Italians Slammed for Defending their Own Culture

White people are being rhetorically attacked all over the world just for being white. In the US we are being charged with something called “white privilege”, which does not exist. White people have prospered and succeeded for thousands of year from hard work and intelligence, not from any kind of ‘privilege’.

Whites in Europe and the United States have been called racists, colonialists, nativists, exploiters and imperialists. Interestingly white people are the smartest people in the world. estimates that adult white European/American men are 3% of the world’s population but have created 100% of the modern technology that powers the world today (electricity, computers, modern medicine, modern agriculture, plastics, refrigeration, modern chemistry, light bulb, cell phones, air travel, internal combustion engine, electric motor, satellite communication, etc.). These technologies have created virtually all of the world’s total wealth. also calculates that the same 3% controls $42 trillion in annual wealth, or half of the world’s yearly wealth production of $83 trillion.

In fact you may have noticed that most of the non-white poor people in the world would happily come to America, which was founded by conservative white men. Or that American blacks often move into all-white neighborhoods whenever they can afford it.

So why does this happen if we white people are so bad?

Good question. On the other hand calculates that white Americans have given black America up to $100 trillion in handouts (federal, state, local, private, in-kind services, affirmative action job preferences) in the last 60 years. That would be $1.66 trillion per year in today’s dollars, in a $21 trillion economy, which sounds reasonable. Yet much of that $100 trillion has gone to waste. recently encountered a drunk, limping African migrant in my town going to get free food at the food pantry. He was driving a nice late-model car, much nicer than my old car. And we all know that he probably got that car from taxpayers.

Every day we see slander against white people like in Italy where secure-borders policies have been implemented to halt a flood of illegal migrants from Africa. Look at this from Breitbart News:

Italian priest Alex Zanotelli has blamed the current popular support for anti-mass migration policies on the “white tribe”, claiming that white people feel “threatened” by mass migration and demographic replacement.

Father Zanotelli, who has had a long background in social activism, blamed “whites” from European countries, including Italy, rejecting the migrant transport vessels Sea Eye and Sea Watch from docking in their ports earlier this month, Il Giornale reports.

“It’s absurd, we talk about closed ports but there is not even a ministerial decree, nothing written, it’s all tweeted,” he complained, added: “It’s a problem with the white tribe, which feels threatened everywhere. For 500 years the white tribe conquered the world: we gave birth to slavery, to colonialism.”

Notice that Zanotelli “has had a long background in social activism”, i.e., he is a leftist. And notice that he only talks about conquest, slavery and colonialism but ignores all of the good that white people have done for the world. For instance tens of thousands of white doctors who were born, raised and educated in the US and Europe have gone to Africa to try and save it from disease and death. Isn’t that generous?

Of course it is. Where do we see any reciprocal action from blacks in Africa coming to the United State and Europe to help us?

There is none; the only reciprocity seems to be poor Africans flocking into the US and Europe with no skills, education or money, usually relying on government handouts, and demanding the right to stay. Obama’s aunt Zeituni did exactly that, living in Boston for 14 years in public housing on taxpayer handouts even after being ordered deported in 2004 (she died in 2014).

And yes, white Italians do and should feel “threatened” by a large-scale migration from Africa. If you have read about the violence and crime that these African migrants are committing in Italy you would feel threatened too. Breitbart continued:

Father Zanotelli also went on to allege a “new racism”, saying: “There is so much wickedness expressed by people like [Matteo] Salvini, [Viktor] Orban, that is scary. The construction of walls, the total rejection of the other, in many respects, is new.”

Several left-wing mayors have come out against Deputy Prime Minister Salvini’s anti-mass migration policies, with some promising not to enforce the migration and security decree recently passed by the Italian parliament despite a majority of Italians supporting it.

So there you go… Zanotelli plays the racism card like all good leftists do, and we know that the pope agrees given his statements about immigration. Thus perhaps the Vatican could take in a few thousand immigrants and make sure that they have housing, jobs and food.

But don’t expect that anytime soon. The Vatican has a 20 foot wall around it. And billions in art and historical treasures to protect.

Or perhaps Zanotelli, along with all open-borders liberals, could take in a few immigrants into his own personal house. But don’t expect that either. Liberals like to talk big but they usually fail to act personally on their rhetoric.

On the other hand perhaps Zanotelli could start to look seriously into centuries of sexual abuse of children – primarily boys by homosexual priests – in his own Catholic church if he wants to face up to something really ugly. How many of Zanotelli’s fellow priests have engaged in this grotesque conduct? It would be interesting to find out.

But no, Zanotelli points his finger everywhere else rather than looking in the mirror and into his own church which has been one of the most corrupt institutions in Europe for 1,000 years. Breitbart News continued:

Zanotelli put his support behind the (left-wing) mayors, saying: “I am among those who believe that civil disobedience needs to be dusted off right now. The mayors are representatives of the state, of civil society, so they must be careful. But the refusal to obey, as a reaction of the community they represent, becomes fundamental at this time.”

The priest is just the latest member of the clergy to attack Salvini, with Italian priest Enrico d’Ambrosio labelling his supporters “insignificant Christians” and Father Paolo Farinella accusing his supporters of “killing God” last month.

Father Zanotelli and his ilk are classic leftists. They are name callers and haters and have a lopsided view of the world. Meanwhile if you want to see what mass islamic migration is doing to undermine the Western civility of Europe look at this from Zero Hedge:

The Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH), Germany’s highest court of civil and criminal jurisdiction, has ruled that a new law that bans child marriage is unconstitutional because all marriages, including Sharia-based child marriages, are protected by Germany’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz).

The ruling, which effectively opens the door to legalizing Sharia-based (muslim) child marriages in Germany, is one of a growing number of instances in which German courts are — wittingly or unwittingly — promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in the country.

The case involves a Syrian couple — a 14-year-old Syrian girl married to her 21-year-old cousin — who arrived in Germany at the height of the migrant crisis in August 2015. The Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) refused to recognize their marriage and separated the girl from her husband. When the husband filed a lawsuit, a family court in Aschaffenburg ruled in favor of the Youth Welfare Office, which claimed to be the girl’s legal guardian.

In May 2016, an appeals court in Bamberg overturned the decision. The court ruled that the marriage was valid because it was contracted in Syria, where, according to Sharia law, child marriages are allowed. The ruling effectively legalized Sharia child marriages in Germany.

This shows how muslim immigration is undermining the very legal and moral underpinnings of Europe. And it is important to remember that these disruptive migrants come from the 90% Syrian muslim majority and not from the 10% Syrian Christian minority.

This ruling comes from a left-wing point of view, that Europe is no longer Europe, that Europe is just another globalist entity with doors open to the world. And this is precisely what the Italians are trying to protect themselves from. Zero Hedge also reported:

Sharia law has been encroaching into the German justice system virtually unchecked for nearly two decades. Some examples include:

*In August 2000, a court in Kassel ordered a widow to split her late Moroccan husband’s pension with another woman to whom the man was simultaneously married. Although polygamy is illegal in Germany, the judge ruled that the two wives must share the pension, in accordance with Moroccan law.

*In March 2004, a court in Koblenz granted the second wife of an Iraqi living in Germany the right to remain permanently in the country. The court ruled that after five years in a polygamous marriage in Germany, it would be unfair to expect her to return to Iraq.

*In March 2007, a judge in Frankfurt cited the Koran in a divorce case involving a German-Moroccan woman who had been repeatedly beaten by her Moroccan husband. Although police ordered the man to stay away from his estranged wife, he continued to abuse her and at one point threatened to kill her. Judge Christa Datz-Winter refused to grant the divorce. She quoted Sura 4, Verse 34 of the Koran, which justifies “both the husband’s right to use corporal punishment against a disobedient wife and the establishment of the husband’s superiority over the wife.” The judge was eventually removed from the case.

*In October 2010, a court in Cologne ruled that an Iranian man must pay his ex-wife a dower of €162,000 euros ($171,000), the current equivalent value of 600 gold coins, in accordance with the original Sharia marriage contract.

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