President Trump Keeps Winning/ European Union is Crumbling

President Trump just keeps winning while many, many Trump haters have fallen. Just one of the latest examples is the Atlanta shop clerk who went on a tirade against a Trump supporter – the video went viral – and lost his job.

This is yet another nationwide warning to the lunatics to keep their mouths shut at work or risk their employment. This will have a natural censoring effect on them.

Trump just keeps going and going, getting major things done, truly transforming the nation for the better. believes that much of the border wall is going to be built in 2019 and that president Trump is going to run for re-election in 2020, and win, by saying that “Democrats want open borders. I don’t. And I did something about it.” That will be very effective.

First lady Melania Trump even said recently in an interview that she supports the president running for a second term. That is great news from a wonderful and savvy woman.

To buttress his argument for The Wall, president Trump pulled up quotes from Hillary and Obama that supported border security. He tweeted that Hillary wrote in 2015 that “I voted, when I was a Senator, to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in…” while Trump also noted that Obama said in 2005, “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked…”

The use of these quotes is a very effective tactic. The president is absolutely masterful in his bold use of the media to his advantage on every issue.

The Wall on the Mexican border will be 30 feet tall and solid concrete in some places and an impermeable steel barrier in others, like jail bars. Border patrol agents prefer the steel bars in some places so that they can see what is going on on the other side. Either way, it will have sharp steel spikes on top and razor wire, and will be un-crossable.

President Trump is also debunking the myths about the government shutdown. For decades Democrats have claimed that such a shutdown would cause great damage to the country. It is not doing so and the president is standing behind the shutdown without blinking. This will allow him to use shutdowns in the future, changing the dynamic between the president and Congress.

On the evening of Tuesday, January 8, the president will address the border issue in a national speech from the Oval Office. This is another great political action since the issue is on the front burner politically. In the speech he is expected to give clear examples and numbers about the amount of illegal immigrants, criminals, crime and drugs that is coming into the country through our porous border.

During the speech, Trump may even lay the groundwork to declare a “national emergency” over illegal immigration which would pave the way for the US military to fund, and even build, The Wall.

Update: All three networks will carry Trump’s speech live. This is another win for Trump, after some of us expected the networks to ignore the speech. This shows more Trump progress.

On January 10 the president will visit the Mexican border to view the situation personally. In other words, he is going to the mat for The Wall. Great. He just keeps winning and presenting himself as a strong leader, and Democrats can’t believe that they are losing on every issue.

On the other hand Trump haters just keep losing. Virtually all of the people taken down in the Me Too sex abuse scandal so far, and in other sex scandals, have been anti-Trump liberals including Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Garrison Keillor, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and dozens of others.

And you can rest assured that more are going to fall. believes that there are major sex-abuse cases, some involving children, that are going to emerge in 2019 targeting top political and entertainment figures in Washington, New York and Hollywood.

At the same time the sex scandal charges against Trump by porn star Stormy Daniels have totally backfired. Not a word of those charges has been proven and now it is Daniels who has been ordered to reimburse the president for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills incurred in the case.

Only Donald Trump can get a hooker to pay him! This president is amazing!

Look at how the National Football League National Anthem kneeling protests have fizzled out. President Trump spoke out vocally against the protests and won big by doing so.

Even top Trump haters in Washington are having increasing doubts about their campaign against the president. One of the most avid anti-Trumpers is Democrat congressman Adam Schiff of California. But Fox News recently reported:

In an interview marking his inaugural week as chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) (said) that the Trump administration is likely to end in the (Trump’s) defeat in 2020.

Schiff… effectively dismissed claims by some fellow Democrats that impeachment should be imminent.

… “I presume it ends with Donald Trump being voted out of office, but Bob Mueller will have a lot to say about that,” the Framingham, Mass native continued.

So notice that one of the most radical and powerful Trump haters is backing down from the drumbeat for impeachment. He is doing so since liberals know that the Mueller probe and impeachment are going nowhere, just as we conservatives and pro-Trumpers have said from the start.

With the economy going strong, believes that president Trump is heading for an easy re-election in less than two years (wow, how time flies…)

Time for Ginsburg to Resign

It is time for far-left Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign. She has had constant health problems including two bouts with cancer, including a recent lung surgery and broken ribs from a fall. She is very frail and is 85 years old. saw a video of her in September in which she was crumpled up like a fetus in a chair and could barely raise her head to speak. This woman looks very, very bad.

But she does not want to resign when Donald Trump is president since he will appoint a conservative to replace her and further tip the Court to the right. The Daily Caller reported:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed oral arguments Monday (January 7) as she recuperates from cancer surgery.

It’s not clear when the 85-year-old justice will return to work, though the Supreme Court’s public information office said she will continue to participate in official business from her home in Washington.

Despite Ginsburg’s absence, a Court spokeswoman said the justice would participate in Monday’s cases by reading transcripts of the proceedings, then voting as normal.

Monday is the first time that Ginsburg has missed arguments since she joined the high court in 1993.

Liberals are angry at Ginsburg for not resigning when Obama was president, when a left-winger would have been appointed to replace her. They are now terrified that she will die or be forced to resign when Trump can nominate her replacement and has the clear 53-47 Republican majority in the US Senate to get that nominee confirmed.

But Ginsburg may never resign even if she becomes debilitated. Her appointment is for a life and she can take that literally even if she cannot serve or go to work every day.

The only way for her to leave the Court is to resign or die. If she continues to be unable to serve the five Republican-appointed justices could ask her to resign for the good of the Court but she does not have to listen to them.

The European Union is Crumbling

The European Union is crumbling. The coming departure of Britain from the EU, the growing backlash against the EU for its open-borders immigration policies, and now major doubts from the left-wing, pro-EU mega-billionaire George Soros, are all chipping away at the mega-state monolith.

Here is how Wikipedia describes the EU, which was officially founded in 1993:

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. It has an area of 4,475,757 km2 (1,728,099 sq mi) and an estimated population of about 513 million. The EU has developed an internal single market through a standardised system of laws that apply in all member states in those matters, and only those matters, where members have agreed to act as one. EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services and capital within the internal market, enact legislation in justice and home affairs and maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional development. For travel within the Schengen Area, passport controls have been abolished. A monetary union was established in 1999 and came into full force in 2002 and is composed of 19 EU member states which use the euro currency.

The EU and European citizenship were established when the Maastricht Treaty came into force in 1993. The EU traces its origins to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Economic Community (EEC), established, respectively, by the 1951 Treaty of Paris and 1957 Treaty of Rome. The original members of what came to be known as the European Communities were the Inner Six: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany. The Communities and its successors have grown in size by the accession of new member states and in power by the addition of policy areas to its remit. The latest major amendment to the constitutional basis of the EU, the Treaty of Lisbon, came into force in 2009. While no member state has left the EU or its antecedent organisations, the United Kingdom signified the intention to leave after a membership referendum in June 2016 and is negotiating its withdrawal on 29 March 2019.

Covering 7.3% of the world population, the EU in 2017 generated a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of 19.670 trillion US dollars, constituting approximately 24.6% of global nominal GDP. Additionally, all 28 EU countries have a very high Human Development Index, according to the United Nations Development Programme. In 2012, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Through the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the EU has developed a role in external relations and defence. The union maintains permanent diplomatic missions throughout the world and represents itself at the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the G7 and the G20. Because of its global influence, the European Union has been described as an emerging superpower.

Unfortunately the EU has become a highly politicized and socialistic entity with its concentration of power in the hands of a European parliament in Brussels, Belgium. And doubts are growing about the EU’s future as it veers away from its original mission. Business Insider reported these comments from Soros:

Billionaire investor George Soros believes that Europe is in the midst of an “existential crisis” and is at genuine risk of ceasing to exist as we currently know it, unless drastic changes are made.

“The European Union is mired in an existential crisis,” Soros wrote… “For the past decade, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.”

Soros effectively argues that some in the bloc has moved so far away from its founding goals that the EU can no longer sustain itself in its current state.

“There is no longer any point in ignoring the reality that a number of European Union member countries have explicitly rejected the EU’s goal of “ever closer union,'” Soros said.

The last 10 years have been crucial in this shift:

“Since the financial crisis of 2008, the EU seems to have lost its way. It adopted a program of fiscal retrenchment, which led to the euro crisis and transformed the eurozone into a relationship between creditors and debtors. The creditors set the conditions that the debtors had to meet, yet could not meet. This created a relationship that was neither voluntary nor equal – the very opposite of the credo on which the EU was based.

“As a result, many young people today regard the EU as an enemy that has deprived them of jobs and a secure and promising future. Populist politicians exploited the resentments and formed anti-European parties and movements.”

The United States, for its part, has exacerbated the EU’s problems,” Soros said.

“By unilaterally withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, President Donald Trump has effectively destroyed the transatlantic alliance. This has put additional pressure on an already beleaguered Europe.

“It is no longer a figure of speech to say that Europe is in existential danger; it is the harsh reality.”

His comments come at a time when Italy is undergoing a major political crisis which many believe may have the ability to pull Italy out of the eurozone, and lead to the project’s ultimate demise.

Almost three months after an inconclusive election left the country without a government, Italians could be headed back to the polls imminently. That vote could very well become a de facto referendum on (EU) membership, and have potentially huge repercussions for the whole of the continent.

To save the EU, Soros said, it needs to reinvent itself via a “genuinely grassroots effort” which allows member countries more choice than is currently afforded.

“Instead of a multi-speed Europe, the goal should be a ‘multi-track Europe’ that allows member states a wider variety of choices. This would have a far-reaching beneficial effect.”

Wow. It is amazing to hear this analysis from someone who is an avid supporter of big-government institutions like the EU. This gives hope to us freedom lovers. It is great to watch the rise of anti-EU and secure-borders parties and politicians all over Europe.

Meanwhile supporters of the European Union say that America itself is a “union” of the American states. And they are correct. But that is the way that American was founded and its government was constituted, just like France is a “union” of its provinces.

The EU is an artificial construct and it is a good idea economically. It has addressed many of the economic problems in Europe like eliminating time-consuming border crossings between nations; offering a single currency instead of dozens of different ones that need to be changed at each country; and expediting the free flow of goods. But the EU has in many ways strayed way too far from its ideological founding, particularly regarding immigration.

Let us hope that Europe maintains the good parts of free trade, movement and currencies, but then closes down the EU over its overreaching power, like telling nations to accept unlimited numbers of foreign migrants.

Still many European leaders are committed to the globalist policies that animate the European Union. Strong EU advocate and German chancellor Angela Merkel said recently that nation-states must “give up sovereignty” to the new world order. This is shocking. Zero Hedge reported:

“Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.

No this wasn’t something Adolf Hitler said many decades ago, this is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin. Merkel has announced she won’t seek re-election in 2021 and it is clear she is attempting to push the globalist agenda to its disturbing conclusion before she stands down.

“In an orderly fashion of course,” Merkel joked, attempting to lighten the mood. But Merkel has always had a tin ear for comedy and she soon launched into a dark speech condemning those in her own party who think Germany should have listened to the will of its citizens and refused to sign the controversial UN migration pact:

“There were [politicians] who believed that they could decide when these agreements are no longer valid because they are representing The People”.

“[But] the people are individuals who are living in a country, they are not a group who define themselves as the [German] people,” she stressed.

Merkel has previously accused critics of the UN Global Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration of not being patriotic, saying “That is not patriotism, because patriotism is when you include others in German interests and accept win-win situations”.

Her words echo recent comments by the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron who stated in a Remembrance Day speech that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.”

This is why Macron has job approval ratings around 15%. It is because he is not listening to the French people who famously love of their own country, but to the globalists who are increasingly unpopular, even in socialistic France.

This is also why Merkel went from being “the most powerful woman in the world” and very popular in Germany to being unpopular in her own country who will not run for re-election in 2021. And it all is a result of her open-borders policies.

Brazil’s New President Swings into Trump-like Action

A conservative, free-market, crime-fighting, corruption-fighting president was recently elected in Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro is called the “Tropical Trump”. He even was stabbed during his campaign, almost killing him. This certainly helped him to win the election when Brazilians saw the attack as a metaphor for the whole country.

Bolsonaro, a retired military officer, is acting quickly and in a major way after two communist leaders in a row ruined Brazil. Fox News reported:

Jair Bolsonaro was elected Brazil’s president on promises to overhaul many aspects of Latin America’s largest nation, from changing its international alliances to cracking down on endemic corruption and street crime. Here are five things the far-right leader will likely move to change in the first months of his administration:

Last week, the former army captain said that upon taking office he would issue a decree guaranteeing Brazilians without a criminal history the ability to possess firearms. During the campaign, Bolsonaro argued that one way to confront street crime would be to arm more citizens.

Possession of firearms is currently tightly restricted in Brazil, though drug traffickers and other criminal gangs are heavily armed with automatic weapons. Brazil is the annual world leader in total homicides — more than 63,000 in 2017 — and a majority are from firearms.

Bolsonaro has frequently argued that police who fatally shoot criminals during operations should be decorated, not prosecuted. To that end, he has said they should be shielded from prosecution, possibly by having such cases be investigated in a separate process outside the criminal justice system.

Such ideas terrify human rights groups and people who live in poor neighborhoods, where shootouts between police and traffickers often leave criminals, officers and innocent bystanders dead. Some Brazilian police forces, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, are already among the most lethal in the world.

For decades, Brazilian politicians and international economists have advocated revising the pension system, which now allows many public workers to retire in their early 50s and takes up an increasingly large portion of public expenditures. But many attempts, including by outgoing President Michel Temer, have failed.

Bolsonaro has promised this time will be different, though he has been mostly mum on details. His party will have the second largest bloc in Congress, and many politicians across the spectrum agree changes must be made. Still, he will face stiff resistance as his economic team begins rolling out details before Congress convenes in February.

Bolsonaro said during the campaign he would pull Brazil from the Paris agreement on climate change, then backpedaled after winning the election. Whether Brazil, which has the largest chunk of the Amazon basin in South America, formally stays in the accord may be all but irrelevant: Scientists say the country won’t meet its targets on emissions reductions if Bolsonaro does what he has promised.

Those promises are wide ranging: roll back environmental regulations, promote increased mining and farming, cease demarcation of indigenous lands and allow indigenous tribes to sell their lands.
These changes will likely come via various methods, from presidential decrees to privatizations.

Bolsonaro has frequently expressed adoration for U.S. President Donald Trump, and he is poised to follow him in foreign policy. He has promised to move the Brazilian Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; push back on China, Brazil’s largest foreign investor; ditch regional trade treaties he thinks are bad deals for Brazil; and take a hard line on leftist governments, including that of neighboring Venezuela.

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