Trump Starts Year 3 on a Roll/ Denver Mandates Rooftop Gardens(?!)

President Trump starts his third year in office on Monday, January 21, and he is kicking it off with a bang.

On Thursday January 17 he denied Nancy Pelosi and her congressional delegation the use of a military aircraft to go on an overseas junket. This came in response to Pelosi suggesting that she might deny Trump the use of the House of Representatives for his State of the Union speech.

Under House rules Pelosi can do so and as Commander in Chief president Trump can deny Pelosi the use of a military aircraft. What makes this really wonderful is that Trump canceled the trip as Pelosi and her delegation were on their way to the airport! Imagine the outrage and shock that they felt after the trip certainly had been long in the planning.

Trump wrote to Pelosi: “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate.”

This is great stuff from a great president; Democrats will be fuming for weeks. Pelosi will never forget this one.

This comes at a good time for Trump to show his dominance. Monday, January 21, 2019, starts Year Three of the Trump presidency. Wow. How time flies. Two years gone already.

Let us think back to Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017 with the Washington, DC riots and the “women’s” march. In short, the kooks could not wait to protest the president.

From that start you would have thought that the president would be a failure; the media portrayed him as an inexperienced dunce. Instead he has proven himself to be exactly what predicted – a super-successful leader who has transformed this nation for the better in just two years.

Trump has achieved change through his force of personality and through his masculine confidence and spirit, like canceling Pelosi’s trip at the last minute. This president knows how to get things done. And he learned it all in the world of business where the rules are totally different and results – not appearances – matter.

This is a good thing. We had three failed “politician-presidents” in a row – Clinton, Bush and Obama. We needed someone to take command and Trump has done so.

Trump also was elected at age 69. He is older and wiser and does not make the mistakes that younger presidents make.

But what is really tormenting the liberals is that president Trump is a so-called Alpha Male who leads like a strong man and not like a little girly-man who is obsessed with what feminists, the media, ‘people of color’, Democrats and other left-wing groups think about him.

If you want to read about Trump’s myriad accomplishments in his first two years, go here. His major achievements are these – he has started to reinvigorate the economy and stand up for American jobs; revitalized the US military; appointed conservative judges; pursued the arrests of thousands of Americans involved in child sex abuse and child pornography; obliterated the ISIS terrorists in Syria; reworked US trade deals to America’s advantage; and is working to seal the border. Wow. All in just two years. Imagine what will happen over the next six.

Meanwhile Trump is outlasting the left. Where are all the riots and protests? Where is the endless harassment and trashing of Trump and Republicans? Have you noticed that much of it has faded away?

Of course it has. calls it The Cranky Baby Theory, that even a cranky baby (Trump haters) gets tired. believes that the president is on a roll and is on the road to re-election in 2020. Democrats and their media cronies will continue to do everything they can to bring him down, but when election time comes around president Trump will have the “bully pulpit” of the White House to make his case directly to voters. And that case is, and will be, a strong one.

Denver ‘Green’ Law Mandates… Rooftop Gardens!? reported in late 2017:

Starting in January, larger buildings in (Denver, Colorado) will be required to have rooftop gardens.

The Green Roof Initiative requires buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to make at least 20 percent of the rooftop “green space.”

This is classic socialism, i.e., the government is forcing businesses to do something that is going to cost a lot of money for no guaranteed return.

These “gardens” are not for relaxation; they have a theoretical purpose – to allegedly prevent the sun from heating up the buildings in the Summer through their black roofs which hold the sun’s heat. If the roofs are covered with gardens, goes the theory, the sun will not heat up the roofs and the buildings below.

These ‘gardens’ allegedly will cut air-conditioning costs and energy consumption and save money.

This is total nonsense, of course. This is a perfect example of how ‘greenies’ are constantly dreaming up these boneheaded ideas that are supposed to save the world but end up doing absolutely nothing.

The fact is that the amount of heat energy transmitted through the roof to the top floor of the building is zero since building designers put insulation under the roofs to keep heat inside the building in the Winter and keep cool air inside in the Summer.

And then it is important to remember physics – that hot air rises and thus that any heating effect from the roof would rise and not fall into the building.

Meanwhile the ‘greenies’ ignore the other side of the story – that these black roofs absorb the sun’s heat in the Winter, Spring and Fall and could potentially warm the buildings.

See how easy it is to debunk these people?

This is just another radical, expensive, utopian and stupid idea from the ‘greenies’ that will end up saddling Denver businesses with unsustainable costs for no good reason. Fox News reported about one Denver business leader:

… Barstnar is afraid some future projects like the expansion of Denver Health will suffer.

“Will they have to spend less money on the hospital expansion because they have to spend money on the roof? A terrible unintended consequence,” said Barstnar.

Absolutely, friends. This is going to happen if this idea is enforced.

Another proposal has been made to paint roofs white to reflect the sun. Obama’s wacky energy secretary Steven Chu even once recommended that roofs all over the world should be painted white. In Los Angeles some asphalt streets even have been experimentally painted white to reflect the sun and allegedly keep the city cooler.

Naturally the ‘greenies’ who propose this stuff never consider whether their ideas are in any way cost-effective. They just think that their ideas are so superb that cost is unimportant.

Meanwhile other “solutions” being promoted by ‘greenies’ are harming the environment and deceiving us every day. In fact solar panels contribute to ‘global warming’. Here is how:

If you walk across a grassy meadow on a sunny Summer day in your bare feet, you won’t feel any heat; the ground absorbs the heat and disperses it. But if you walk across a black asphalt parking lot you will burn your feet because the black color of the asphalt holds the heat.

All over America these ugly black solar panels are blanketing increasing numbers of our beautiful meadows. Those black panels are holding and radiating the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere on hot Summer days like a parking lot does. This contributes to ‘warming’.

Here are two other ways that ‘green’ energy is a destructive hoax:

* was recently reading about a windmill that was installed 12 years ago on a ski mountaintop near my house. The whole windmill was brought in by truck in pieces. The generator alone weighs 65 tons – the equivalent of 40 Toyota Camrys – yet the standard federal gross load limit for trucks is 40 tons maximum, including the truck itself and its load. And so the wind generator needed a special permit.

Question: How much damage are these heavy windmill loads doing to roads all over the nation?
Answer: A lot, you can be sure. This is yet another destructive side effect of ‘green’ energy.

*Perhaps you have heard environmentalists promoting windmills by saying that “this windmill will generate enough electricity for 2,000 homes!” or seeking to persuade taxpayers to fund a new light-rail system by claiming that it will carry “100,000 riders a day!”

But then you might find out later that the train carries only 19,000 riders a day. Or calculated from the output figures given that the ski mountaintop windmill would only power 400 homes. But by the time that the real numbers come out the original projections are long forgotten.

This is how the ‘greenies’ constantly lie about everything. And so we can just imagine ‘greenies’ telling the voters in Denver how much energy the rooftop gardens are going to save without having a clue about any of it. This is like Al Gore telling us what the global temperature is going to be 100 years down the road when he does not have the slightest idea what that temperature is going to be.

If we ever knew the truth ahead of time, we would never adopt any of these environmentalist ideas. That is why they must lie about them, and use their media friends to echo their lies.

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