President Donald Trump Jr.? President Ivanka? Maybe

The Kennedys tried to establish a political dynasty and failed. So did the Clintons and the Bushes.

Today we have a potential Trump dynasty emerging that looks much more likely to happen. believes that president Trump will serve two terms and that we then may see either his daughter Ivanka or son Donald Jr. elected president someday. Or his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It cannot be far from the president’s mind, rest assured. Bloomberg News reported before the recent elections about the president’s oldest son:

In Republicans’ fight to maintain control of Congress, there are the wealthy free-spending super PACs, the president’s stadium-filled rallies, and the traditional party machinery. Then there’s Donald Trump Jr.

The president’s oldest son is taking time away from Trump Tower to hit the campaign trail, holding his own rallies and headlining private fundraisers for candidates in both GOP strongholds and swing districts. He plans to spend the majority of his time before the election on the hustings seeking to energize the party faithful, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“They like his style, and like his father he is unafraid and very much a fighter for values that they care about,” said Valentino DiGiorgio, chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

This week, he held events in North Carolina and Georgia. He’s helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ohio gubernatorial candidate Mike Dewine, Nevada congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian and Mark Harris’s North Carolina congressional race.

This is a very effective use of the Trump name. Donald Jr. already is a rock star in the Republican party and is very close to his father. He is 40 years old. He also is a solid and outspoken conservative. This is very reassuring when Republicans need more steel in the spine to counter the increasing radicalism of the Democrats.

We can be sure that Donald Jr. is thinking about running for president someday. He already would be at the top of many lists as a candidate with his pedigree and name recognition, his big-city New York charisma, his increasing circle of nationwide contacts and supporters, and his down-to-earth ways. People who have met him love him, even the ‘common folks’. Bloomberg continues:

At many events, (Donald Jr.) is joined by his girlfriend, former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle, who’s also popular among Republicans and serves as vice chair of the America First Action super PAC. Guilfoyle, listed as cohost on nearly all of Trump Jr.’s events, has drawn enough of a powerhouse reaction from their audiences that she intends to branch off and do more events on her own, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Donald Jr. is divorcing his first wife and Guilfoyle is a Melania Trump look-alike (tall, thin, long brown hair, exotic appearance, etc.). She was formerly married to the mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom, who is the governor-elect of California.

She is also a high-octane conservative which may be why she is no longer married to Newsom. With Donald Jr. they are truly a “power couple”. suggested in 2017 that Donald Jr. run for governor of New York in 2018. But he has been too busy with his father’s business. Too bad. He could have done wonders for a state that is suffering economically and with widespread Democrat corruption.

Donald Jr. is open and blunt about his politics. For instance he said, “If these leftists aren’t a mob I don’t know what is,” calling them “lunatics.”

Great. Donald Jr. is a valuable player in defending his father. They are like a tag team. Donald Jr. is an effective ‘force multiplier’ for the president. It is a fascinating dynamic. As the father settles into his presidency with victory after victory Donald Jr. shines more and more, becoming a phenomenon in his own right. Bloomberg continues:

His focus is motivating Trump’s base to make sure they turn out on Election Day, even if they aren’t particularly excited about the candidates on the ballot. His message is that casting a vote for Republicans is essential to protect his father’s accomplishments.

Trump Jr. is working independently of the White House and Republican National Committee, said the person familiar with the matter. He doesn’t have a speechwriter and often doesn’t prepare formal remarks for events. This spring, he hired Andy Surabian, a former political adviser to Steve Bannon, to help him with strategy and communications.

That off-the-cuff style has attracted controversy. On a recent swing through Texas, Trump Jr. made light of allegations that (recently confirmed Supreme Court justice Brett) Kavanaugh, who told a Senate committee he liked beer, once was a heavy drinker.

“In this week in particular, you are not allowed to have a beer if you are a conservative,” he told a chuckling North Texas crowd in Wichita Falls dotted with cowboy hats and “Make America Great Again” baseball caps. “If you are a liberal, you can do cocaine and be the president (in reference to Obama). But that’s okay, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard.”

Fantastic. This is the kind of blunt talk that got his father elected president. And Donald Jr. speaks very well extemporaneously. Like father like son.

Donald Jr. still works in New York running his father’s real estate empire when he is not on the campaign trail, but he reportedly loves the excitement of politics, meeting people and feeling the respect that they have for his father. And now for him. Who wouldn’t? It must be thrilling.

Ivanka Trump moved to Washington for good reason. She has closed her New York clothing firm. She and her husband Jared Kushner have been actively working on a number of domestic and foreign policy initiatives on behalf of the president.

Ivanka certainly has her eye on the White House. She would love to be the first woman president of the United States. She is only 36 years old. She is beautiful and smart. She has a spotless record. CNN reported in 2017:

Ivanka Trump delivered an anti-human trafficking speech Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly, calling it “the greatest human rights issue of our time.”

“This is a call for action, a call for global unity,” Trump said at a panel event hosted by Great Britain and Northern Ireland, noting that her father, President Donald Trump, has said he is “prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government” to combat human trafficking.

Human trafficking is chronically under-reported problem that affects at least 20.9 million people globally in both forced labor and sex trafficking.

“It is hard to grasp how tens of millions of people across the globe can experience this scale of human suffering. It is unacceptable,” Trump said. “Human trafficking, forced labor and modern slavery splinters families, distorts global markets, undermines the rule of law, strengthens transnational organized criminal networks and threatens national security everywhere.”

Trump, a senior adviser to the President, attended the event as a guest of British Prime Minister Theresa May, who invited her to participate after meeting at the G20 Summit earlier this summer. May thanked Trump for the “personal shared commitment” to the issue.

Speaking before the United Nations is a big deal, particularly at age 36 and particularly as an invitee of the British prime minister. This is how president Trump is using his children as an extension of himself and giving them a chance to shine not only on the national stage but on the world stage.

This is an advantage of Trump being president when he is older and wiser and his children are grown up. There has never been a presidential family like this. All hands on deck. And he has three other children who have not even emerged into the limelight. And nine grandchildren already. Wow. Talk about a potential dynasty.

Pittsburgh CBS Local reported about a domestic issue that Ivanka has worked on:

The Executive Building in Mt. Lebanon (Pa.) was the site for a brief visit by Ivanka Trump who was warmly welcomed by Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone.

It was billed as a Small Business Roundtable featuring Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon and a half dozen small business owners, but local Republican lawmakers like PA Sens. Randy Vulakovich and Guy Reschenthaler were included.

Still, all eyes were on the president’s daughter. “I have a very, special, special guest with me this morning,” said McMahon. “Ivanka is such an incredible supporter of small businesses.”

Ivanka touted the Trump administration’s pro-business agenda.

This is the type of everyday stuff that Ivanka does that we often do not hear about. But she is always on the move. She is obviously building a large amount of credibility and presence. She is rational and well-spoken; she does not lash out like Hillary or Chelsea Clinton or Maxine Waters. Democrats have nobody like her.

Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner, age 37, is very smart. He is a former New York real estate executive from a wealthy Jewish family and played a big role in the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv, Israel to the historic capital of Jerusalem.

Kushner even has been working behind the scenes on a potential Israel-Palestinian peace deal. And if you think that that is impossible then think of the other things that president Trump has already accomplished that were considered impossible like revitalizing the US economy and making peace with North Korea.

Jared and Ivanka are yet another Trump family “power couple”. Amazing.

Meanwhile Melania Trump can never be president since she was born in Europe. A citizen must be born in the United States to run for president. This requirement was mandated by the US Constitution to prevent outsiders from moving to the United States with the intention of getting elected president.

Mrs. Trump recently did an ABC News interview which was reported on the ABC website:

Melania Trump, maybe America’s most private first lady ever, is a woman whose quiet presence on Pennsylvania Avenue is almost the polar opposite of the image projected by her husband.

Her reserved voice contrasts with the president, who often speaks unfiltered whenever he wants.

But when she sat down with ABC News for a rare interview during her recent trip through Africa she spoke freely, describing times when she has disagreed with her husband as well as what she likes about her role — which she repeatedly emphasized she does, indeed, like.

“I love Washington. I love to live there. And I made the White House home — for our son and my husband — and we love to live in the White House,” Trump told ABC’s Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas.

“We are very honored to serve our great nation,” she added.

… “But it’s also when I travel across the world and across the country, meeting people, and hearing and helping them as much as I can, and hearing what is important to them,” she added.

That is good to hear. We have not heard Mrs. Trump talk about her life in the White House. There has been speculation that she does not like it but that turns out to be more anti-Trump rhetoric ginned up by the media.

It is wonderful to know that she is enjoying herself. And that she is proud and honored to be first lady unlike Michelle Obama who always seemed angry about being married to the president, i.e., a typical leftist, never grateful.

Mrs. Trump did not say a single word in the interview about her husband being unfaithful because that is just another media fabrication.

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