Socialism Preys On, Consumes, Destroys Capitalist Wealth

Four of the wealthiest states in the history of America – Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and California – were taken over starting in the 1960s by Democrat leftists and turned into economic basket cases.

This is to be expected; leftists are like rats. They live in or move into wealthy places, increase their political power and feed on and destroy the wealth, and then push good people out with their policies. Here are some classic examples:

*For 300 years New York City and New York state were the economic engines of the New World. New York City was a place of unparalleled prosperity and optimism which extended north up the Hudson River to Albany.

The Erie Canal, which opened in 1825, ran east-west through the center of the state, connecting the Hudson River to the Great Lakes. It opened up trade between the wealthy East Coast and the growing industrial heartland. The canal corridor boomed economically and the canal quickly paid for itself with tolls.

The New York Central Railroad, which followed the “water level” canal route, was a standard for the world – four tracks wide from New York all the way to Chicago.

But today the socialists have seized full power in New York state – they recently took majority control of the state senate and now have the governorship, the state assembly and state senate. The New York attorney general is a far-left Democrat and both US senators are Democrats.

Through their policies, Democrats have stolen much of New York’s wealth; New York today is a high-tax (8.25% statewide sales tax), low-growth state with a small population of wealthy elites in New York City but otherwise is full of increasingly poorer people, millions of welfare freeloaders, hard-left activists, ‘green’ demagogues like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., uncompromising Democrats and mass corruption.

The intolerant far-left Democrat governor of New York has said that hard-working, taxpaying conservatives – the types of people who built the state up from nothing – have no place in his state. How disgusting.

At the same time this governor Andrew Cuomo announced his full support for the legalization of marijuana. This is classic socialism – once the economy is destroyed you bring in drugs to destroy the people’s minds.

Thus it is no surprise that New York has seen an outflow over the last 30 years of millions of younger, skilled and educated residents and hundreds of thousands of jobs as it has moved farther and farther to the left, with an extremely weak Republican party.

New York once was an economic engine of the world. Today, few people move to New York state to be successful anymore, except into New York City. And even that city has lost much of its luster.

*Michigan was a thriving territory since Colonial days with trapping, logging, mining, farming, trading and manufacturing. Bordered by two of the Great Lakes, which were and are major shipping lanes Michigan was ideally located for growth and prosperity.

As the 20th century progressed Michigan became the wealthy automobile capital of America and as a result had one of the most highly educated and skilled populations in the world.

But by the late 20th century Michigan became known as “the sick man of America” after radical union activism in the auto industry ate away the wealth by the billions, driving tens of thousands of auto jobs away with outrageous wage demands, workplace disruptions and strikes. Michigan’s overall population actually started shrinking.

Detroit, once the prosperous Car Capital of the World, became a global synonym for decay and collapse.
In short, no system other than socialism could turn gold into dirt faster.

In contrast, the “transplant” car companies in the American South – foreign manufacturers with plants in the US like Hyundai, BMW and Mercedes – are thriving. Their workers are productive and happy with their wages and they have repeatedly voted against the unions. This is a clear rejection of the demands, violence and threats that unions bring and the potential loss of jobs or shutdown of factories that plagued the unionized North.

*California was a land of opportunity for more than a century. It attracted millions from all over the US and the world. Today, as California has swung hard to the political left, an estimated 250,000 hard-working, skilled, educated middle-class people are fleeing the California ‘workers paradise’ every year. Meanwhile uneducated, unskilled illegal immigrants, many of whom do not even speak English, are flooding into California. Can you see the problem?

California now has the highest poverty rate in the nation even though it is the fifth wealthiest place in the world, even richer than the nation of Britain. California also has a classic socialist profile – the greatest chasm between rich and poor in the US.

An estimated 150,000 homeless people are living on the streets of California cities, more than any other state. San Francisco, once known for its class and beauty, now has online, real-time maps to warn residents where the piles of human waste are deposited on the sidewalks by the homeless and by the junkies who shoot up heroin in public view.

This problem has spread to other ultra-liberal West Coast cities like Portland Oregon.

“Our city has become a cesspool,” Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association, wrote on Facebook. “Livability that once made Portland a unique and vibrant city is now replaced with human feces in businesses doorways, in our parks, and on our streets.”

In Seattle, which is a thriving, ultra-liberal economic hub (Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, etc.) the smell of human waste from the city’s homeless is so bad around one courthouse that there are calls for drastic action. But alas a local liberal has actually protested the cleanup. The Daily Caller reports:

A Seattle, Wash., councilman implied that a new effort to clean excrement off the side walk outside the local courthouse could be racist…

The crime and smell of urine and excrement have gotten so bad outside a King County courthouse that two judges are scrambling to find ways to fix the situation, reports the Seattle Times.

King County councilmember Larry Gossett isn’t a fan of one solution to power wash the feces from the sidewalks to tamp down on the smell. Power washing the sidewalks is too reminiscent of civil rights activists being hosed down, he said.

OK, so here we go again… civil rights, i.e., the race card. This demonstrates how these loony wacktivists are driving good people away with endless “tolerance” of horrible human behavior. Decent people throw up their hands; the craziness becomes simply too much to accept.

And while apologizes for talking about human waste in this one instance in over 10 years on the web, it is done to illuminate a fact – human waste often comports with liberalism. It’s interesting how that happens.

Meanwhile the ultra-rich socialists in California, including the computer kingpins, live like royalty on their exclusive estates and in their lavish homes and townhouses. They want no change whatsoever and use their political and financial influence to make sure that there is none. That is why they continue to support the increasingly radical Democrat party that protects them at the expense of everyone else including the beleaguered residents of San Francisco.

*Massachusetts was at the heart of the American economy for three centuries with some of the finest academic institutions and smartest people in the world.

But today, except for the prosperous areas in and around Boston, much of ultra-liberal Massachusetts is withering. knows all about it. I live in Massachusetts. I have witnessed the wreckage of socialism first hand.

The labor unions killed my hometown, driving the major employer General Electric out with decades of strikes. The taxers and regulators have made it difficult for business to survive in Massachusetts. Corruption is rampant; the famous Big Dig highway project in Boston became a legendary synonym for hard-core political graft. Corporate America knows that Massachusetts is a bad place to do business, with endless ‘green’ obstruction on top of everything else.

In my small Massachusetts county alone 800 high-paying paper manufacturing jobs were driven away in one single year after the ‘greenies’ pushed up electricity costs with their policies.

There is an old joke – that there is a vocal, pro-Boston crowd in the grandstands everywhere across the country where the Boston Red Sox play baseball since so many people have fled Massachusetts and dispersed throughout America.

Meanwhile New Hampshire, which is next door to Massachusetts and has a centuries-long reputation for conservatism, is thriving. If you drive over the border you will see a striking difference right away – the roads are better and the towns are brighter and more prosperous than depressed Massachusetts.

This is why tens of thousands of Massachusetts liberals have fled to New Hampshire. Fortunately Massachusetts recently re-elected a Republican governor and Michigan has seen a renaissance under two-term, tough-guy Republican governor Rick Snyder, including even Detroit. Suddenly Michigan is “cool” again, with a growing economy.

But New York and California both have defied challenge to their hard-left agendas. Both have far-left governors and Democrat control of all statewide offices.

So where have the people gone when fleeing these socialist dystopias?

They are running at top speed to conservative states like Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Idaho, Utah and North Carolina.

As a global example Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves yet it has been taken over by hard-left marxists and the people today are starving while its leaders and their cronies accumulate massive fortunes. Millions have fled the country. This can only happen under leftist communist rule – tens of trillions in potential wealth turned into poverty and misery. recently saw a video showing Havana, Cuba in the 1950s. Cuba was thriving under a conservative, pro-business, pro-American government. Havana was lively, exciting, clean and beautiful, like Miami today.

But the communists seized power in Cuba in 1959 – obviously angered by all of that economic success and happiness – and since then Havana has become a decrepit, decaying city. The people are poor and they are still driving the same American cars that they were driving in the 1950s(!)… because that is all that they can afford.

Socialism always destroys. The US financial crisis of 2008 was caused after Democrat-mandated policies forced banks to loan trillions of dollars to poor people to buy homes. When most of those loans went into default, as conservatives warned they would, the whole US economy suffered.

Millions of people in communist North Korea are starving and living in poverty and misery with only about 7% of the average income of residents of capitalist next-door South Korea which is allied with the United States. North Korea does not even have electricity outside of its capital city.

The Democrats are now gnawing away at Florida. One of the richest places on earth Florida has an annual wealth production (state Gross Domestic Product) of $996 billion or larger than the economy of the entire nation of Turkey and almost as large as the country of Mexico ($1.15 trillion).

Florida has prospered under a generally conservative government. Its state legislature, both House and Senate, is heavily Republican and its governor for the last eight years has been Republican Rick Scott. He helped the Florida economy to thrive even as Obama was strangling the national economy.

But alas the socialist rats see all of that money and have moved to Florida in droves (they rarely move to poor places unless it is easy to get welfare). They were trying to steal the 2018 Florida governor’s election for a radical black leftist named Andrew Gillum who would have thwarted the state economy with his policies.

If people like Gillum ever get elected, Florida’s “prosperity for all” will become prosperity for fewer and fewer. Fortunately Republican congressman Ron DeSantis (ex-military conservative, Yale, Harvard) won the governor’s race.

Here is just one example of how socialism hurts: Florida has a big yacht-building industry. In 1990 a special federal luxury tax was imposed on yacht purchases, at the urging of Democrats, ostensibly to get more money from “the rich”. But “the rich” balked at the high tax and stopped buying yachts.

This devastated Florida’s yacht industry leading to thousands of layoffs while the amount of tax revenue from yacht sales plummeted, i.e., socialism always produces the opposite of what it promises.

Allowing the Democrats to seize power is like allowing strangers to come into your home and eat your food and sleep in your beds. You might think that it is only temporary but eventually they will force you out of your own house.

It already has happened to New York, California and another very liberal state, Illinois (the home of Obama in Chicago) which is seeing a major exodus of younger, skilled and educated people. Just ask Illinois U-Haul dealers which way their trailers and trucks are going, i.e., one way, fleeing Illinois.

America is seen as a last refuge for the world’s oppressed masses. It is the one of the few nations that has fought off the rats. But it may not be able to fight much longer if present trends continue. Every state could become like New York and California, and Cuba and Venezuela.

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