Democrats Play Hardball, Republicans Play Badminton

First, here is a quick word about immigration: offers congratulations to president Trump for holding firm on the ‘caravan’ onslaught at the border including the use of tear gas, threats of arrest, and threats to close the entire Mexican border.

Trump knows that he will effectively end future ‘caravans’ by acting decisively against this one.

It is turning into an interesting story; by holding off the ‘caravan’ Mexico is taking the full brunt of the Central American marchers, and Mexico is very unhappy about it.

This is going to induce Mexico to take action against any future ‘caravans’. They will be stopped at Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

In other word, by getting tough, president Trump has shifted the burden of the ‘caravan’ off of the United States. This has turned into another effective Trump foreign policy strategy.

And now here is today’s main commentary:

Democrats Play Hardball, Republicans Play Badminton

America should be a much more conservative country than it is today but is not because cowardly RepubliCrats have thrown the game away.

They continue to act like moderates and liberals and they repeatedly accommodate Democrat demands to ‘reach across the aisle’ and make political compromises. Meanwhile Democrats become more and more radical and never compromise or reach across the aisle.

Just look at how many times top Republicans like House speaker Paul Ryan have publicly feuded with Trump as he did recently on the issue of the hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico.

Ryan could have kept his mouth shut but instead he made a statement against Trump. What a pimp. This is why Ryan is retiring from Congress at the height of his power – because he is a big, bland nothing who will soon be forgotten.

Ryan couldn’t even get elected vice president in 2012 as the running mate to spineless RepubliCrat Mitt Romney.

Romney could have been elected president if he had had the courage to stand up to Obama. Instead Romney lived in mortal fear of the liberal mantra that “anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist”.

We rarely see disagreement or feuding among Democrats and their president. They keep strict political discipline in their party. Few Democrats openly disagreed with Clinton or Obama and the ones who did disagree generally did it for show.

For instance moderate Democrat US senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut chastised Clinton in 1998 over the Monica Lewinsky scandal so that one top Democrat would be “on the record” criticizing Clinton while all other Democrats would be off the hook. This was a cheap political shadow play.

On the other hand many top Republicans publicly and regularly disagree with Trump. This weakens Trump at a time when he should be going full speed ahead on his agenda like building The Wall on the Mexican border (although parts of it are being built as we speak).

The late US senator John McCain was one of the worst Republican weasels of all time. For instance he ran for Senate re-election in 2016 insisting on the repeal of Obamacare. Over and over he said it and said it. Then in 2017 he cast the decisive vote not to repeal it. Democrats cheered.

When the Trump tax bill came up for a vote in December 2017 McCain played sick and left Washington without casting a vote. Nobody knew if the bill would pass and McCain’s vote might have been the crucial vote that he could have cast by spending just a few hours in the Senate before he went home.

Instead he went back to Arizona and lived 8 months longer.

Fortunately the bill passed without McCain’s vote, proving once again that John McCain always has been and always will be irrelevant to the success of America.

McCain also undermined Trump and the conservative agenda when he stayed in Arizona for those 8 months and refused to resign from the Senate even though he knew he would never go back to Washington.

This took a vote away from the Republicans at a time when they needed every vote (a senator cannot vote unless he/she is present in the Senate chambers). If McCain had resigned we would have had a replacement named to vote in his place during those 8 months (McCain’s appointed replacement since his death is a reliable conservative and former Arizona US senator Jon Kyl.)

In 2008 McCain ran a lame presidential campaign against Obama. He acted like a weak, old, guilty white male who thought that Obama really deserved to win. He also looked like a decrepit old man with that big bulge his cheek. That image was devastating for his campaign against a younger, thinner and better-looking Obama.

In another example of weakness Republican Iowa US senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, allowed the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings to degenerate into a circus, with repeated interruptions from the gallery. He should have cleared the gallery after the second incident, but did not do so in order to appear to the media to be “fair” and in favor of ‘free speech’. What a joke.

Grassley then delayed the committee confirmation because of Hurricane Florence even though it never got close to Washington. This delay gave Democrats more time to stall and smear Kavanaugh.

Democrats would never have done that. They would have rammed through whatever they had to, like Obamacare.

Meanwhile a member of Grassley’s own Judiciary Committee, Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein of California, has been exposed for having had a Chinese operative as a driver and staff aide for 20 years who was allegedly funneling secret information to the communist Chinese government (Note: Feinstein was once chairman of the Intelligence Committee).

Has Grassley acted in any way against Feinstein? No. Has any Republican in the US Senate done so? No.

On the other hand the entire Democrat political and media establishment have ganged up on president Trump for a Russia collusion story that has never produced a shred of evidence.

Here is another classic example of how Republicans have thrown the game away: We have had four Supreme Court justices appointed by Republican presidents – Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter, John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy – who ended up being sometimes or always moderates or liberals, who threw many important decisions to the Democrat side including gay marriage and Obamacare. Souter was totally liberal.

Meanwhile Democrat presidents only appoint judges who will vote the hard party line. That is how they have shifted the nation to the left through the courts when they could not do it through the ballot box.

Consider the disastrous tenure of attorney general Jeff Sessions who acted more like he was appointed by Obama. Unfortunately president Trump did not know that he was getting a Swamp Dweller in Sessions, who was an early Trump supporter.

Trump should have passed over Sessions for a real can-do AG like Joe DeGenova, Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani or Victoria Toensing. One of these four could indeed become attorney general in 2019 if the acting AG Matthew Whitaker does not stay on, although Whitaker looks like a good choice.

When Democrats pick an attorney general they pick a battle-hardened partisan like Janet Reno under Bill Clinton or Eric Holder under Obama. When the nation was outraged about the Waco massacre in 1993 during Clinton’s first three months in office, Reno stood tough. She did not resign in fear like a Republican AG would have. She took the heat for Clinton without batting an eye and then served all eight years of the Clinton presidency.

When Holder came under national fire for the Fast and Furious scandal, he and Obama acted like they didn’t even care. Because they didn’t; they knew that they had the power to cover up the issue and that their media cronies would cover for them as well.

President Donald Trump is the first Republican in decades to have a spine. And look at how much he is getting done. Meanwhile Trump takes the constant media hits – even from RepubliCrats in his own party. Yet it is only Trump’s election in 2016 that prevented the Republican party from getting wiped out. has experienced the same type of cowardice on the local level. When I was working in 2006 for a Republican candidate for state senate in Massachusetts that candidate was very concerned that I had written a letter to the newspaper endorsing him and saying that Democrats had “misruled” the state. Even that polite term was too extreme for Mr. Spineless RepubliCrat.

What is wrong with these people? The Republican party is supposed to be the party of strong men and women, of freedom, of fearlessness, confidence, pride and optimism. Republicans are not supposed to cower in fear or fold their tent at the slightest media attack. They are supposed to stand strong, but many no longer do.

Except for president Donald J. Trump. He is the role model going forward.

Republican US senator Bob Packwood of Oregon resigned his office in 1995 when it was revealed that he had made drunken passes at female staffers.

But after Democrat senator Ted Kennedy allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in the infamous 1969 Chappaquiddick incident, then tried to cover it up, and then lied about the whole incident in a public statement broadcast on TV Kennedy never missed a day of work in the US Senate where he served for another 40 years. And nobody protested, including Republicans.

They should have been marching in the halls to expel Kennedy. Meanwhile president Bill Clinton never resigned any office for what is widely believed to be decades of sexual abuse of women and malfeasance on many other issues including the Clinton Foundation.

RepubliCrat president George W. Bush ran and won the White House in 2000 on a sissy platform of “compassionate conservatism” rather than standing strong on conservative values. Unfortunately Bush really wanted amnesty for 12 million to 25 million illegal aliens and an open border. And a monstrous new Medicare plan.

But “compassionate conservative” Bush sure did stand foursquare in favor of the disastrous Iraq war which was perhaps the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of America.

In that war 4,373 American service personnel lost their lives and 32,226 were injured, many critically. This does not even include hundreds of thousands of US soldiers who returned home with PTSD and other debilitating after-effects of this awful war. Or hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens who were killed and injured. Or widespread destruction of the nation of Iraq.

The financial cost to American taxpayers of that war? It is in the trillions.

Thanks, Mr. Compassionate Conservative. You are such a thoughtful patriot.

Bush already is going down in history as a failure. Trump already is being seen as successful.

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