Strong January Economy Will Aid Trump’s Re-Election

The economy continued to thrive in January which came as surprisingly good news in light of extremely cold weather at the end of January and a partial government shutdown for most of the month. reports:

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had expected payrolls to rise by 170,000 (but) … Job growth in January shattered expectations, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 304,000 despite a partial government shutdown that was the longest in history, the Labor Department reported Friday.

In all, it was a powerful performance at a time when economists increasingly have said they expect growth to slow in 2019. January marked 100 months in a row of positive job creation, by far the longest streak on record.

Notice that it says “Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had expected payrolls to rise by 170,000” and “when economists increasingly have said they expect growth to slow in 2019”.

These are downbeat predictions given by Fake News media economists who hate Trump and who are seeking to “talk down” the economy in order to harm the president.

Meanwhile the same Fake News media reported over and over that the government shutdown was going to badly undermine the economy. But the good January employment numbers have left these media skunks disheartened and confused.

This 304,000 jobs number is excellent. In many parts of the country there continue to be more jobs offered than job seekers. Compare this to The Obama Depression when millions of people were without jobs or hope. Or Obama’s claim that Trump could not wave a “magic wand” to improve the economy.

Few expected this powerful economic rebound back when Trump was running for president – except for, who predicted that it would happen. But president Trump has put into place strong economic reforms that are leading to steady growth. His business tax cuts are having a powerful effect on job creation, while Democrats claim that they are only “tax cuts for the rich”. Here is more from

… For the full year of 2018, the average monthly gain was 223,000.

… “Employers are still hiring at a strong pace. That’s good news for the consumer sector, and ultimately good news for the economy.”

Among individual groups, the unemployment rate for Hispanics jumped to 4.9 percent from 4.4 percent in December. The rate for African-Americans rose to 6.8 percent from 6.6 percent while Asians saw a decline to 3.1 percent from 3.3 percent. The rate for whites was 3.5 percent, a notch higher than December’s 3.4 percent.

Despite small fluctuations, these are all historically great numbers that Democrats and their media cronies do not want us to know about. CNBC continues:

Multiple sectors helped contribute to the spike in job creation. Services rose by 224,000 and goods-producing industries increased by 72,000.

Leisure and hospitality added 74,000 positions, with the biggest gain coming in bars and restaurants, which rose by 37,000. Construction saw a gain of 52,000, bringing its 12-month total to 338,000.

Elsewhere, health care contributed 42,000, bringing its yearly gain to 368,000. Transportation and warehousing added 27,000 and retail grew by 21,000 following a year where the sector showed a total gain of just 26,000.

Professional and business services were up 30,000 and manufacturing increased by 13,000, bringing that sector’s 12-month total to 261,000.

These are all great numbers. The steady increase in good-paying construction jobs and manufacturing jobs are very good signs after manufacturing jobs were declining for more than 30 years. Mining jobs also increased by 7,000 in January. This is a big number for one month considering that Obama and Hillary wanted to put the coal-mining industry out of operation.

If the Trump reforms are kept in place it will take another 10 years or more to get the economy back on track to start to rebuild the middle class. But it is commencing today, and Trump will use these steadily good numbers to run for his re-election in 2020 since the economy remains a prime concern of voters. And when Trump throws in the border wall and other immigration security measures, he should be re-elected easily, predicts

Meanwhile AFP reported:

Wall Street stocks finished a banner month on a mostly positive note Thursday (Jan 31), with the Dow notching its best January in 30 years, reversing the bruising finale to 2018.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the month at 24,999.67, a 0.1 per cent dip for the session, but up 7.2 percent for all of January.

The broad-based S&P 500 closed at 2,704.10, up 0.9 per cent for the session and 7.9 per cent for the month.

The tech-rich Nasdaq Composite performed even better, closing the month at 7,281.74, up 1.4 per cent for the session and 9.7 per cent for the month.

… Stocks also picked up momentum late in the session when President Donald Trump hailed “tremendous” progress in US-China trade negotiations held over the last two days in Washington.

Wow. More great news. The market also surged again on Friday, February 1 after the January job numbers were announced. also believes that Trump will get his trade concessions from China and that that will act as another big stimulant to the economy and the stock market.

On a separate economic note, ground was broken last Summer on a huge new Foxconn electronics plant in Wisconsin. (Foxconn is a global electronics giant based in Taiwan.) The plant was a direct result of the policies and efforts of president Trump and Wisconsin’s two-term reform-minded Republican governor Scott Walker. reports:

Wisconsin (new Democrat) Gov. Tony Evers’ administration and Foxconn Technology Group said Thursday that a massive project planned for the state was moving forward…

Foxconn said Wednesday that it was shifting the focus of the Wisconsin project away from making high-tech flat panel screens for televisions and other products in favor of a research and development hub. While the company insisted it would still employ up to 13,000 people, they would primarily be scientists and developers, not blue collar assembly line workers as originally promised.

It’s too bad that the plant may not end up being a production facility, with good middle-class jobs, but apparently the market for the flat panel screens has fallen dramatically in the last year. Let us hope that the plant remains a strong job creator and a platform for future growth in Wisconsin.

At the same time Breitbart News reported:

Salaries for college graduate Americans are growing much slower than for Americans who are working in transportation, restaurants, services, construction, and sales, according to federal data.

Average pay grew 3.0 percent in the 12 months up to December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, employees in the broad “management, professional, and related” category (college graduates) gained only 2.5 percent.

But there was a 4.2 percent rise in wages for (non-college) “sales and related” employees, a 3.7 percent rise for “production, transportation, and material moving” workers, a 3.4 percent rise for “trade, transportation, and utilities” workers, and a 4.1 gain for “leisure and hospitality” workers.

You may think that this is bad news, that college graduates are not seeing the big gains that non-college workers are seeing.

Quite the opposite. College graduates have been getting every imaginable benefit for many decades. President Trump is changing the dynamic back to helping the middle class and working class (non-college). Good.

Here is one final commentary on a separate issue:

Famous Gay Couple Brought up on Sex Charges

World Net Daily reported:

Two gays married by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a prominent opera star and “his conductor husband” – have been arrested on rape accusations after a young musician claimed “he was left bleeding from the rectum after blacking out at an after-show party” with them.

David Daniels, 52, and Scott Walters, 37, were taken into custody in Michigan, where they live, reported the Daily Mail of London.

They were being held pending extradition to Houston.

Samuel Shultz came forward last year with the claim that he was raped after a musical performance there in 2010.

“In his complaint, Schultz, who was 23 at the time, described how he rarely drinks but accepted a drink from Daniels once they got back to the home the couple was staying in,” the report said.

WND reported last year when the claim Daniels and Walters drugged and raped the student arose.
Their marriage ceremony performed by Ginsburg in 2014 was highly publicized. Ginsburg later cast a decisive vote in the Supreme Court case in 2015 establishing a right to same-sex marriage, rejecting the will of millions of voters in many states.

Notice that these gays performed this assault four years before Ginsburg married them. Shocking.

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