Rock Singer Neil Young Blames Trump for House Burning Down

There seems to be no end to blaming president Trump for everything bad that happens in the world, and giving him no credit whatsoever for his genuine accomplishments in starting to Make American Great Again.

Breitbart News reported about ‘hippie’ rock musician Neil Young (age 73) after his house burned down in the California fire northwest of Los Angeles (the so-called Woolsey Fire):

Rocker Neil Young blasted President Donald Trump on Sunday, referring to him as a climate change “denier,” after losing his Malibu home in the Southern California’s (Woolsey) fire.

“California is vulnerable — not because of poor forest management as DT (our so-called president) would have us think,” Young wrote in a blurb on his website. “As a matter of fact this is not a forest fire that rages on as I write this. We are vulnerable because of Climate Change; the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it.”

OK, first of all the global climate has been changing for thousands of years of recorded history. The difference today is that the ‘greenies’ are exploiting natural changes for their own political power. This is shameful and immoral.

Second, president Trump is correct. The Northern California fires are occurring in dense forests that loggers are not allowed to clear or “manage” under California’s radical environmental laws.

It recently was estimated that there are 129 million dead trees in California forests, never mind the hundreds of millions of highly flammable pine trees that are still standing and growing, often in dense clusters in very dry parts of a state that is largely a desert or a semi-desert climate.

Third, Young blames his house burning down on “global warming” and “climate change” and of course on president Trump, not on the fact that Young’s house in Southern California was in a highly fire-prone area. The sleazy pop singer Miley Cyrus also lost her nearby home in the same fire.

This area, in a place called Malibu, is blanketed in a dry and flammable desert shrub called chaparral. Houses should never be built in such an area. Once this stuff starts burning it is devilish in its power to spread.

But his own poor judgment does not stop Young from slamming president Trump – it never does among liberals – and refusing to accept any personal responsibility for building or buying his house there.

Young is no stranger to political controversy. In 1970 Canadian-born Young released a song called Southern Man which is described this way by Wikipedia:

The lyrics of “Southern Man” are vivid, describing the racism toward blacks in the American South. In the song, Young tells the story of a white man (symbolically the entire white South) and how he mistreated his slaves. Young pleadingly asks when the South will make amends for the fortunes built through slavery when he sings:

I saw cotton and I saw black,
tall white mansions and little shacks.
Southern Man, when will you pay them back?

The Southern rock bank Lynyrd Skynyrd responded in its 1974 hit Sweet Home Alabama:

Well, I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ol’ Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

So let us look more closely at Young himself to see the other side of the story. Young is a horrible role model to start with and so he demonizes others to shift the spotlight from his own behavior. Young was a notorious and admitted drug abuser and alcoholic for 40 years. President Trump, on the other hand, has never drunk alcohol or taken illegal drugs.

Young came out of the 1960s in which the rock-music culture that made him rich and famous encouraged tens of millions of young people to freely consume mind-altering drugs. We have no idea how many lives were disrupted or destroyed by this culture – certainly many millions at the very least.

Songfacts posted:

This song (‘The Needle and the Damage Done’ by Neil Young) is about heroin use and what it will do to you in the end. Young wrote it about Danny Whitten, one of the original members of his band Crazy Horse. In 1971, Young went on tour and hired Crazy Horse and Nils Lofgren as backup. During rehearsals, Whitten was so high on heroin that he couldn’t even hold up his guitar. Young fired him, gave Whitten 50 bucks (for rehab) and a plane ticket back to Los Angeles. Upon reaching LA, Whitten overdosed on alcohol and Valium, which killed him.

These stories are all over Neil Young’s rock music world and have been for decades. So here is advice for Neil Young – look in the mirror and you will see one of the known evils plaguing our society. Stop shifting the spotlight away from your squalid self to a theoretical and unproven crisis like ‘climate change’.

Young always looks dirty, demented and disheveled on stage. Thousands of his associates in the rock music world are the same – they are drunks, drug addicts, suicides, manic-depressives, ignoramuses, lunatics and losers. They are not the kind of people you would want as role models for your children.

On the other hand president Trump always is dressed in a suit and tie and has his hair combed. His wife dresses impeccably too. President Trump has shunned drugs and alcohol his entire life. So which is the better role model?

This, friends, is why Democrats are pushing hard for marijuana legalization – to turn as many American minds as possible to mush so that more and more people believe the Democrat agenda like ‘climate change’ and open borders. After all, once you are getting ‘high’ every day little else matters except getting ‘high’.

Thus in order to puff themselves up and make themselves feel good about their awful lives many of these “cool” rock musicians latch onto left-wing, save-the-world causes like environmentalism.

We can also assume that some of Young’s rage comes from envy of Trump’s well-groomed, successful and healthy children and grandchildren.

On the other hand Young has three children and, according to Wikipedia, one has epilepsy and two have cerebral palsy.

Since Young was born in Canada and still holds Canadian citizenship he could have fled to Canada without question when president Trump was elected. But he did not since he knows deep down inside that America is the best nation on earth.

So here is’s advice for Neil Young: Go back to Canada where you belong and try to act like a decent human being for whatever time you have left on earth.

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