New Starbucks Policy is a Product of Wacky Social Justice Agenda

After a highly-publicized 2018 incident in which two black males were arrested at a Starbucks shop in Philadelphia for refusing to leave the premises after not making a purchase, Starbucks panicked. It developed a politically-correct so-called Third Place Policy that said that customers don’t need to make a purchase to sit in a Starbucks or use its bathrooms.

Well, the result has been predictable – drug addicts and other “street people” know that they can always use a Starbucks bathroom to shoot up heroin or sit in a Starbucks when they need to or want to (when it’s cold out, hot, raining, they are tired, any reason whatsoever, etc.).

Cristine Laila at The Gateway Pundit recently reported:

Starbucks is being forced to make a minor tweak several months after it implemented its social justice warrior “Third Place Policy” which means employees should consider anyone who enters the establishment a customer regardless whether they make a purchase.

As a result, homeless drug addicts immediately began shooting up heroin and other drugs inside of Starbucks’ bathrooms. Employees complained that the bathrooms would be blood-spattered and littered with needles at the end of the day.

Careful not to offend the homeless drug addicts who only use the establishment to shoot up, Starbucks unveiled a progressive solution after thousands of employees signed a petition.

Starbucks is installing needle-disposable boxes after the baristas were poked with syringes and found drug baggies and blood all over the walls in bathrooms.

Woah! Needle disposal boxes?! In coffee shop bathrooms!? This is a result of crazy political correctness. Business Insider reported:

Starbucks is installing boxes for safe disposal of syringes in the bathrooms of certain locations, following workers’ reports of discarded needles and sometimes concerning conditions.

The coffee giant is exploring remedies after employees expressed fears about being pricked by uncapped needles and experiencing related health risks. Starbucks is testing solutions, including installing sharps-disposal boxes, using heavier-duty trash bags to prevent needle pokes, and removing trash cans from certain bathrooms.

“These societal issues affect us all and can sometimes place our partners (employees) in scary situations, which is why we have protocols and resources in place to ensure our partners are out of harm’s way,” Starbucks representative Reggie Borges told Business Insider.

Starbucks employees have anonymously expressed their fear of getting poked by dirty drug needles.

In October, three Starbucks baristas in Seattle had to take anti-viral medication to protect themselves from AIDS and Hepatitis after being poked by needles left behind by drug users.

So there you go. Unbelievable, but this is what the social justice lunatics give us. When you panic over their agenda and react under pressure and with emotion you create huge problems for yourself and for your customers.

Imagine a law-abiding customer going into a Starbucks bathroom and finding a needle or a needle disposal box. That would make leave right away… if I patronized Starbucks (which I have done only once or twice in my life of 65 years).

But then again this is what Starbucks is about – reactionary social justice. And its wealthy and extremely liberal founder Howard Schultz may run for president as a Democrat in 2020.

OK, so here we go; another non-politician businessman following the Trump model. In short the election of president Trump has totally revolutionized world politics. No other person has changed politics in such a profound way.

Even Oprah Winfrey has suggested that she may run for president. This is absurd, of course; this female knows nothing. She was made famous sitting on a couch interviewing celebrities about their hair and makeup, or their weight. She doesn’t know anything about the economy or foreign policy.

Then we have to wonder if Starbucks is really important enough that its CEO is worthy to be president of the United States. After all, we have been led to believe that Starbucks is a major player in the economy and that CEO Howard Schultz is an important contributor to our national well-being.

Hardly. We should think about Starbucks this way: Starbucks is a “service” company that sells overpriced cups of coffee to people who have good jobs and can afford Starbucks coffee. Starbucks coffee is not even an “essential” purchase like gasoline or food; it is a ‘discretionary’ purchase.

So Starbucks is not a critical part of our economy. Starbucks then uses low-paid, low-skilled labor who make Howard Schultz rich with their hard work. Starbucks is hardly a career option.

In other words Starbucks is not a significant American company or business model. If the Starbucks chain closed down tomorrow few people would care or notice. They would simply go out for coffee someplace else. And thus we should be very suspicious of Schultz bringing his ideas to the White House.

On the other hand Donald Trump has created tens of thousands of good-paying jobs in his real estate empire designing it, building it, and operating it.

Schultz has a net worth of about $3 billion while Trump’s net worth is estimated at $4 billion or more.

Here are some excerpts from the Seattle Times about Starbucks with a comment after each excerpt:

Seattle Times reports: “Not only did he (Schultz) have a vision that coffee could be a growing category but also a vision that coffee shops would be appealing to a large portion of the culture,” Williams said. “One of the things he did right was he made coffee a luxury in a way it hadn’t been previously: something to be savored and appreciated.” comment: So big deal. I can make coffee at home that is just as good as Starbucks at a 10% of the cost. But I cannot build skyscrapers like Trump has.

Seattle Times reports about Starbucks in 2008 when the company was having serious financial problems from overexpansion: Schultz ultimately shuttered some 900 stores, cut tens of thousands of jobs, and drastically slashed expenses. Eventually, the measures started working, as the company’s sales and profits, as well its share price, trended up again. comment: Bleeding-heart Schultz is a typical liberal. He cares for everyone in theory… except when it comes to his own employees and his own bottom line.

Meanwhile cities and companies are starting to bleed jobs after approving $15 minimum wages. Liberal Schultz should have been paying all of his employees at least $15 long ago but he was not. Look at this from The Huffington Post from 2014:

Schultz is currently the highest paid CEO in the (Pacific) Northwest and in 2012 received a staggering $28.9 million from Starbucks. For comparison, the average pay for a barista at Starbucks in 2012 was just $8.79 an hour, or about $17,580 a year for 40 hours work a week (minus two weeks unpaid vacation).

This is the type of “executive pay disparity” that liberals have been protesting for decades. Except when a liberal gets it.

Seattle Times reports: As much as Schultz is associated with coffee, he may be just as well known for his outspoken stances on social and political issues — and getting the company involved in them…. Some initiatives, such as the one that encouraged baristas to hold conversations on racism with customers, have fizzled into awkwardness of sparked anger. Schultz’s recent pledge to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next five years drew some calls for a boycott. comment: It is hard to imagine a lecture about racism from an employee at a coffee shop, but there it is. Schultz is obviously an insane radical to dabble in such political nonsense. No wonder people got angry. Starbucks also has openly supported gay marriage and other left-wing issues. And the refugee plan did not draw “some calls for a boycott”; it had a big negative effect on Starbucks stock and brand perception.

It also is illegal in the US for Schultz to single out and hire only one class of people (refugees). If a conservative proposed such a thing he would be skewered as a lawbreaker by the same liberal media that adore Schultz.

Seattle Times reports: Board member and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said it was the way Starbucks treats its employees that initially attracted him: “It showed me that a company can do right by its employees and still be a very successful business.” comment: Schultz should just pay them better wages and lower the price for coffee to make it more affordable on all sides. Starbucks coffee can cost as much as $4 and more per cup. At Cumberland Farms, it is $1. So who is really catering to “the people” of America? It is not Schultz.

It is stunning that the coffee is so expensive and the wages so bad. But, hey, you gotta make Schultzy and his stockholders rich so that he can complain about rich people, like a good rich liberal does.

Seattle Times reports: Starbucks employees have told stories of hardship brought on by erratic scheduling practices and accused the company of drastically cutting work hours to the point where workers were having a hard time piecing together enough hours to make ends meet. comment: This is your typical fire-breathing socialist hypocrite who runs a company that screws it employees while he talks about how much he loves the workers of the world. If he wants to run against Trump for president, bring it on. Trump will crush him for his hypocrisy.

Seattle Times reports: Today, Starbucks has about 26,000 stores in 75 countries. Last fiscal year, it logged $21.3 billion in revenue and a record $2.8 billion in profit. It plans to add 12,000 stores worldwide over the next five years. comment: Starbucks is a corporate chain that is putting local mom-and-pop coffee shops out of business, like liberals are always complaining about WalMart and Home Depot doing to local stores. But the same liberals are strangely silent about Starbucks. No surprise there. Liberals always have a massive double standard.

World Bank Could Get Conservative President

Here is more good news about the Trump administration. The World Bank has typically been run as a left-wing, globalist institution. But that soon could change. The Daily Caller reports:

The Trump administration is strongly considering nominating David Malpass of the Treasury Department to be the next head of the World Bank, two sources familiar with the process tell The Daily Caller.

Malpass has served as Treasury’s Under Secretary for International Affairs since September 2017 and came to the administration with conservative credentials. Steve Moore, a Heritage Foundation economist with close ties to the White House, extolled Malpass’s virtues to TheDC, saying his nomination “would be a dream come true.”

The World Bank opening came with the surprise resignation of Jim Yong Kim, who was scheduled to remain at his post until 2022, on Monday. Kim did not provide any reason for his resignation, but it provides a new opportunity for the Trump administration change the direction of the World Bank.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not confirm the consideration, telling TheDC in an email that there are “no announcements at this time.” The Treasury Department did not respond to a request for comment.

The United States traditionally assumes the responsibility for nominating the president of the World Bank, while Europeans lay stake to the presidency of the International Monetary Fund.

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