Another Russia Collusion Hoax/ CNN Slams Trump in Iraq

We conservatives have been saying since Day One that the charges that president Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election are outright false and fabricated. We have never wavered from that opinion.

And we conservatives also have said that liberals always accuse conservatives of doing things that liberals themselves do. And today we have another example. Look at this from Fox News:

Liberal Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman issued an apology on Wednesday for funding a group that falsely tried to give an impression the Russian government was supporting Alabama Republican Roy Moore in (the December 2017) Senate election against (Democrat) Doug Jones (who won the contest).

Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, is one of Silicon Valley’s top donors to the Democratic campaigns and PACs. In the last election cycle he donated $7 million to Democratic groups, though his money also pours into non-traditional groups that aren’t mandated to report their funding and often operate in the shadows.

One such group is American Engagement Technologies (AET), a firm run by former Obama appointee Mikey Dickerson, which received $750,000 from Hoffman and was part of the effort to falsely portray (Moore’s) senate bid as being supported by the Kremlin.

So there you go. Leftist groups fabricated and planted the fake story that Moore was being helped by Russia just like Democrats and media leftists have been creating and publicizing the fake narrative that Trump colluded with Russia.

It gets worse. Here is Hoffman’s so-called apology which came only after Democrat Jones won the election and Hoffman got caught meddling:

“I find the tactics that have been recently reported highly disturbing. For that reason, I am embarrassed by my failure to track AET – the organization I did support – more diligently as it made its own decisions to perhaps fund projects that I would reject. I want to be unequivocal: there is absolutely no place in our democracy for manipulating facts or using falsehoods to gain political advantage.”

What a joke. Hoffman is like all of these thieves in Silicon Valley who will collude with any person, organization or nation to steal an election or slander a conservative. Then when they get caught they apologize and move on.

Is there a crime here? That should be investigated. After all, interfering in a federal election can be a felony. Fox News reported:

Hoffman said AET went on to facilitate a secret project with a budget of $100,000. One participant in the project was Jonathon Morgan, the chief executive of New Knowledge, a firm that wrote a report – released by the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month – about Russia’s social media operations in the 2016 election and its efforts to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.

Yes, and there is not a shred of evidence that Trump had anything to do with such efforts. He was too busy trying to win the election through hard work and good old-fashioned campaigning. Here is how the Democrat slimeballs did it in Alabama, according to Fox News:

Democratic operatives then created thousands of fake Russian accounts on Twitter and began following Moore, prompting attention from local and national media that falsely suggested Russia is backing Moore’s candidacy.

The project also involved creating a Facebook page and imitated conservative Alabamians who weren’t satisfied with the Republican candidate while encouraging others to write in another candidate.

And worse, who suddenly prompted “attention” to the alleged Russia accounts?

It was the same skunks who set up the fake accounts in the first place. It was all a total scam from top to bottom.

Do you see how sleazy these people are? There is no tactic too low for them. In short liberal treachery has no bounds. These are extremely weak, angry and corrupt people. And in case you don’t remember they already had undermined the Alabama election in a major way.

Jones won the election after fake sex abuse charges from 40 years ago were leveled at Moore just like fake charges from 36 years ago were leveled at judge Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford.

That charge against Moore was never proven in any way, shape or form; it was merely a hearsay charge, and hearsay charges are not allowed in an American court of law – there must be evidence to support them.

In fact the hard evidence presented in a second charge of sexual assault against Moore was revealed as forged. So this sleazy campaign against Moore was a well-planned hit-job by Democrats from top to bottom since they knew that they could not win the election honestly.

We know that Democrats probably won 5 to 10 US House seats in the recent mid-term election under suspicious circumstances, including widespread ‘ballot harvesting’ in California.

We also know that Democrats stole the 1960 president election for John F. Kennedy, along with other US Senate and gubernatorial elections since then.

This is your modern-day Democrat party and it is getting more dishonest with each passing day.

CNN Slams Trump over Iraq Visit

We all wondered why the president did not go to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida for Christmas with his family, and now we know why; he went instead to meet some of our troops in Iraq. Good for him. He gave up his Christmas to pay tribute to the soldiers who were not home for their Christmas.

But that was not good enough for CNN which slandered the president in every which way, according to Fox News which reported:

CNN was slammed for what many called overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Donald Trump’s visit to the troops was on Wednesday night.

Both the president and first lady Melania Trump surprised troops stationed in Iraq the day after Christmas, which was followed by another visit with the troops in Germany.

However, there was barely a kind word expressed towards the president regarding his trip overseas — at least on CNN. The network published a report on Wednesday evening drawing attention to the troops who brought MAGA hats for the president to sign being against military guidelines, which forbids active members of the military from participating in “political activities.”

The story by CNN politics reporter Eli Watkins, headlined “Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule,” was mocked on social media.

CNN’s criticism of Trump visiting the troops wasn’t limited to Watkins report and the network took a negative tone throughout their evening coverage.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto blasted Trump for his “routine lying,” while CNN military analyst Mark Hertling criticized Trump for getting “political” during his visit. Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby even dinged the president for not visiting with Iraqi security forces, who are also part of the fight against ISIS.

CNN’s Jim Acosta even led a panel discussion on how the troops should be disciplined for having president Trump autograph their MAGA hats.

It is totally amazing how this president totally controls the emotions of these haters. They cannot stop hating him even on Christmas, like the way that they savaged Melania for her Christmas decorations. The haters even attacked Mrs. Trump’s for wearing Timberland boots into the Iraq combat zone.

These haters are truly sick people. Here’s more from Fox News:

CNN anchor Don Lemon took shots at Trump for visiting the troops while the U.S. Coast Guard continues to work without pay during the partial government shutdown and later referred to Trump as “The Grinch” for making Christmas about him as well as his visit with the troops. Former NSA advisor Samantha Vinograd agreed, saying the president “should’ve stayed home.”

Later on, CNN’s April Ryan said Trump’s visit with the troops “should have happened a long time ago” and questioned whether everyone “should be commending him” for something presidents have done in the past.

Meanwhile the Trump haters continue to wish ill on the entire nation in order to possibly bring down the president. There have been repeated wishes that the economy would crash so that Trump would be voted out in 2020 or removed from office by Republicans. Here is one report from Breitbart News, and this concerns a conservative Trump hater:

Never Trumper John Podhoretz, a contributing editor for the now-defunct Never Trump magazine the Weekly Standard, tweeted on Wednesday that he wondered whether the U.S. economy tanking would lead to President Donald Trump losing enough support from Republicans in Congress that he would be removed from office.

These people are deranged. It must be really painful to have such obsessively negative thoughts in your head.

When Obama was president does not remember a single conservative acquaintance having any of the paranoid and pathological hatred of Obama that Democrats have for Trump. Not one.

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