How President Trump Will Get Re-Elected in 2020

After assessing the results of the mid-term elections which were somewhat positive for Democrats, liberals are more hopeful about defeating president Trump in 2020.

But predicts that Trump will be re-elected despite some Republican losses on November 6.

To understand the situation look at recent history. After much worse losses in the first mid-term elections after they were elected presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both won re-election handily in 1996 and 2012 respectively.

President Trump’s success at getting re-elected will depend on these factors:

* believes that Trump thoroughly enjoys being president and that he will offer a strong, positive image for re-election. This will help him to win since he must “look like” he wants a second term.

In 1992 some political analysts said that incumbent president George HW Bush did not appear like he really wanted to serve a second term and that that perception contributed to his loss.

In 2008 Republican John McCain ran such a lame campaign that many Americans wondered if he was really committed to being president. In some ways he even seemed to want Obama to win. He also looked like a deformed old man with that ugly bulge in his cheek.

President Trump will be 73 years old during his re-election, the same as Ronald Reagan when he was re-elected in 1984. Trump looks great and sounds very confident. Mrs. Trump looks awesome too.

Compare this image to that of Bill Clinton who looks like a sick, undernourished white-haired old man while Hillary Clinton often needs help just to climb the stairs. When Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service in 2016 it was a huge blow to her election prospects. Americans want a healthy president. Trump looks robust and his wife does too. His children do too.

If Bernie Sanders is the Democrat nominee – as believes that he very well may be – Sanders will look very bad with his image as an angry old communist (he spent his 1988 honeymoon in the Soviet Union), his frazzled white hair, his shouting cadence and his militant rhetoric.

*Incumbency: President Trump has all of the power of the presidency, along with the “bully pulpit” of the White House to get his message out. He knows how to use that power very well.

Throughout 2020 he will offer a running commentary from the Oval Office on the Democrat primaries through Twitter. Those primaries are likely to be very chaotic and contentious, offering the president plenty of Twitter fodder.

And if Democrats think that Trump will be a pushover in 2020, they should consider 2018. While the media have focused on the Democrats taking control of the House, they ignore the spectacular results that Republicans had in the Senate.

These Senate races are where Trump focused his political energy. In 2020 his political energy will be focused on getting himself re-elected.

*Trump the Leader: He will portray himself as more than a president, but as a natural “leader”, someone who is willing to take on every issue and lead, not follow or play neutral.

Example: For decades American presidents stood idly by as jobs disappeared overseas. Trump is standing firm over these jobs losses and fighting back. This is leadership.

Example: For decades North Korea was considered an immovable object that could never be reformed. Trump has started the ball rolling through the forceful power of his personality. The two Koreas may someday be unified as a result of Trump’s work. This is leadership.

*The condition of the economy in 2020 will play a huge role. President Trump is getting high marks on his handling of the economy and he knows that the economy is fundamentally strong.

Despite the best media efforts to downplay his success most Americans know that the economy is doing well and this is the most important issue for most voters.

Trump also knows that political factors are doing great economic harm like the Trump-hating media ‘talking down’ the economy; the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and talking about future raises, which drove down the stock market; and the election of the extremist Democrats to the House majority, which also hit the stock market hard.

President Trump will not be afraid to point out these factors. He already is doing so.

*America First: President Trump will run on the issue of proudly and boldly “putting America first”. This will appeal to a wide swath of the US electorate who are sick and tired of globalism. He has always put America first. He does what he said he would do and is open about it. No other president since Ronald Reagan has offered such a pro-American agenda.

Reagan was re-elected in 1984 on the campaign slogan of ‘Morning in America’. Trump’s slogan in 2020 will be ‘Keep America Great’. Good. They are both positive in tone.

On the other hand we can expect the Democrat candidate to go totally negative on Trump. This will help Trump as voters compare his positive approach to a negative one from the other side.

*Stay the course: President Trump will urge voters to stick with him, or risk going back to the bad old days of Obama. He will suggest the timeless adage “don’t change horses in the middle of the river”. This will be a very effective tool.

*Immigration: President Trump will offer a strong defense of his tough immigration policies and will explain how liberal judges are trying to undermine him. believes that immigration is a much bigger issue than the media are letting on, and will redound to Trump’s benefit big-time in 2020.

*The US military: President Trump can boast about his increased funding for the military and his love for our soldiers. He is very patriotic and is himself a commanding presence. If his opponent is someone who has compared our law enforcement officials and military to terrorists or otherwise spoken negatively about them, then he will win easily.

*’Green’ regulations: President Trump has scaled back many of the economy-killing regulations that were thwarting the economy. This is having a very positive effect on job creation. He is going to boast about this in 2020. Democrats will be reduced to screaming about ‘global warming’ (while the 2018 Thanksgiving season was the coldest in memory all over America).

*Trump has become very ‘presidential’ as time has passed: This will help him to get re-elected. He looks commanding in his physical demeanor and he knows how to handle the press and handle inquiries about and challenges to his agenda. His statements are clear. He is confident. He does not back down. This air of confidence and stature is going to appeal to voters in 2020, particularly if the Democrats nominate someone with little or no political experience.

*President Trump is not afraid to do public appearances and press conferences both informally and formally. He often talks at length. Americans are going to like this as they make a decision about 2020.

In 2016, after holding no press conferences for months Hillary finally did one on September 8 that consisted of only five questions. This helped to defeat her. She looked like she was ducking the press.

*Foreign policy is another strong Trump suit. He will be able to point to North Korea, the smashing of terrorists in Iraq and Syria, the re-negotiating of international trade deals, the successful pressure to get Europe to pay more for NATO, the US military buildup, etc. This is another big feather in his presidential cap.

*His 2020 political rallies are going to be huge and raucous. When he is in a fight for re-election his ‘base’ voters are going to turn out in large numbers, adding to the excitement about his candidacy.

President Trump did very well with his rallies in the recent mid-term elections, saving Republican US Senate candidates who might otherwise have lost.

*President Trump has no scandals or wars to bring him down: The media have tried to pin numerous scandals (Russia, Stormy Daniels, his tax returns, etc.) on the president but to no avail. Trump is smart; he will not do anything questionable or stupid, like starting a disastrous war as George W. Bush did in Iraq.

*Trump’s refuses to be intimidated by Democrats and the media. Most Republicans have been intimidated and cowed by the media onslaught. President Trump is not. As long as he projects an air of courage and confidence it will go a long way to his re-election.

*President Trump will win the 2020 debates easily. He is in total command in such a setting and he will shine on stage. Not every candidate is a good debater and if his opponent bungles even one sentence in the debates, it will be Game Over. Campaign officials and consultants enter debates very nervously; one big mistake can cause major damage.

But our side need not be at all nervous about Trump. He is a master communicator.

One of Trump’s finest moments in the 2016 election was the point during one debate in which Hillary Clinton said that she was glad that Trump was not in charge and Trump casually retorted, “Because you’d be in jail…”

This is the kind of smart-aleck quip that wins debates – and elections. President Trump is good at these off-the-cuff zingers. He does not have to rehearse them like Hillary Clinton obviously did in 2016. Her debate performances were at best passable.

*The identity of his 2020 opponent will play a big role. If his opponent is a wacky leftist like Bernie Sanders or Pocahontas (although believes that she will never win the primaries) then Trump will cruise to victory by pointing out his opponent’s extremism.

*The behavior of Democrats in the House of Representatives is going to be a major factor. When the Democrats devote every minute over the next two years to pursuing the president with investigation after investigation, he is going to tag them as the “do-nothing Democrats” who don’t care about the country. In contrast Trump will say that he has always “put America first” and point to his positive and accomplished agenda.

*Violence and intimidation: When anti-Trump leftists use violence and intimidation against Trump supporters and other Republicans as election day 2020 approaches, the president will point it out for his advantage. And finally:

*President Trump will be the big story in 2020 with the media hoping to defeat him with negativity. But with the focus on Trump he will have the media tiger by the tail. This will redound to president Trump’s benefit and lead to his re-election.

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