French Prez Scolds US/ CNN Host Calls White Men Terrorists

The French president Emmanuel Macron recently said about France:

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.”

This is disgusting. The French rolled over and surrendered to Hitler in 1940 in 6 weeks without hardly firing a shot. The United States military then lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers taking France and Europe back from Hitler at a cost in today’s dollars of up to $10 trillion or more.

In the ensuing 46 years after the end of World War II the US spent trillions more defending Europe from the communist Soviet Union.

Don’t you think that France might be just a little more thankful and respectful towards America? Maybe pay us back a few trillion (the US also led and financed the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after the war)?

They aren’t. Macron represents the thinking of tens of millions of arrogant French people. They are weak and cowardly and their beloved French culture would have been crushed out of existence without America.

Meanwhile we have often heard the canard that “France helped the American Revolution”.

Yes, they did commit a smattering of troops in the final year when it looked like the American revolutionaries were going to win, but otherwise sent only supplies and money. Perhaps we should have done the same in response to Hitler; they’d be speaking German in Paris today.

Now Macron is insulting us again. Breitbart News reported:

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced nationalism during an Armistice Day centennial observance in Paris on Sunday.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism: Nationalism is treason,” Macron said, according to a Euroenews translator.

This is a direct shot at president Trump.

The French are the last people who should be saying such a thing. There is no other country on earth that is so nationalistic and arrogant about its culture and history than France is. What the heck if Macron talking about?

Oh, I know. His job approval numbers are in the basement so he is attacking Trump. No surprise there.

Black CNN Host Says White Men are Terrorists – Media Skunks Yawn

If you want to know how bad the Fake News media have become consider Jim Acosta of CNN. He recently had his White House press credentials revoked after he was rude toward the president and after he pushed down aggressively on the arm of a female White House intern who was seeking to take the microphone away from him.

This would have been called sexual assault if Brett Kavanaugh or if president Trump had done the same thing.

Then Acosta said on the air on CNN about the intern, “Obviously I didn’t put my hands on her or touch her as they are alleging…”

Unreal. This is a flat-out lie. It is clear on a video of the incident that he pushed down on her arm in an aggressive manner.

Do you see how delusional these media skunks are? This is why they are so dangerous and why so few people believe their Fake News anymore, particularly CNN.

Meanwhile black CNN host Don Lemon recently said on-air:

“I keep trying to point out to people not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity, but we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else, some people who are marching towards the border like it’s imminent.”

“So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right.”

As a white man and a law-abiding conservative takes offense to Lemon as I take offense to all liberals who hate white men. And hatred is what they really feel. Don’t be mistaken.

There has been no criticism of Lemon in the Fake News media over his comment. But that is no surprise since the media are full of racists like the brazenly anti-white columnist named Sarah Jeong who was hired recently by the New York Times.

Notice that Lemon demonized white men right after saying that “we have to stop demonizing people”. This is classic demented behavior from the left-wing media – they say one thing and immediately contradict it.

Lemon ignores the basic truth – that white men are the hardest-working and smartest people in the world. That is why adult white men control $40 trillion, or half of the world’s annual wealth production, but are only about 3% of the world’s population.

At the same time white men created 100% of the world’s technology (computers, electricity, abundant food from modern agriculture, plastics, air travel, the internal combustion engine, refrigeration, cell phone, the light bulb, modern chemistry, satellite communications, modern medicine, etc., etc.).

And thus virtually all of the world’s wealth is built on technology created by adult white men. Even Middle East oil producers wouldn’t have a drop of crude oil if they weren’t using drilling and extraction technology developed by American companies.

So for those like Lemon who disparage white men here is some advice – don’t use all of the great stuff that white men invented including the television technology that CNN is built on.

Meanwhile blacks like Lemon call everyone else racist. This is a timeless leftist tactic, to point fingers at other people in order to distract from one’s own failures and shortcomings.

These above observations do not apply to millions of black conservatives like Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas or commentator Candace Owens who are very smart and superior to tens of millions of white and black liberals in America.

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