Will Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Resign?/ No General Motors Layoffs!

Speculation is swirling around 85-year-old far-left, Clinton-appointed Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is very frail. She has had cancer twice, and had a heart stent implanted in 2014. She was seen famously sleeping at Obama’s 2015 State of the Union addresses.

Justice Ginsburg is a tiny woman who probably weighs less than 100 lbs. In a September 2018 public appearance she was shriveled up in her chair and looked very bad, like someone on the brink of death. She could not even raise her head to speak.

Liberals are terrified that Ginsburg will die and be replaced by a conservative under president Trump, giving the Court a 6-3 conservative majority that will last for decades. Even more bad news for Democrats is that the next oldest justice is liberal Stephen Breyer, who is 80.

Democrats even have an informal ‘Ginsburg death watch’ which went on high alert when she was taken to the hospital after a fall on November 8. She is reported to have broken three ribs.

She has not returned to the Court since and is tele-commuting by computer from home.

Democrats are now wondering aloud why Ginsburg did not retire from the Court when Obama was president, when he could have appointed another leftist to replace her.

Nikitas3.com speculates that she may not recover from this fall. Such fractures generally produce severe pain in breathing, and particularly in coughing or sneezing. They reportedly can lead to pneumonia if lung functions are affected.

The extreme pain from broken ribs also could cause health to deteriorate in a fragile and elderly woman like Ginsburg. And if she takes medication for the pain, it can cloud her mind.

But she cannot be fired from or forced off of the Court unless she is impeached, which is not going to happen. The Court is a lifetime appointment. She must either resign or die in office.

The worst scenario is that she will pull a stunt like John McCain who refused to resign from the US Senate even though he knew that he was dying and was living out his final 8 months of life in Arizona, unable to return to Washington to vote on Senate matters. This robbed Senate Republicans of a crucial vote when they had only a small majority.

McCain did this in order to put a stick in the eye of president Trump and of us conservatives and to gum up the Senate as his last act of revenge on a system that had rejected him for president.

If Ginsburg resumes her normal duties at the Court, then that is fine. But if she does not and appears unable to do the job her fellow judges can only ask her to resign; she cannot be forced out.

But we know the score – even if she cannot go to work she would probably refuse to resign, like McCain. She would probably hang on to her position as long as president Trump, or any other Republican, is in office since he would appoint a conservative to replace her.

She would do this since she is a radical leftist who has no regard whatsoever for the decorum and traditions of the United States. She even once recommended in a speech in Egypt that nations looking to establish a constitution not model theirs on the American Constitution.

If Ginsburg hung on without being able to fulfill her duties, that would be a bad scenario. It would mean that the Court would operate with only 8 judges. The good part is that five of the judges are conservatives.

Time will tell how this situation works itself out. Nikitas3.com suggests that Ginsburg resign immediately so that a younger justice can take over. But we should not hold our breaths that she will do so.

No Layoffs at General Motors!

Detroit News reported:

General Motors Co. will likely have to lay off nearly 6,000 salaried workers after roughly 2,250 employees requested to take the buyout the Detroit automaker offered to North American salaried employees and global executives last month.

… The expected layoffs come as GM is also planning to stop production at five plants next year, including Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly and Warren Transmission, affecting about 14,300 jobs across the company.

Wow. Bad news. But General Motors should not be allowed to get away with this. GM took a taxpayer bailout in 2009 of $50 billion. Taxpayers are reported to have lost $11.5 billion on the deal, according to Reuters.

Since GM took public money then it should be responsive to the public need to preserve jobs. This would be one of the “strings attached” to a public bailout.

Nikitas3.com predicted back in 2009 that GM’s problems would not end with the bailout. President Trump reacted strongly to the announcement of the layoffs. Business Insider reported:

President Donald Trump shot back at General Motors on Monday after the automaker announced it would stop producing cars at three North American plants — two in the US — and lay off 15% of its salaried workforce.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal that the automaker should stop making cars in China and open a new plant in Ohio instead. The GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, is one of the three factories that will no longer produce cars under the company’s new plan.

“They better damn well open a new plant there very quickly,” Trump told the Journal.

The president said he spoke with GM CEO Mary Barra on Sunday night about the cuts and offered a warning to the executive.

“I love Ohio. I told them, ‘You’re playing around with the wrong person,'” he said.

Trump has long promised to bring back manufacturing jobs to the Midwest. He held a rally near the GM plant in Ohio in 2017. At that time, GM had already made layoffs at the Lordstown plant and cut factory hours to just one shift. During the rally, Trump promised the jobs were “all coming back.”

Good for president Trump. He is not going to sit idly by and watch US jobs disappear as presidents did for decades. And the taxpayer bailout gives him the ammunition he needs for his case against GM. Meanwhile The Detroit Free Press reported:

General Motors is (ending production of) multiple passenger cars, including the Chevrolet Volt and Chevrolet Cruze, two vehicles that were held up as examples of the automaker’s post-bankruptcy revival.

The Chevy Volt is the electric car that was supposed to transform General Motors into a futuristic company. Nikitas3.com warned from the start that the Volt was a ‘green’ fraud that was being forced on the company by the environmental movement and the Obama administration.

We don’t even know how big a role the failed Volt played in the economics of the planned layoffs, but it certainly could be significant. It may even be the biggest part of the problem. That possibility should be investigated.

GM also has a female CEO, Mary Barra. She may be an affirmative-action hire who did not know how to run the company. Let’s look into that as well.

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