Build the Wall!

President Trump has finally gotten serious about building The Wall on the Mexican border. This wall is badly needed not only to stem illegal immigration but to halt the massive tide of illegal drugs over our southern border.

Parts of the federal government are now shut down over $5 billion in wall funding. Good. Government shutdowns are no longer perceived as the great evil that the Democrats once said they were.

Democrats are terrified that Americans are finally noticing that nothing really changes when the federal government shuts down. This exposes the government for what it is – largely a bloated, self-absorbed, arrogant monolith that needs to be trimmed way back.

Democrats also greatly fear The Wall because the building The Wall is finally taking hold and president Trump deserves the credit. Just a few years ago the idea of a wall would have seemed impossible. Yet today we are arguing over the financing even after some sections of The Wall already have been built.

More than $1.5 billion has already been appropriated for wall construction. This money is doing and will do a lot of building, particularly in high-crossing areas where construction is underway.

The Wall will pay for itself immediately. One recent study says that taxpayers dish out $135 billion annually for the illegals. It is time to stop more of them from coming in.

The building of the The Wall to date, and the further construction of The Wall, is part of a global uprising against open-borders socialism. This movement is growing every day.

Opposition to The Wall comes not only from Democrats, the media and the Washington Swamp but from many Republicans as well. This is why president Trump has not been able to secure funding earlier and has resorted to a government shutdown.

The president has spoken the truth when he said that The Wall represents “legitimate concerns for border security.” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders wisely, “We protect nations all over the world, but Democrats are unwilling to protect our nation. We urgently need funding for border security and that includes a wall.”

Democrats want as much illegal immigration as possible in order to overwhelm our country with poor, unskilled, uneducated, dependent and often sick and violent aliens. This is part of the Democrats’ plan to destroy our economy and our freedom with massive dependency and social chaos among illegal immigrants who do not wish to assimilate into American life.

If the president had not taken this drastic shutdown measure to fund The Wall he would have lost credibility among his “base” voters and probably sacrificed his 2020 re-election, which has been predicting.

We might even get funding in another way. Fox News reported in a guest commentary:

The House also should pass a bill co-sponsored by Representative Mo Brooks, R., Ala. and Senator Ted Cruz, R., Texas. The three-page EL CHAPO Act — or Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order — would finance the border wall with any money recovered from jailed Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, and other narco-traffickers. The U.S. government seeks some $14 billion in Guzman’s illicit cash. Republicans should dare House and Senate Democrats to oppose such common-sense and, essentially, no-cost wall funds.

Another relevant idea — President Trump should offer Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York this simple deal: In exchange for Democrat support of the House’s $5.7 billion in wall funds, President Trump will back the Gateway Tunnel to augment today’s dilapidated, leaky trans-Hudson River passage between New York and New Jersey. This federal expenditure can be justified on the basis of interstate commerce. If the old tunnel were to close (or collapse catastrophically, drowning thousands), this would be a devastating blow to rail service up and down the Eastern Seaboard. A wall-tunnel swap would be a perfect compromise that could satisfy both sides of the aisle.

So there you go. And if The Wall is never funded by a recalcitrant Congress then president Trump ultimately can use other means like discretionary spending to build it, including defense funds which can be used since The Wall is an issue of national security. Former Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz wrote on Fox News:

Can the government spend money that has not been specifically authorized by Congress? In theory – no. In practice? Absolutely.

Each year the government spends hundreds of billions of dollars on things that are not specifically authorized by Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans have been complicit in this practice.

President Donald Trump, to his credit, has worked hard to get his wall funding properly authorized. But he may ultimately do exactly what presidents before him have done: take advantage of the broken Congressional process.

Washington’s dirty little secret is that unauthorized spending is not even uncommon anymore. As a freshman member of Congress, this truth stunned me – and I was not alone. By my estimation, there were many in the body who disapproved of the practice. But to our disappointment, the body as a whole was not inclined to address the issue.

The Democrats may feign exasperation with the president potentially spending “unauthorized” money on the wall, but they have enthusiastically participated in the budgetary games that will make it possible. During the Obama administration, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated $310 billion was spent on unauthorized appropriations in FY 2016 – the last fiscal year of his presidency.

The federal budget is enormous – more than $4 trillion each year, of which roughly $1 trillion is discretionary. It is Congress’s job to authorize programs and appropriate funds for them from this $1 trillion.

However, the budget categories under which programs are authorized and funds are appropriated are very broad, and since Congress doesn’t pass specific language about every last dollar’s use, discretionary funds are inevitably used for things that Congress never specifically funds.

This is how the executive branch often gets the money it needs to do things that Congress won’t formally authorize. It finds money that has been either broadly appropriated or appropriated to a program that is expired and redirects it to a related program or purpose of its choosing.

Each year the CBO attempts to track these unauthorized expenditures. In July 2018, it reported this:
“CBO has identified 1,035 authorizations of appropriations that expired before the beginning of fiscal year 2018. Those authorizations appeared in 261 different laws and, when most recently in effect, authorized a combined annual total of $168 billion for certain agencies, programs, or functions. By CBO’s estimate, $318 billion has been appropriated for fiscal year 2018 for those agencies, programs, or functions.”

It is my belief that this practice affords a president far too much flexibility to substitute the administration’s priorities for those of Congress. Constitutionally, the budget is to be set by the people’s representatives, not by the president.

During the appropriations process, members regularly attempt to insert language limiting how the administration can spend money during the fiscal year. But these efforts often fail for two reasons.

First, Congress continues to appropriate money by continuing resolution, which just extends an existing spending bill and therefore doesn’t include these limitations. Second, the creativity of every administration stretches much further than any limitations Congress can impose.

While the broken budget process may benefit President Trump in his efforts to build the wall, it is still a broken process. We should be talking about how to fix it. Many of us believe there should not be a separate appropriations committee that regularly bypasses the work of the authorizing committees.

Until that changes, the spending will continue to be inconsistent with what is actually authorized by law.

This all sounds great. believes that The Wall will be funded and largely built by the end of 2019, particularly in high-crossing areas.

There even is a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $10 million in private funds to build The Wall. But even that is too much for the angry liberals,for private citizens to willingly band together to fund a project that they embrace. The Gateway Pundit reports:

Now comes the Washington Post’s tech policy reporter Tony Romm who attempted to get the wildly popular border wall fundraiser taken down by GoFundMe.

The fundraiser by triple-amputee Iraq war veteran Brian Kolfage has raised an astonishing $6.5 million (and climbing) in just a few days since it was started December 16.
Romm tweeted Thursday about his attempt, tweeting:

So there’s an effort on GoFundMe to raise cash money for a border wall. … GoFundMe terms prohibit attempts to raise cash money rooted in “intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases,” among other limits …

So I asked GoFundMe if this wall fundraiser violates that.

In other words liberals cannot even tolerate a legitimate private fundraising effort for something that they don’t like and seek to de-legitimize by any means possible, by filing the usual charges (racism, discrimination, etc.).

By the way, the Washington Post is owned by the world’s wealthiest man Jeff Bezos whose Amazon internet retail company is the target of countless charges of abuse by tens of thousands of workers suffering under horrible working conditions.

So why doesn’t Tony Romm suggest changes at Amazon?

We all know the answer to that… liberals always charge others with the crimes that they themselves commit, or to distract us from the crimes that they commit.

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