The 1960s were a Decade of Leftist Destruction occasionally watches videos about the 1960s to see where our culture went wrong.

That was a very bad decade for America. I should know. I lived through it and I knew that it was bad even back then.

I disdained the ‘hippie’ culture. I considered it to be shallow, ignorant, easily swayed, self-centered and conformist. The ‘hippies’ all looked alike, thought alike, dressed alike and listened to the same music. No wonder I became a conservative. I was even somewhat conservative back then and very “different” from most of my contemporaries.

The three-day Woodstock music festival of August 1969, which was considered the culmination of the entire decade, turned into a disgusting mess. The massive field of garbage left behind by the Woodstock attendees was a perfect metaphor for an entire generation. Yet somehow the ‘hippies’ acted as if Woodstock was an historic human success story.

Recently I watched a brief video clip about The Merry Pranksters, a 1960s ‘hippie’ group that drove across the country in an old school bus that was painted in wild colors and designs. The pranksters acted like idiots, taking illegal and mind-altering drugs, handing out LSD and seeking to shock everyone who saw them.

One of the founders of the pranksters revealed in an interview decades later that many of his ‘hippie’ friends ended up dead or deranged from all of the drugs that they took and from their terrible behavior.

This is no surprise. Conservatives warned about the destructive nature and habits of the 1960s “counterculture” movement but were mocked, disparaged and defamed for their caution.

But that is to be expected – the 1960s ‘counterculture’ movement started off on a false premise; it portrayed the conservative 1950s as a bad time when nobody had any fun, that the 1950s were too strait laced when everyone just worked hard and raised their families right and never enjoyed themselves.

This is false. The 1950s was a decade of maximum prosperity and order. Families were large and happy. That was the greatest gift of all. Unemployment was low and wages were high. Optimism abounded. Kids were civil to one another; they did not shoot up their schools. Dad went off to work and Mom stayed with the kids and we kids were the luckiest kids on earth. We remember the 1950s with great fondness.

Compared to 99% of human history the 1950s was a Golden Era. But not to the ‘hippies’ because the ‘hippies’ knew nothing about life or history; they were an ignorant, arrogant, youthful front group being manipulated from behind the scenes by hard-left, anti-American communists in the universities. The communist Soviet Union also did everything it could to finance and bolster the ‘hippie’ movement and undermine the US.

Why? Because the 1950s showed American capitalism succeeding and this is something that communists can never tolerate – to see capitalism succeeding in contrast to their own failure.

That is why so many Fake News media stories today offer only bad news about the Trump economy. It is an attempt to destroy the nascent prosperity that president Trump is bringing back to the United States after Obama failed to do so.

So the ‘hippies’ declared that there was much more to life than the life of the 1950s. They demanded more and they took it. They were lazy, they consumed large amounts of illegal drugs, they engaged in easy sex, they revered demonic rock music and its drug-addicted stars, and they were supremely arrogant. They acted like fools without any boundaries to their behavior. Many videos of their behavior are truly cringe-worthy.

The ‘hippie’ generation paid a steep price for its debauchery. Millions were impaired from drugs and many died. Some, like the ‘hippie’ leader Abbie Hoffman, committed suicide. Many top rock music stars died young, committed suicide or descended into dementia. Leading political figures like president John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered in what looked like a society gone crazy. Because it had.

Out of 77 million in the so-called ‘baby boom’ generation born between 1945 and 1964 tens of millions were propagandized with vile ideas from the left. This propaganda highlighted self-indulgence over the common good, darkness over light, atheism over God, abortion over life, drugs over sobriety.

And that is why so many older people today are crazy left-wingers; they took too many drugs and they believed the negative propaganda about the 1950s even though they themselves benefitted from that prosperous decade.

They never knew what it meant to live on the other side, in war, deprivation or both. So they invented a laundry list of things to hate about America.

The ideas spawned in the 1960s and the rejection of the order and prosperity of the 1950s led to decades of mental disorders, drug abuse, social chaos, economic decline and family destruction. We are still feeling the effects today.

It is obvious that much of the pathological and bizarre hatred of president Trump comes from the ‘hippies’ – now in their 60s and 70s – who lost their minds to drugs and are clearly showing the effects. has personally been acquainted with some of these people.

By the way, president Trump never took illegal drugs or even has drunk alcohol in his life. He attended a military high school and then went right into his business career after college.

These grown-up ‘hippies’ are demonstrating that they still are group-thinkers and conformists like they were in the 1960s, who are easily influenced, and so they fall lock-step into hating the president. They are terrified to dissent.

Today we have marijuana being legalized all over the country. This is a very bad idea that took root in the 1960s. Many reports say that the super-powerful marijuana of today has turned from a mild narcotic in the 1960s to a mind-altering drug.

But in the 1960s marijuana was the least of the illegal drugs. The much more destructive drugs were peyote, ‘magic mushrooms’, opium, heroin, prescription drugs and the worst of all LSD. Tens of millions of kids all over America consumed these drugs in large quantities.

Top “counterculture” figures urged young people to take these drugs. “Turn on, tune in, drop out…” they urged. This destroyed millions of good minds. The state of Oregon even may have a ballot initiative in 2020 to legalize “magic mushrooms”, which are a dangerous hallucinogen. This shows what a bad path we started down in the 1960s. It just gets worse and worse in every imaginable way.

So what happened to the peace and prosperity of the 1950s when conservative Republican Dwight Eisenhower was president?

It was destroyed. A young Democrat president John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960 through fraud. Kennedy then got us into the Vietnam War. After Kennedy was assassinated Democrat president Lyndon Johnson escalated Vietnam dramatically. This tore America apart and killed 58,313 of our young men.

In short, the stability and prosperity of the conservative 1950s was replaced by Democrat war abroad and left-wing ‘hippie’ insanity at home. The whole nation began to degrade and we still are feeling the after-effects.

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