More Bad News about Marijuana/ Gays Use Violence, Intimidation

The increasing legalization of marijuana all around the world – Canada legalized it nationwide in June 2018 – is a very bad trend. Marijuana is not the “harmless” drug that its proponents claim.

Writing on The American Thinker website Erin Philen reported:

Today’s marijuana has been hybridized by specialty farmers into an incredibly powerful mind-altering drug. A study labeled the “Functional Consequences of Marijuana Use in Adolescents” found that the average THC content of marijuana has increased from an estimated one percent in the 1960s, to just under three percent in the 1990s, to almost 13 percent today. Recent studies found that adolescent marijuana users demonstrated poorer performance on tests of attention, verbal learning/memory, sequencing, and psychomotor speed compared to non-using adolescents.

At least until the early or mid-20s, “the brain is still under construction,” says Staci Gruber, PhD, Harvard neuroscientist and director of the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core. During this period of neurodevelopment, the brain is thought to be particularly sensitive to damage from drug exposure.

The frontal cortex — the region critical to planning, judgment, decision-making and personality — is one of the last areas to fully develop, Gruber says. She has further shown that these commonly high levels of THC permanently degrade the brains’ “white matter,” which helps enable communication among neurons. This rewiring has been linked to major mental health issues including anxiety and depression.

Even so, state governments continue to normalize marijuana’s use and provide easier and easier access to it. As a result, marijuana has become the most frequently used drug by adolescents in the U.S., with statistics showing that 15% of adolescents have tried marijuana by 8th grade and 45% report use by 12th grade, as published by the Journal of Drug Issues in 2015. The rates among high school students are increasing, with daily use the highest it has been in the past 30 years.

Of course, most states’ marijuana laws make its use illegal for those under 21, but, just like alcohol, the prohibition hasn’t prevented underage kids from getting their hands on it.

In other words, this powerful new strain of marijuana damages the brain at one of the most critical times of development. Legalization is only going to increase and legitimize the use of this stuff among young people, and even among much younger kids (like fifth graders), as it becomes more acceptable. No wonder so many young people are depressed and anxious.

Proponents claim that marijuana is “better than alcohol”. This is false. You can drink a beer or two, or a martini or even two, and not get rip-roaring drunk. But one single puff of today’s powerful marijuana makes you the equivalent of drunk. Two puffs and the smoker goes into orbit. If this smoking continues every day or regularly, particularly among young people, the brain gets damaged, as it does with heavy alcohol saturation.

We have no idea how much damage marijuana has done to our society since the pro-marijuana, left-wing media will never investigate it or report on it. But you can be sure that millions of people have been adversely affected, perhaps tens of millions. When you see homeless people or poor people who cannot hold a job, or people who are otherwise screwed up, some of that is definitely a result of marijuana use.

Another falsehood says that marijuana is not addictive. This is a lie. It is highly addictive. has been acquainted in the past with marijuana addicts who smoked it regularly, sometimes every day, since the 1960s. One acquaintance actually was a successful businessman with a wonderful family and a $10 million fortune who often joked about how much he loved marijuana since he was able to function well while using it. But lo and behold the marijuana came back to bite him – he was killed at age 63 in an accident that strongly suspects happened when he was ‘high’.

So why are liberals rabidly promoting marijuana when they claim to care about health so much, for instance in their crusade against cigarettes? After all, one marijuana cigarette is said to be as damaging to the lungs as a whole pack of tobacco cigarettes, never mind the much worse damage that marijuana does to the brain (tobacco does not harm the brain or make you ‘high’).

Answer: Liberals care only selectively about health. If an issue helps them then the health aspect is totally ignored.

Marijuana helps Democrats because people set many of their life preferences in their teens and 20s. And if they see the “cool” Democrats making marijuana legal then they are more likely to become lifelong Democrats.

Marijuana also helps Democrats since it destroys the mind and makes its users dumber such that they will believe anything that Democrats claim, i.e., ‘global warming’ is killing the earth, Trump is evil, it’s OK for men to go into ladies’ bathrooms, etc.

Democrats claim that legalization will reduce the legal damage done to people who are caught with a small amount of marijuana. These cases have been clogging our courts and prisons for decades and it indeed is a problem. absolutely opposes marijuana ‘legalization’. But “decriminalization” is a different issue. So here is my proposal:

We should punish the possession of small amounts of marijuana like a traffic ticket, with fines and public service but no jail time. In addition anyone caught with small amounts should be ordered into education and rehab programs to learn about the perils of marijuana.

At the same time we should dramatically increase the penalties for selling or trafficking large amounts of marijuana. This will take down some of the dealers.

We also need to control the Mexican border where a lot of the drug comes through illegally.

These steps will free up our police, courts and jails to pursue other dangerous drugs like heroin, cocaine, opioids and fentanyl.

And finally, marijuana indeed is a “gateway” drug. has witnessed it for decades, when marijuana smokers often used harder drugs like cocaine, opium, pills and others.

Gays Use Violence, Intimidation Against Opponents

Breitbart News reports:

An LGBT activist who blew up a hired van outside the Australian Christian Lobby’s headquarters disliked its “position on sexuality”, according to reports.

Jaden Duong “drove a van up to a church, opened four cylinders of gas and lit a lighter” in an apparent suicide attempt, according to records released to the magistrate’s court where he is standing trial for arson and property damage.

…Asked why he chose the ACL headquarters — the ground floor of which was gutted — Duong is alleged to have replied: “Because I dislike the Australian Christian Lobby,” and, “Because religions are failed.”

…“Based on information known by police at the time, which included a brief record of interview with the alleged offender where he stated to police his intention was to commit suicide by blowing himself up, police stated the actions of the individual were not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated,” said an official statement.

Unbelievable. So not only did a homosexual brazenly attack a Christian organization but then the Australian police covered up for him. This is like police in America failing to act against terrorist ‘antifa’ groups or police and media in Europe failing to act on and report on islamic crime and terrorism.

This attack is part of a rising trend of violence from the left. Yet it is not Christians who are harming gays. They are harming themselves. Gays have naturally suffered for millennia with very high rates of early death, disease, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, mental disorders and childlessness. knows all about this. My gay cousin died of AIDS in 1996 at the age of 39. He was a successful bank executive. He lost everything and passed away. His mother even died a year before he did since she was so distraught about him having AIDS.

On the other hand Christianity has been the building block of Western civilization for 2,000 years. Breitbart News also reported:

A major Australian wedding magazine has been forced to close after a campaign by violence-threatening activists against the Christian-run publication over its failure to feature same-sex couples.

Luke and Carla Burrell, who have published White Magazine for 12 years, posted a statement Saturday announcing that the magazine was “no longer economically viable” following an intimidation campaign which saw advertisers, staff, and contributors targeted for abuse and threats of physical violence.

The couple said that, while the publication had always been secular, they were forced to “pick a side” earlier in the year when the Australian state broadcaster, ABC, published a piece in which former contributors to the publication “raised the alarm about White’s lack of LGBTQI diversity”.

In other words gays and their media cronies no longer want to allow those with contrary views to even speak.

Did Terrorists Start California Fires or Other US Fires?

We have seen muslim terrorists using arson to spread destruction in places like Europe and Israel. This may have come to the United States. We have had many major forest fires in the last few decades. Were some of them terrorist operations? It could be. Bridget Johnson at PJ Media reports:

With a long history of the terror group encouraging wildland arson, al-Qaeda supporters circulated a new poster through media channels highlighting “California burning.”

“They will question you about the mountains. Say: ‘My Lord will scatter them as ashes,'” says the text citing the Quran, imposed over news photos from the blazes.

The al-Qaeda propaganda comes shortly after one of the many media groups supporting ISIS operations online claimed that the deadly wildfires in northern and southern California are retribution for coalition bombings in Syria.

The image circulated online by Al-Ansar Media uses a photo of a burning building and misspelled the state “kalifornia.”

“O america, This is the punishment of bombing Muslims in Syria,” states the text. “This is Allah’s punishment for you. And in shaa Allah, you will see more fires. Praise be to Allah.”

So in other words when America wipes out murderous terrorists in Syria the terrorists retaliate by killing innocent people. This is classic terrorism.

So much for the “religion of peace”. PJ Media continues:

… In a 2012 issue of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine, a tutorial by “The AQ Chef’ under the “Open Source Jihad” section — al-Qaeda’s name for lone jihadist terrorism — highlighted the damage caused by 2002 wildfires in Australia.

“In America, there are more houses built in the country sides than in the cities. It is difficult to choose a better place other than in the valleys of Montana where the population increases rapidly. In the year 2000, a fire that is considered to be the biggest in the American history flared up in one of those valleys. It spread in a space equal to that of London. The fire burnt down 70 houses as well as a hundred car. On July of the same year and in the same place, a thunderstorm lighted 78 massive blazes in just one day, most of them were deadly firestorms,” the article said, proceeding to cite other wildfires.

“We mention such examples only to show the magnitude of the destructive impact that fires or firebombs make, to then ask the question: Is it possible for us to cause a similar destructive impact using a similar weapon? The answer is: Yes, it is possible. Even in a shorter time and with much bigger destructive impact.”

Al-Qaeda proceeded to instruct jihadists on how to pick the optimum weather conditions for arson, including dryness and winds, and discussed where to set a wildfire for maximum devastation.

An extensive step-by-step pictorial then showed would-be terrorists how to make an “ember bomb” to start the conflagration, encouraging use of a timer so that the perpetrator could easily escape.

Arson as a terror weapon is a tactic easily available to ignorant and untrained muslim terrorists just like truck attacks make for an easy way to kill without any kind of serious planning or skills like bomb-making or weapons training.

Mayor of CrazyVille (Portland, Oregon) is Tired of Being Mayor

Fox News reported:

Being mayor of Portland, Ore., may have gotten to Ted Wheeler.

On Thursday, after finishing a speech at the Oregon Health Forum in which he was heckled, Wheeler mumbled, “I can’t wait for the next 24 months to be over,” indicating he may not seek re-election, the Oregonian reported.

… In previous media interviews, Wheeler has complained about the job, calling it “no fun.”

The comment came a day after the City Council rejected his proposal to expand his powers to regulate protests. At the same meeting, the first-term mayor criticized a half-dozen people who regularly attended the meetings and subjected Wheeler to taunts and jeers.

Last month, Wheeler faced harsh criticism from a union that represents personnel from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding his handling of a 38-day protest in the city last summer by a group calling itself Occupy ICE.

In other words, this guy is getting it from both sides – from the crazies on the left for not being crazy enough. And from law enforcement and law-abiding citizens for allowing the city to slide into anarchy by restraining the police.

Have a nice two years, mayor!

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