Rep. King Explains ‘Racist’ Quote/ Trump Calls out Dems on Crime

Republican congressman Steve King of Iowa has been accused of defending white supremacism. He was quoted in the New York Times wondering how “white supremacism” got a bad name. He did no such thing. Here is his statement:

One of my quotes in a New York Times story has been completely mischaracterized. Here’s the context I believe accurately reflects my statement.

In a 56 minute interview, we discussed the changing use of language in political discourse. We discussed the worn out label “racist” and my observation that other slanderous labels have been increasingly assigned to Conservatives by the Left, who injected into our current political dialog such terms as Nazi, Fascist, “ White Nationalist, White Supremacist,— Western Civilization, how did THAT language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”…just to watch Western Civilization become a derogatory term in political discourse today. Clearly, I was only referencing Western Civilization classes. No one ever sat in a class listening to the merits of white nationalism and white supremacy.

When I used the word “THAT” it was in reference ONLY to Western Civilization and NOT to any previously stated evil ideology ALL of which I have denounced.

My record as a vocal advocate for Western Civilization is nearly as full as my record in defense of Freedom of Speech.

So now you know how the New York Times has slandered yet another conservative with Fake News. This publication, once a newspaper of record, is a national disgrace.

And here is today’s second commentary:

Trump Calls out Democrats for Ignoring Crime

President Trump recently said about The Wall that he is going to build on the Mexican border:

“There is no reason we can’t come to a deal (to build the wall) but we have another side that doesn’t care about border security. The Democrats, which I’ve been saying all along, they don’t give a damn about crime. They don’t care about gang members coming in and stabbing people and cutting people up.”

Wow. Kaboom. This is quite a brazen quote from the President of the United States. But it is very true and it is about time that it is said aloud. Indeed Democrats don’t care about crime. They started ignoring crime wholesale in the 1960s when they started to ignore and to upend all social norms.

Then you have to wonder: Why? Where does this come from? Why do leftists and Democrats seem so often to not only ignore but even embrace bad people?

The answer is multi-faceted but basically it comes from the Law of Opposites. In short, conservatives support the police, can easily identify evil, and believe in a “nation of laws” and so therefore Democrats must take an opposite tack, that laws don’t matter, that police are wicked, that you cannot necessarily identify evil, and that bad people are not necessarily bad.

Over and over for many decades we have seen liberal judges giving criminals a free pass or an easy sentence – the stories are legend – while conservative judges rarely do so and only when the particulars of the law demand it.

For another example, look at the corruption in our election system. Democrats love to say that “both sides do it” but we know that Democrats commit the overwhelming majority of the voter fraud and election fraud in the United States, probably 98% of it, calculates

And so the picture is clear: If Democrats need to break laws to win elections then they see law-breaking as acceptable since Democrats consider themselves to be the only good. This election wrongdoing gives them power and so they then see clear to exonerate others who break the law. Ultimately there is no end to it, even up to killers and rapists.

Even mass genocidal murderers. The communist Chinese dictator Mao Tse Tung is estimated to have presided over the government-sanctioned murders of 60 million Chinese. Yet one top Obama aide named Anita Dunn even said, “The third lesson and tip actually comes from two of my favorite political philosophers – Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa, not often coupled with each other, but the two people that I turn to most to …”

Another facet of the crime argument comes from the leftist concept that there is no “truth” in the world or consequently any identifiable “right and wrong”, while we conservatives believe that there definitely is on all three counts.

So if there is no truth, and no ‘right and wrong’ then there can be an infinite variety of rationales for bad people, i.e., they didn’t mean to do something bad; they had a reason for doing it (like a drug dealer saying that he needed money); they were wrongly prosecuted; they were evil just one time; they shouldn’t be judged; they had a bad childhood, etc.

President Trump is finally speaking up about Democrats not caring about crime in connection with immigration, and he is doing so at just the right time. It is just astounding how the Fake News media are refusing to cover the tidal wave of millions of crimes that have been committed by illegal aliens in the United States from murder to rape to child sex abuse to drug dealing to prostitution, and on and on and on.

The same media then portray all illegal aliens only as hard-working, law-abiding people and that those of us who want The Wall built on the border are just racists and anti-immigrant bigots.

Hardly. is the grandson of legal immigrants from Greece. Today I attend an Orthodox Christian church where 75% of the attendees were born abroad. I have no opposition to immigrants. I just want them legal and law-abiding and productive, as all conservatives do.

Democrats, on the other hand, seem to be willing to do anything to protect the worst among us. Who could forget Nancy Pelosi saying that violent and sadistic MS-13 gang members have a “spark of divinity” within them.

This is a blatantly radical statement that liberals make in order to ‘move the goalposts’ in a debate, to insert crazier and crazier ideas into our national dialogue.

And of course we Christians are supposed to believe that all people are “God’s creation” and that this even includes MS-13. But the fact is that Christians and conservatives also know that we cannot take any idea to its furthest extreme in every case. These Biblical and Christian principles are guide rules not strict laws that must be applied on every occasion.

Here are some quotes from The Holy Bible (King James Version):

Matthew 5:44– But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Romans 12:20 – Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

Luke 6:27 – But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you…

These are good and uplifting thoughts that are intended to civilize us, to prevent us from sinking into an abyss of perpetual anger. They are better than saying “kill your enemies” which sounds barbarian. But we Christians recognize more than anyone that we must be governed by common sense as well. And that we must recognize the difference between people who are flawed and who deserve a second chance, and those who don’t have any good at all.

We Christians do not believe, for instance, that if our Christian village in Syria is being attacked by violent muslims that we should invite them in for coffee. No, we know the difference between profound evil and a metaphorical Biblical “enemy”.

We conservatives know and admit that evil exists. It is Democrats who believe that evil is just a social construct, an inconvenience and a social quirk that can always be overwhelmed with simple love and compassion.

No it cannot. Evil must first be recognized, and that is where Democrats start their myth-making. They refuse to even identify bad people, bingo, right off the bat.

For instance, the New York Times ran an article in 2014 called Pedophilia: A Disorder and not a Crime. This was perhaps the first mainstream news salvo in the left’s attempt to legitimize and legalize adult sex with children. The first thing they do is to refuse to identify the sexual abuse of children as a crime.

This is to cover up for millions of wealthy and powerful people all over the globe who are or have been pedophiles, most of them on the political left. This behavior has existed for thousands of years. And if you don’t believe that it is happening in Washington, DC today then you are not paying attention.

There is an ongoing probe by internet sleuths that allegedly links powerful Democrats to pedophilia. The findings, supported through internet comments, investigations, photos and links, are shocking but the Fake News media have never covered it. But since the New York Times is unreliable and on the side of the pedos anyway then will side with the sleuths. believes that some top people in Washington are going to be charged in the coming year for child sexual abuse under president Trump’s vow to ‘drain the swamp’ and that that is why Democrats are so desperate to get rid of Trump.

On the other hand liberals consider you to be evil and they hate you if you simply own a legal gun and belong to the National Rifle Association.

In other words leftists are willing to call decent people evil and to call evil people decent.

Look at abortion if you want to see the issue in perspective. Democrats and leftists call abortion a “right”. They glamorize it. They now are telling women to talk about their abortion as if they are proud of them.

This is evil and is intended to twist women’s minds into a pretzel. Any woman who is proud to have had an abortion should be ashamed, quiet and repentant. But this call to talk about abortions is how liberals promote a radical extreme – by inducing women who have committed the ultimate crime of killing their own child to be proud of it.

This is the road to destruction and it is everywhere on the left. And president Trump is absolutely correct to start a new and very direct conversation about it.

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