New Calif. Guv is the Same Old Thing/ Some ‘Greenies’ are Terrorists

First, a quick word about immigration:

After president Trump gave his fantastic immigration speech on Tuesday evening the Democrat response was offered by senator Chuck Schumer of New York and House speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

It seems a bit ironic that the two responders came from states that are in an economic free-fall, where productive citizens are fleeing by the millions. But hey, that is success to Democrats.

Pelosi and Schumer’s address was mocked across the media for looking stiff and staged. Ironically Schumer, Obama, Pelosi, Hillary and many other Democrats have spoken strongly in defense of a border wall in the past.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

New California Governor is Same Old Thing

Look at this from Fox News in light of the recent forest fires in California:

California’s new governor on Tuesday proposed spending $105 million more annually on wildfire safety in the wake of devastating fires that have cost billions of dollars in damage.

The funding increase would allow for more helicopters, remote infrared cameras that can help detect fires, better alert systems and new technologies for tapping satellite images, the Sacramento Bee reported.

“Broad strokes, we are stepping up our game. I hear you, I get it, we have to do more,” Democrat Gavin Newsom, 51, said during his first full day in office alongside emergency service officials at a California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) station.

The increase in funding would be in addition to the $200 million the state’s Legislature already set aside last fall for the state’s forestry management, bringing new spending to $305 million, Newsom said.

Part of the proposed increase would be spent overhauling the state’s 911 system, the Bee reported. Newsom said he wants to spend $10 million this year and $50 million next year, and wants the expenses to eventually be covered by Californians through a “relatively modest” fee on their monthly phone bills.

Newsom also wants to fund mental health services for first responders and hire more firefighters, the Bee reported.

OK, so what is wrong with this?

Well, in a left-wing state that is experiencing major fiscal problems and increasing poverty and income inequality, the new governor is following the same old destructive path… spend, spend, spend. The answer to every problem is to spend taxpayer cash – $305 million here, $305 million there. Pretty soon it adds up to real money.

Perhaps you have noticed how Democrats always want to spend taxpayer money. There is a simple reason for this; spending taxpayer cash is the single best way for Democrats to do three things – get political power for themselves; weaken productive taxpayers by draining away their wealth; and maintain power over the citizens through government handouts, jobs programs and corruption. Look at what else Fox News reported about California:

A day earlier, Newsom pushed a sweeping new health care agenda for California that would offer dramatically more benefits to illegal immigrants and help protect the Affordable Care Act, which a federal judge recently struck down as unconstitutional.

Imagine that… a state with major fiscal problems that is expanding benefits to illegal immigrants. This is why there currently is a major population exodus from California into conservative states like Idaho, Utah, Texas and Florida. But the Fake News media will never discuss this exodus.

Meanwhile there are two population groups that are growing in California – poor people and illegal immigrants with no skills or education, many of whom don’t speak English. This is why California is in a major tailspin. In 20 years it will be a state largely of the super-rich and the poor. It already is becoming so.

But don’t be fooled. All of those poor people in California, including illegal aliens, are not living off of the state of California; they are accessing federal programs like Medicaid, food stamps, etc. So California takes the credit for being generous but we all foot the bill. This is classic socialism. It is a sham. Fox News continued:

Newsom also hinted his intention of abandoning the relative fiscal restraint that marked the most recent tenure of his predecessor, Jerry Brown, from 2011 to 2019. Brown sometimes rebuked progressive efforts to spend big on various social programs.

Yeah, right, “relative fiscal restraint” under Democrats is like the alcoholic who stops drinking 10 glasses of whiskey a day and goes down to 9.9 glasses.

Another Phony, Alarmist ‘Climate’ Study

Fox News reports:

A startling new study is shedding new light on how much energy has been put into the Earth’s oceans over the past 150 years — the equivalent of an atomic bomb explosion every second for 150 years.

The study, published by researchers at the University of Oxford, shows that 90 percent of heat trapped by greenhouse gases since 1871 has been held by the Earth’s oceans, a revelation that has been described as “worrisome,” with potential major ramifications for the climate.

“Most of the excess energy stored in the climate system due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions has been taken up by the oceans, leading to thermal expansion and sea-level rise,” the study’s abstract reads. “The oceans thus have an important role in the Earth’s energy imbalance. Observational constraints on future anthropogenic warming critically depend on accurate estimates of past ocean heat content (OHC) change.”

Laure Zanna, who is the lead researcher on the study, found that the amount of energy that has been trapped is 436 ×10^21 joules. The Guardian calculated (one that has been independently verified by Fox News) that this is the equivalent of 1.5 Hiroshima bombs being dropped per second.

This is classic environmental extremism. These radical academics need to say this militant nonsense in order to get noticed. Yet there is not a shred of evidence that any of this is even vaguely true.

Notice the talk about “sea level rise”. So where is the sea level rising? There is no evidence anywhere of sea levels rising besides a tiny fraction of an inch that is attributed to the oceans warming in the Summer when the water expands.

If the sea level were really rising, would communist China be building major sea-level ports on islands in the ocean just a few feet above sea level?

Uh, no…

Remember when Al Gore warned in 2007 that sea levels were going to rise 17 feet? But then in 2010 he bought a beachfront mansion in California.

So much for ‘rising sea levels’. Even the ‘greenies’ don’t really believe it.

Now here is a commentary that wrote in 2017, but it still is pertinent today. It is called Some ‘Greenies’ are Terrorists.

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