‘Greenies’ Seeking to Block New Oil, Gas Pipelines

Environmentalists know that they cannot shut down the oil and natural gas industries all at once and so they are trying to do it incrementally.

One of their techniques is to oppose new pipelines for moving crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel and other fuels. Fox News recently reported:

A federal appeals court (criticized) the U.S. Forest Service for granting a private company a permit to build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA., said in a ruling on Thursday that the U.S. Forest Service “abdicated its responsibility to preserve national forest resources” when it granted the permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to Dominion Energy, the pipeline’s lead developer, National Public Radio reported.

“We trust the United States Forest Service to ‘speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues,’” the three-judge panel said in the ruling…

The court decided that the Forest Service did not have the authority to grant the permits to build a pipeline that would originate in West Virginia and stretch across Virginia and North Carolina.

The pipeline plans caused uproar among environmental groups as parts of it would have to be built through the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests and across the Appalachian Trail, the NPR reported.

OK, first of all this is baloney that ’the trees have no tongues…’

Friends, the trees have tongues. The trees have big mouths. The tree-hugger environmentalists and their army of lawyers and media cronies are without question the loudest voices in America today. There is no other group that manages to inject itself into so many political issues and news stories the way that ‘greenies’ do.

Every single day the Fake News media are full of stories about “climate” and ‘warming’ and ‘greenhouse gases’ and forest fires and hurricanes, all blamed on oil and natural gas and coal. Billboards and radio public service announcements urge us to ‘visit the forest’. Meanwhile ‘greenie’ activists, hikers and bird watchers are treated like demi-gods in the same media.

Famous people become radical ‘green’ activists because the media give them slobbering coverage. The washed-up Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger got international media coverage recently when he told a ‘climate’ conference in Poland that he wished that he could go back in time and stop coal, oil and natural gas before we ever started using them.

This guy is insane. Coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power have lifted mankind out of millennia of poverty, uncertainty, short lifespans and general misery and into an age of prosperity, abundance, good health and long lives.

Regarding the pipeline story, we must always remember that the national forests are acquired and managed with taxpayer dollars and thus belong to all of us. Yet environmentalists act like public land is off limits to any kind of economic development and that it is their duty to protect that land. This is part of their messiah complex where they believe that only they are saving the world from certain destruction.

But if tens of millions of us taxpayers want “our” land to allow a pipeline to cross then that opinion should be taken into consideration. And Nikitas3.com definitely wants the pipeline across “my” land for the common good.

‘Greenies’ really are seeking to take all “public” land for their own personal use, i.e., we all pay for it but only they get to use it when they go backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, etc. This is classic liberal selfishness and narcissism.

This is much like the way that liberals have duped us all into paying for National ‘Public’ Radio that few if any conservatives listen to but that Democrats use for a national megaphone with selectively biased coverage. Fox News continued:

“Construction (of the pipeline) would involve clearing trees and other vegetation from a 125-foot right of way (reduced to 75 feet in wetlands) through the national forests, digging a trench to bury the pipeline, and blasting and flattening ridgelines in mountainous terrains,” the ruling read, detailing the damage to the environment.

“Following construction, the project requires maintaining a 50-foot right of way (reduced to 30 feet in wetlands) through the [two national forests] for the life of the pipeline,” the judges added.

Yes, indeed, and if you look at a map from overhead this 50-foot right-of-way is like a thread through the wilderness. It would be covered by green growth; once the pipeline is buried you don’t see it or hear it.

Compare this to the high-speed passenger trains that ‘greenies’ want to build all over the US. They want to blast brand-new corridors through the countryside with raised roadbeds, bridges, stations and tunnels that require significant disruption of the land.

Fast passenger trains are extremely noisy. Videos of European trains show them shrieking across the land, giving off a high-pitched whine combined with a sound like a roaring jet. Brakes screech loudly at every stop.

This noise is a significant form of pollution and is audible miles away. Anyone who lives near railroad tracks knows the score – trains are noisy. And the faster they go the more noise they make.

On the other hand pipelines operate silently and invisibly.

Pipelines are paid for by private companies while the proposed high-speed US passenger trains would require taxpayer subsidies for all time as Amtrak still does after 47 years in operation.

The construction of a California high-speed passenger train is such a boondoggle that it has all but been abandoned after spending billions on its first leg. Fox News continued about the pipeline:

Several environmental groups brought the lawsuit against the private energy company. The Southern Environmental Law Center said that the Forest Service was initially skeptical towards the project, but later changed its mind after the Trump administration came into power.

Yes, because the Trump administration is not controlled by radical environmentalists who want to crush our economy with their outlandish schemes.

We know how ‘greenies’ and Obama fought to block the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline, both major energy conduits that will help to maintain North American energy independence by making crude oil available from Canada instead of from the Middle East or other foreign sources. Fox News added:

Dominion Energy said they will appeal the decision … “If allowed to stand, this decision will severely harm consumers and do great damage to our economy and energy security,” said Aaron Ruby, a spokesman for Dominion Energy.

“Public utilities are depending on this infrastructure to meet the basic energy needs of millions of people and businesses in our region.”

We in New England found that out when ‘greenies’ blocked a new natural gas pipeline even after it was determined that existing pipelines were not adequate for the region’s needs.

And lo and behold when temperatures plummeted in the Winter of 2018 we had to import natural gas from… Russia!

The Washington Examiner reported on March 24, 2018:

Earlier this year, New England — located just a few hundred miles from the Marcellus Shale, one of the world’s largest natural gas fields (in Pennsylvania) — was forced to import a cargo of Russian liquefied natural gas. This was necessary because anti-energy activists have convinced local elected leaders to block new energy infrastructure, including pipelines that could bring American gas to the region. This is making households in the Northeast more dependent on imported energy, and forcing them to pay among the highest energy bills in the country.

This was no accident. The Conservation Law Foundation, a prominent anti-energy group in Massachusetts, states on its website that importing natural gas from foreign countries is preferable to building new pipelines. The Sierra Club’s Massachusetts chapter has simply declared “No New Pipelines” while the state’s attorney general thinks Russian LNG is better for the climate is than piping in American fuel.

Even the Boston Globe opined that “Massachusetts’ reliance on imported gas from one of the world’s most threatened places is also a severe indictment of the state’s inward-looking environmental and climate policies.”

This is the ‘green’ movement in a nutshell –self-absorbed, irrational and obsessed with having power over all of us, no matter the cost.

Imagine that… we imported natural gas from 5,000 miles away in Russia rather than from 300 miles away in Pennsylvania. This is crazy. How much energy was wasted, and how much pollution and ‘greenhouse gases’ were emitted, in transporting that fuel from so far away when it was available close by?

Nikitas3.com attended two public meetings that environmentalists had set up for public input into the New England pipeline. Both meetings were carefully choreographed by local anti-pipeline activists, were full of ‘green’ propaganda including “climate” hysteria, and the meetings were stacked with Democrat anti-pipeline town officials. Meanwhile the local newspaper gave every possible type of positive coverage to the environmentalist side of the debate.

‘Greenies’ will continue to try to shut down the oil industry every day. This is why they are promoting electric cars even though electric cars are extremely inefficient and use much more energy per mile than gasoline cars. This is why they need huge taxpayer subsidies.

They want electric cars since these vehicles use electricity whose production and distribution by utilities is heavily regulated by the government. And that government is strongly influenced and often outright controlled by the ‘greenies’.

See the picture? Slowly but surely they will screw us all and shut down the oil industry… but only if we let them.

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