Brazen Election Fraud is the New Democrat Normal

The recent case of widespread irregularities in the Florida elections proves that Democrats have a new normal – blatant and open fraud in elections. This is no longer the old penny-ante voter fraud of the past when elections were challenged over a few hundred votes.

Every “close” election in 2018, and all of them in the past, have been challenged by or been won by Democrats

We know that Democrats have been stealing elections for decades. Here are the major cases that have been widely accepted as fraud:

Democrat Lyndon Johnson, US president from 1963-69, won his first election to the US Senate from Texas in 1948 under extremely suspicious circumstances. Conservative commentator Cal Thomas wrote:

After the initial vote count in the 1948 Texas Senate race, which saw Lyndon Johnson losing to his opponent Coke Stevenson by 20,000 votes, previously “unreported precincts” and other “adjustments” were made in the vote totals. Johnson came out the winner by a mere 87 votes, earning him the derisive title “Landslide Lyndon.”

Sound familiar? ‘Unreported precincts’? Like what we are seeing in Florida today?

Then there’s the 1960 presidential election that was stolen for president John F. Kennedy; the 2002 US Senate election in South Dakota was stolen for Democrat Tim Johnson through fraud on the Indian reservations; the 2004 gubernatorial election was stolen for Democrat Christine Gregoire when a large cache of ballots (“unreported precincts”) was magically ‘found’ in very liberal King County (Seattle) after the original vote total was very close; and the US Senate election in Minnesota in 2008 was stolen by Democrat Al Franken after several hundred ballots were “found” – including 32 ballots in the car of an election official – after the election was very close in the first vote count.

We don’t know how many other Democrat victories can be attributed to fraud in close elections over the years but it is probably in the hundreds.

On the other hand, the vote totals in the infamous Florida Recount in the presidential election of 2000 were counted over and over by multiple independent sources and every time Republican candidate George W. Bush won.

Now we have seen extremely suspicious activity in the 2018 mid-term elections, and not just in Florida. knew that this was coming after Trump was elected. In other words Democrats will do anything to get their power back.

There are thousands or tens of thousands of ballots suddenly being “found” after Republicans appeared to have won various close races on election day including six House elections. This is happening much more often than at anytime in the past. In other words, something fishy is going on.

For instance Democrats are seeking to overcome Republican US Senate candidate Rick Scott’s election night lead of 66,000 votes which has since dropped to 12,000 votes after many new ballots were magically “found”, i.e., ‘unreported precincts’.

Candidate Scott said about the recent vote counts in Broward County:

“On election night, Broward County said there were 634,000 votes cast. At 1 a.m. today, there were 695,700 ballots cast on election day. At 2:30 p.m. today, the number was up to 707,223 ballots cast on Election Day. And we just learned that the number has increased to 712,840 ballots cast on Election Day. In Palm Beach County, there are 15,000 new votes found since election night…”

Meanwhile Florida gubernatorial Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum, who was declared the loser on election night, is seeking under any recount to bar just 158 votes from voters filing by email or fax after they were given special permission to do so after their homes were destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

Gillum is doing this because the hurricane hit a conservative part of Florida. And this demonstrates how low these Democrats will go.

This is reminiscent of Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election getting 1,500 overseas military ballots in Florida tossed out on the slightest technicalities since most would have gone for Republican George W. Bush.

At the same ultra-liberal Maricopa County, Arizona extended pre-election ‘early’ voting for two days on some sort of ‘emergency’ basis even though there was no emergency – except that Democrats needed as many votes as possible.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

** In Montana (Democrat) Senator Jon Tester — who was behind on election day — had a huge haul overnight and won by 5 points.

** In Arizona (Democrat) … Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner a week after votes were cast after being behind on election night

This new generation of fraud is what we can expect for the future. As the Democrat party moves farther to the left, its tactics will too. Alert: This new and more brazen brand of Lyndon Johnson-type election fraud will be deployed to try to steal the 2020 election from president Trump. We can expect major Democrat fraud all over the country, so much that we may not even be able to count it or keep track of it.

In the 2018 election, the fraud went beyond the Florida governor and Senate races. The Gateway Pundit reported six days after election day:

Republican candidate Yvette Herrell was leading the New Mexico 2nd District Congressional race on Tuesday.

The race was called for Herrell when she went to bed.

But then Democrats magically found 4,000 new votes!

And now Herrell is out of a job.

… President Trump won the district by 10 points.

Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit also reports about Florida:

Republican Matt Caldwell won his election for the state Agricultural Commissioner on (election night, November 6).

When Matt went to bed on Tuesday he had won his race by 40,000 votes. But then after three days of vote manufacturing in Broward County Matt is suddenly down by 3,000 votes.

So this is no longer an issue of Democrats stealing the election when the margin is close, like a few hundred votes. They are manufacturing votes by the thousands. And this will continue into 2020 and well beyond. reported about a Florida woman named Chelsey Marie Smith:

In a sworn affidavit presented to the Florida State Attorney General, this temporary worker (Smith) claims that she witnessed “four Supervisor of Elections employees sitting at the same table actively filling out election ballots.” Further, according to the affidavit, each of the four workers “had a stack of blank ballots to the right of them … and a stack of completed ballots to their left.”

Here is another story from Florida from The Gateway Pundit:

A Broward County Deputy explained that on Thursday November 8, 2018, (two days) after the midterm election, absentee ballots were delivered to the jail for the inmates and the deputies were told to pass them out.

Civil rights attorneys arrived on last Thursday and demanded to see the inmates. They were not the inmates personal attorneys of record. The attorneys wanted to know if the inmates had received their absentee ballots in the mail. As these attorneys were not the inmates’ attorneys of record, Sheriff Scott Israel should not have granted them access to the inmates. Protocol would have the attorneys sign into the jail, yet there is no record.

Meanwhile Democrat party lawyer Leonard Samuels said about the Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes destroying ballots in a previous race:

“I don’t consider that fraud or corruption…”

Indeed this is the new normal. Another tactic is the open embrace by the Democrat party of illegal aliens voting. The Daily Caller reports:

Lawyers for Florida Democratic candidates Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson both fought to prevent a non-citizen’s vote from being excluded Friday night, according to a transcript of a Palm Beach County Canvassing Board proceeding obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

NBC Miami reports:

Florida officials are now saying that nearly 200,000 registered voters may not be U.S. citizens.

Earlier in the week, state election officials announced they had identified more than 2,600 people who are in Florida legally but ineligible to vote.

The Department of State is asking county election officials to verify the information. Election supervisors are contacting voters and if someone is not a citizen, their name will be dropped from the voter rolls.

But an initial list drawn up by the state — and not widely released — shows that a comparison of voter lists and driver’s license information turned up a list of nearly 182,000 people who may not be U.S. citizens.

Want more? Here is PJ Media talking about the Wisconsin governor’s race, which two-term Republican Scott Walker lost by a small margin:

Slowly the Walker vote had been edging up, until the governor was leading by about 7,000 votes. Then suddenly, at about 11:30 p.m., the Milwaukee County clerk delivered a bombshell.

He had apparently “discovered” some 46,000 mostly absentee ballots that had not been included in the previously announced count. Moreover, thousands of those ballots had been “damaged,” then “reconstructed” to enable machine counting. The clerk reported only that a “modem failure” had prevented these from being properly counted.

Unsurprisingly, when the tally was completed, about 38,000 of these were for Evers.

Walker lost the election by some 29,000 votes, a margin of 1.2% of the total. (Republican attorney general candidate) Schimel lost to (Democrat) Kaul by about 21,000 votes.

Want more? Breitbart News reports (notice once again that these close races all eventually go to Democrats):

Democrat Katie Porter has unseated Republican Mimi Walters in California’s 45th congressional district, shortly after overtaking the incumbent a week after Election Day as officials counted mail-in ballots.

The Associated Press called the race on Thursday evening. Nine days earlier, it appeared Walters had survived the challenge from Porter, a law professor at UC Irvine and protégée of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). On Election Day, Walters was ahead of Porter by 3.4%. But by Thursday night, Porter led by almost 4,000 votes of nearly 250,000 cast.

Walters seemed to realize the writing was on the wall several days earlier, when she gave up her bid to lead the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the House campaign arm of the Republican Party.

Porter’s win could mean that traditionally conservative Orange County will have no Republican representatives. As Walters fell, former state legislator Young Kim saw her lead over Demorat Gil Cisneros erased in the 39th congressional district.

Porter was considered by many observers — including Democrats — too left-wing for the district, and seemed to have flip-flopped on the issue of the gas tax, which had been important to California voters.

Can it get worse? Yes it can. Even when a Democrat loses the election fair and square, she demands a whole new election! Associated Press reports:

(Democrat) Stacey Abrams’ campaign is preparing an unprecedented legal challenge in the unresolved Georgia governor’s race that could leave the state’s Supreme Court deciding whether to force another round of voting.

The Democrat’s longshot strategy relies on a statute that’s never been used in such a high-stakes contest. It is being discussed as Georgia elections officials appear to be on the cusp of certifying Republican Brian Kemp as the winner of a bitterly fought campaign that’s been marred by charges of electoral malfeasance.

Can it get worse? Why not. Fox News reports:

Republican congressional candidate Young Kim, who just days ago was poised to be the first Korean-American woman in Congress as she led a closely contested California House race, is accusing her opponent of “harassing and intimidating” vote counters as her lead has disappeared.

Kim is vying to replace retiring Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., in California’s 39th District, which includes part of the state’s more Republican Orange County. Last week she held about a 3-point lead over Democrat Gil Cisneros with about 150,000 votes counted.

But since then, that lead vanished, with Cisneros taking a 941-vote as of late Thursday.

And it’s not just voter fraud in far-left Broward County that is threatening our freedom. The Gateway Pundit reports:

A federal prosecutor’s body was discovered on a Hollywood, Florida beach in May 2017.

Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in (Democrat) Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district in Broward County at the time of his death.

He was shot in the head.

Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr.’s body was found in May 2017 by a random individual. Local police investigated to determine if Whisenant’s death was a “homicide, suicide, or something else.”

Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in its major crimes unit. He was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district (Broward County, Florida).

Officials later decided Beranton’s death was a suicide and he shot himself in the head.

But no gun was ever found.

The Sun-Sentinel (newspaper) reported:

Detectives and a medical examiner found Whisenant had shot himself in the head, Hollywood police said.

Police searched for two blocks north and south of the crime scene but couldn’t find the gun or any other weapon.

He was assigned to the Miami office of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and been hired as federal prosecutor a few months earlier.

Whisenant had a nice family with three kids. We can be pretty darned sure that he did not kill himself. On the other hand we know that he was targeting some very powerful and violent people.

Meanwhile Freedom Outpost reports:

Controversies arise regularly in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 23rd district (Broward) and those who seek justice sometimes meet an untimely demise.

Deputy Jason Fitzsimmons was the first of two Broward County Deputies to question the politicizing of the Parkland (high school) shooting by Democrats. Both ended up dead, under intriguing and suspicious circumstances. Sunshine State News covered the story in April of this year:

Conspiracy theories have always turned me off, and I’m not posing one now — but doesn’t anyone else want to know what happened to Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzsimons?

Deputy Fitzsimons, 42, described as “in an excellent state of mind and health,” called in sick sometime April 1 and then died — his obituary read “unexpectedly.” Apparently he was found on his sofa.

That’s pretty much the extent of the death report.

… Another member of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, also believed to be in excellent health was found dead about 3 weeks later at his Mother’s house. Newspunch has the story:

According to the obituary notice, Marshall Lawrence Peterson was a “loving son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend” who was a popular member of the Sheriff’s office, having served there since 1989. However the obituary does not state why the 53-year-old man, who was apparently in good health, was found dead at his mother’s house.

Deputy Peterson is the second Broward County deputy to be found dead within a month. They were both in the prime of their lives and they died from unspecified, non-job related causes. Unless you count “questioning the official narrative surrounding a highly publicized school shooting” to be a job related cause of death…

Final note: Remember the burly black guy who was always with Hillary Clinton during the campaign? His name was Todd Madison. He died December 8, 2017 at the age of 49. Who knows what happened there.

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