President Trump Fires First Salvo of 2020 Campaign

After far-left Democrat US senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren of Massachusetts announced on December 31 the formation of an “exploratory committee” for a 2020 president run – the first step toward a formal declaration of candidacy – it only took president Trump a few hours to respond.

When asked that evening if he thought that Warren thinks she could really win, Trump responded, “Well, that I don’t know. You’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

Wow. This is brilliant. It shows that Trump already is engaged for 2020, debunking the myth that he won’t run for re-election. Trump continued, “Elizabeth Warren will be the first (candidate to declare). She did very badly in proving that she was of Indian heritage. That didn’t work out too well.”

In other words, Trump is already running hard for re-election. He is not going to let a single opportunity slip by to slam the Democrats. And by suggesting that Warren is seeing a psychiatrist, he wants to reinforce in voters’ minds that Warren is unstable and not fit to be president coming after the ongoing fiasco about her claims of Native American heritage.

President Trump truly is a departure from the average Republican candidate like the Bushes or Mitt Romney or John McCain. These are “nice” politicians who think that the best thing to do is to be kind to Democrats and pray for victory.

Trump knows that this is a losing strategy and he has never subscribed to it. Perhaps you remember the most memorable moment of the 2016 presidential debates with Hillary Clinton when Clinton said that it was a good thing that Trump was not in charge and Trump calmly retorted, “because you’d be in jail”.

Kaboom. This was a political whack across the head that no other Republican would dare utter. And this is why Trump is president. These five words played a major role in getting Trump elected in 2016.

President Trump has simply turned the Democrats’ scorched-earth tactics back on them and on the media. It is a bold strategy and only Trump can do it, with his panache and confidence. With the media savaging Trump every minute since he declared his candidacy in June 2015, he knows he has to fight back and is not afraid to do so.

Trump is the most media-savvy president ever. Forget Ronald Reagan, who indeed was a great communicator, or John F. Kennedy, who was adored by the press. Trump is totally different. He succeeded not only in the world of real estate, building up a fortune estimated at $4 billion to $9 billion (depending on the value of his 31 international properties), but he made himself nationally famous by starring in the media since the 1970s as a brash, rich, handsome, funny, opinionated and blunt figure who always told it like it is, with unshakeable confidence. He truly adheres to the old adage for success, “Never complain, never explain.”

His highly successful TV series Celebrity Apprentice showed that Trump knew the media inside and out. This is a very unusual combination for a president. But since Trump broke the mold, we will see many imitators. But there is only one Donald Trump.

He is without a doubt the most famous person in the world today. That is quite a feat. Trump steamrolled his way through the Republican primaries in 2016, winning when nobody (except thought he could win.

It was that first wrote on January 18, 2011 that Trump Will be Next US President. Only a handful of other commentators believed that Trump would ever win, all the way up to election night 2016.

On the day that Donald Trump first announced that he would run for president, he said that “rapists” (among other people) are coming over the border from Mexico. This was classic Trump. If he had not said the word “rapists”, his announcement would have been buried in the news. But since he said it, he became a national story for weeks to come.

This is the brilliance of Trump. He knows more about the media than the media skunks themselves. It is a delight to watch.

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