Politically Correct British Police / Oregon May Legalize Psychedelics

Britain is sinking into the multicultural abyss. Long a bastion of European good cheer, independence, wealth, resilience and innovation many Brits today are afraid to even express pride in being British. The forces of multiculturalism are making sure of that just as forces from the left are savaging America’s founding and history.

Impoverished muslims have migrated into Britain by the millions (2.6 million total, 4% of Britain’s population) and they are being welcomed in by the far-left Labour party.

Many of these muslims are not interested in becoming British. They want to remain muslim and ‘foreign’ and to practice the most militant form of their “religion”.

Yet islam no longer is even a religion. It is an extremist, anti-Western, anti-Christian political ideology.

At the same time a native-born, white Brit named Tommy Robinson was jailed just for publicizing the criminal trial of a muslim rape gang. These gangs focus on raping young white British girls in an intentional act of racial hatred, savagery and intimidation.

Meanwhile the British police are being further emasculated. Breitbart News reports:

Police will soon adopt a raft of “enhanced inclusivity” measures including celebrating “culturally-focused events like Black History Month” as forces across Britain are ordered to treat minority representation like a “critical incident”.

According to Police Oracle, a plan set to be launched next week will see every force create a “gold group at chief officer level focused on diversity”, with identity politics to be made a major priority.

Senior officers, staff associations, and members of various “communities” will work together towards meeting so-called diversity targets, the law enforcement news outlet said.

This “diversity” is a leftist tactic being deployed to give privilege, favoritism and career advancement to less-qualified or unqualified non-white and/or non-Western people over qualified white Europeans and Americans. This practice not only degrades the workforce but, worse, it blatantly discriminates against white Americans and Europeans. Breitbart continues:

These will reportedly be set by local mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners, and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) — the last of which was first tasked with transforming Britain’s “too white” police forces by then-Home Secretary Theresa May in 2015.

Too white? Gee, if white people are so bad then why are millions of non-whites and muslims breaking down the doors to enter white nations in Europe and the US. And then refusing to leave even when ordered out. Breitbart News continues:

(Theresa May) also ordered the inspectorate to force “radical change” on Britain’s fire brigades, which she slammed for being “96 percent white and 95 percent male” and supposedly plagued by a “toxic” culture of “harassment”.

Oh, sure. Then when the non-whites and women cannot pass the firefighter tests the tests are made easier to lower the standards. This threatens the safety of all Brits in fires. To demonstrate how it works, consider this story from the US in 1993:

An Amtrak train called the Sunset Limited ran off a bridge at more than 70 MPH and crashed into a swamp in Alabama after a black barge pilot on the river below knocked the train bridge out of line with his barge. 47 passengers and train crew members died and millions in damage was done in the destruction of the train and the bridge.

The pilot, Willie Odom, had failed his barge pilot’s licensing exam seven times and passed only on the eighth attempt. But he was found in an investigation of the accident to be totally incompetent and unprepared for the job.

We can assume that Odom was give so many chances on account of his race and may even have been approved on the eighth try without actually passing the test but just to get rid of him or to make sure that a black became a barge pilot under “affirmative action”. This possibility should be investigated.

This demonstrates how affirmative action and ‘diversity’ harm the general welfare. Breitbart News continued about Britain:

Committing police chiefs to “embedding diversity, equality and inclusion” into the heart of their forces’ every activity, the strategy comes with a “toolkit” of actions to increase minority representation, including making “emotional health and happiness” a priority and bringing in “reverse mentoring” schemes in which lower ranked officers will train their seniors in so-called “emotional intelligence”.

“Emotional intelligence” is a decoy phrase of the multiculturalists implying that real intelligence (high IQ, orderly thinking, ability to reason, studiousness, knowledge of the subject at hand, etc.) is irrelevant and that anybody can do anything and that all people are equally smart.

So let’s demand that the multiculturalists fly on airliners designed by people with “emotional intelligence”. Lucky for them the plane wouldn’t even get off the ground or even out of the terminal gate. Breitbart News continues:

Forces will also be told to introduce flexible working practices enabling time off for cultural or religious observance, as well as launching initiatives celebrating “culturally-focused events such as major religious festivals and Black History Month”.

Thus Britain is being compelled to celebrate black history after hordes of poor African and Caribbean blacks have migrated desperately into white Britain to escape their own ‘black history’ (there are 2 million blacks in Britain, or 3% of the population). Meanwhile Breitbart News reports about another issue in Britain:

UK police risk becoming “irrelevant” to many people as they fail to investigate huge numbers of reports and bring a “shockingly-low number of charges” for some crimes, despite the number of reported crimes rising steeply, MPs have said.

The report, by Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee, argues there could be dire consequences for public safety if problems in the police are not addressed.

New data gathered by the committee reveals that recorded crime has surged by 32 percent in three years – including steep rises in robbery, theft, and vehicle crime – but charges and summons are down 26 percent.

This is what always happens as a state or a nation moves to the political left as Britain has – crime increases precisely as police become weaker and more politically-correct. This is a double-whammy against law-abiding citizens.

Oregon Could Legalize Dangerous Halluncinogens

The state of Oregon legalized marijuana in 2015. Today pro-drug forces in Oregon are seeking to legalize a vastly stronger drug called ‘magic mushrooms”, which are hallucinogens.

In other words, once the left gets hold of an issue – like legal marijuana – they keep pushing and pushing. This is part of their agenda to legalize all drugs from marijuana to heroin to LSD. This is part of their strategy that includes euthanasia and abortion, i.e., to constantly legitimize things that are negative for mankind.

This attempt to legalize ‘magic mushrooms’ – which are real mushrooms – show how the left plans to take over America, by inducing tens of millions of voters into a narcotic stupor such that those voters believe everything that the Democrats tell them, i.e., ‘climate change’ is killing the planet; it is OK for men to go into ladies bathrooms and locker rooms; Trump colluded with Russia, etc.

The British website The Sun reported about Oregon:

Magic mushrooms could soon be legalised in one US state after officials took a step closer to a potential ballot on the issue.

Oregon’s Secretary of State approved the language needed for the ballot which means those in favour of decriminalising the psychedelic drug now need to get 117,578 signatures.

Oregon’s Secretary of State has just approved language for a potential ballot initiative could see magic mushrooms become legal

If they reach that target it could go to a vote in the 2020 general election, CNN reports.

And if successful the drug would then be legal and could be manufactured under a license.

The possession of psychedelic mushrooms is currently illegal is across America.

These “magic mushrooms” were popularized in the 1960s. Wikipedia describes them like this:

The effects of psilocybin mushrooms come from psilocybin and psilocin. When psilocybin is ingested, it is broken down to produce psilocin, which is responsible for the psychedelic effects. … The physical effects tend to appear around 20 minutes after ingestion and will last approximately 6 hours. The effects include nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, drowsiness, and lack of coordination…

As with many psychedelic substances, the effects of psychedelic mushrooms are subjective and can vary considerably among individual users. The mind-altering effects of psilocybin-containing mushrooms typically last from three to eight hours depending on dosage, preparation method, and personal metabolism. The first 3–4 hours of the trip are typically referred to as the ‘peak’ in which the user experiences more vivid visuals, and distortions in reality. However, the effects can seem to last much longer to the user because of psilocybin’s ability to alter time perception.

Obviously this is very dangerous stuff. These are ‘psychedelic’ which means that they alter the mind significantly. And this is exactly what the leftists want – to impose maximum mental damage in order to control the dumbed-down population. The Sun also reported:

Some scientists say psilocybin – which is found in psychedelic mushrooms – could help reduce anxiety in people with cancer.

It could also be used as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and alcoholism.

Tom and Sheri Eckert, who are leading the petition, said: “The intent of the 2020 Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon is to advance a breakthrough therapeutic model currently being perfected in research settings at top universities around the world.”

These Eckerts are evil and dangerous people. And this tactic of proposing the legalization of illegal drugs for medicinal purposes took root with marijuana. First they legalized it for alleged “medicinal” benefits, and then they get it legalized for recreational use.

Just ask yourself: Would you want your children or grandchildren to use ‘magic mushrooms’? Would you want to have surgery performed by a doctor who was using or who had used ‘magic mushrooms’? Would you fly on an airplane piloted by someone who was using or had used such a drug?

Of course not. So why should they be legalized?

They should never be.

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