Hollywood-financed Beto O’Rourke in the US Senate race in Texas, Hollywood celebrities and others across the US were calling for Beto to run for president in 2020.

One even suggested a ticket with loser Beto at the top and Florida governor loser Andrew Gillum for VP.

Note to Democrats: You pick a presidential candidate who has won, not lost, an election.

O’Rourke is a true lightweight. He even looks like a scrawny Bobby Kennedy-type. predicts that he will not even enter the 2020 Democrat field for president. There already appear to be 20 or more candidates who may run. Interestingly O’Rourke has another Kennedy-like trait: When he crashed his car drunk in 1998 he tried to run away from the scene.

Sexiest Congresswoman Alive is now a Governor

In South Dakota, Republican congresswoman Kristi Noem has won the governor’s race. has called Noem “the sexiest woman in Washington”. She comes from a farm family that had to work hard after her father was killed in a farming accident.

Noem also has a reputation for dozens of speeding tickets in South Dakota’s wide open spaces. She’s a real piece of work. She will do a great job as governor. Maybe she will be president someday. Or at lease on the cover of People magazine.

Ungrateful Democrats

In Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer won the governor’s mansion by 9 points after Michigan had eight years under get-tough Republican governor Rick Snyder who totally revitalized and reformed a very troubled state.

This shows how ungrateful Democrats are. They want only one thing – political power – just like they hate president Trump after he has done such a great job reinvigorating the economy.

In another similar election Democrat state schools superintendent Tony Evers appears to have defeated sitting Republican Wisconsin governor Scott Walker by a slim margin, 32,000 votes out of 2.6 million cast.

This is another case of where ungrateful liberals have voted out a good man. In two terms, Walker singlehandedly helped to revitalize the Wisconsin economy after it had gone downhill under eight years of a corrupt Democrat governor.

Walker even helped to bring the massive new Foxconn manufacturing facility to Wisconsin, with 13,000 jobs, in concert with president Trump.

Yet he was voted out, showing how ungrateful Democrats are for good news.

Here is the opposite effect where Connecticut voters picked a Democrat to succeed eight years of corrupt Democrat rule:

Democrat Ned Lamont appears to have won the governor’s race by 18,000 votes out of 1.4 million cast over Republican Bob Stefanowski who promised reforms after the Connecticut economy went down the drain under two-term Democrat Dan Malloy.

Once again, Democrats voted for power for themselves, not for reform to help all residents.

Republicans Would not Have Lost the House If…

The incessant media prediction for a ‘blue wave’ repeated over and over throughout 2018 certainly caused many of the 45 Republican congressmen who retired to pack it in.

In short, they believes the ‘blue wave’ theory and didn’t want to be in Washington under the Democrats.

This left 45 Republican seats “open”. This is certainly how Democrats re-took the House. Without all of those retirements, Republicans probably would have kept majority control of the House.

This shows how the media interfere in elections. We don’t need Russia.

Carpetbagger Alert

Democrats apparently have a new carpetbagger strategy that they used successfully twice in the recent election.

In New York’s Upstate 19th congressional district, which is largely white, rural and small town and somewhat conservative, Democrats sent up a black New York City lawyer and former rapper named Antonio Delgado to run for the House seat held by one-term Republican incumbent John Faso.

Delgado won by 7,600 votes even though he never had even lived in the district until he moved there to run for office.

This district starts just 75 miles north of New York City and so it has a lot of creeping New York influence, including liberals with vacation homes from the City.

Some of these liberals move their voting address to their vacation home to make the area more liberal since they know that their votes are not needed in the City.

In Michigan’s 8th congressional district west of Detroit Democrats sent a former Obama administration official named Elissa Slotkin to run against 2-term incumbent Republican congressman Mike Bishop.

Slotkin had never even voted in the 8th district until she voted for herself in the primary. She won by 23,000 votes. This district is not far from Detroit just like the New York 19th district is not far from the New York City.

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